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Torbot Ostomy Supplies

Torbot Ostomy is synonymous with Ostomy Customization. Created more than half a century ago, Torbot has made a name for itself as the ostomy manufacturer allocating the most time at delivering individualized ostomy product solutions. Hence the slogan: Products as Individual as You!

Torbot Ostomy products can adapt to any type of stoma or condition. However they excel in complicated ostomy circumstances: atypical stoma shapes, intricate stoma locations, tortuous abdominal areas, presence of peristomal or incisional hernias, obesity and excessive bulges. Torbot’s ostomy solutions provide a fully customized option that in the end translates to a secured non-leak appliance. Torbot Ostomy systems rely on both the faceplate (disc, skin barrier, or flange) and the ostomy bag (ostomy pouch). The faceplate assures a leak free solution while the ostomy bag, as part of a two piece system, provides an economical and lasting alternative.

The Torbot difference resides in the customization of the faceplate. It consists on sizing the faceplate to the stoma and or molding the faceplate to the particular ostomy patient’s silhouette. To accommodate any stoma shape, Torbot’s faceplates offer more convexity than any other manufacturer. There are in total four convex options to fit stoma protuberances or sinkages. There is flat and regular convexity (for non-convex stomas) as well as medium and deep convexity (for moderately recessed or deep retracted stomas). Torbot Ostomy Supplies adapt to most other manufacturers products.

Furthermore, there are numerous ostomy accessories to complement and improve durability and comfort of the ostomy system.

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