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Coloplast Ostomy Supplies

Coloplast is a leading researcher and manufacturer of ostomy supplies. Its “Intimate Healthcare” approach which brings together healthcare professionals and end-users has been the source of continued ostomy innovations. Today Coloplast’s ostomy supplies including, ileostomy, urostomy and colostomy bags, skin barriers, wafers, and ostomy accessories are being used the world over.

Coloplast was founded in 1957 in Denmark by Nurse Elise Sorensen who set herself to look for ways to improve ostomy patients’ quality of life. Elise's sister Thora, had a colostomy due to colon cancer. The lack of adequate ostomy supplies at the time and the desire to ameliorate her sister’s discomfort and depression, drove Elise to develop an ostomy appliance without the limitations of the time. Elise's result was an ostomy bag that incorporated some novel features: strapless for added mobility, low profile for discreetness, flexible for comfort, and nonporous for a leak free experience. It was the first disposable ostomy bag.

Elise managed to have the ostomy bag manufactured by Dansk Plastic Emballage. Two years after launching, over 60% of sales were coming from exports. The company expanded its presence beyond ostomy supplies and now is also a major player in incontinence, skin and wound care products. It has affiliates and distributors worldwide and remains a Danish company.
SenSura is the cornerstone in Coloplast ostomy pouch portfolio. SenSura's ostomy bags furnish security, comfort, and confidence thanks to their innovative double-layer adhesive.

Ileostomy and SenSura:

Ileostomy patients usually opt for drainable open ostomy bags since they are easier to empty and last longer than closed bags.

SenSura Drainable One Piece Open Ostomy Bag

The skin barrier and ostomy bag come together as one unit. The ostomy pouch is emptied through a bottom opening. The whole system including skin barrier and ostomy bag are disposed when replaced.

SenSura Click Two Piece Open Ostomy Bag and SenSura Click Flex Two Piece Open Ostomy Bag

The skin barrier and pouch come separate so that the ostomy bag can be removed and changed independently of the skin barrier. Both systems are drainable. The Click Two Piece Ostomy Bag adheres to the skin barrier through a mechanical coupling that clicks once in place. The Flex Two Piece Ostomy Bag attaches through a coupling device that is both soft and flexible to better adapt to body movements.

Colostomy and SenSura:

Colostomy patients normally use closed ostomy pouch systems because solid waste is difficult to evacuate from a drainable bag. Closed ostomy bags are discarded once full.

SenSura One Piece Closed Ostomy Bag

The skin barrier comes attached to the ostomy bag. Once the ostomy bag fills-up, it is disposed of and replaced.

SenSura Click Two Piece Closed Ostomy Bag and SenSura Flex Two Piece Closed Ostomy Bag

SenSura Click Two Piece Closed Ostomy Bag System and SenSura Flex Two Piece Closed Ostomy Bag System: The ostomy bag here detaches from the skin barrier. In this manner, the same skin barrier can remain in use while a new ostomy bag is affixed. For the Click Two Piece Closed Ostomy Bag, the pouch affixes to the skin barrier through a mechanical coupling. For the Flex Two Piece Ostomy Bag, the pouch attaches to the skin barrier through a a flexible adhesive coupling.

Urostomy and SenSura:

Urostomy bags are by the most part drainable. They can be emptied at will and replaced when necessary.

SenSura One Piece Urostomy Bag

The skin barrier and the ostomy pouch conform one unit. The whole unit is replaced after one use.

SenSura Click Two Piece Urostomy Bag and SenSura Flex Two Piece Urostomy Bag:

The ostomy bag and the skin barrier come separate so the bag may be removed and changed leaving the skin barrier in place. In the SenSura Click Two Piece, the ostomy pouch attaches to the skin barrier through a mechanical coupling. In the SenSura Flex Two Piece the ostomy pouch stays in place though a flexible adhesive coupling.

SenSura Flex Two Piece Urostomy Bag

In the SenSura Flex 2-piece ostomy bag system, the bag can be removed from the adhesive, so that it can be changed more often. The bag is fixed to the base plate by a flexible adhesive coupling.

Post-Operative Use and SenSura:

SenSura One Piece Drainable Ostomy Bag

Enables user to check the stoma without having to detach the ostomy bag. Allows connection of the bag to a night drainage system.

SenSura Post-Op Ostomy Bag

Allows ostomy patient access to stoma without bag detachment.

SenSura Magnum Ostomy Bag

Designed for high output. This system is intended for ileostomy patients requiring extra capacity.

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