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MTG Urinary Catheters

MTG, Medical Technologies of Georgia, is synonym with intermittent self-catheterization and universal access to self-catheterization. MTG refrained from the “one size fits all” mentality, and developed urinary intermittent catheters specifically for men, women and children. Along the way, it became a leader in self-catheterization solutions for spinal cord injury sufferers with reduced hand dexterity including quadriplegics. It is credited with having brought autonomy and improved self-esteem to all users and particularly those among this group.

MTG’s proprietary EZ-Gripper and EZ-Advancer technology require minimum user dexterity to fully handle the catheterization process: unpacking, inserting, draining and disposing. For greater flexibility, all catheters are also available in Mini-Pak Kits. Each kit is small enough to fit in a pocket and includes a privacy bag to discard all elements after use.

MTG urinary catheters are all Closed System Intermittent Catheters. Closed System Catheters are designed to prevent Urinary Tract Infections. The catheter comes sterile in a special enclosure that when opened is inserted into the urethra avoiding any direct hand contact. The distal end of the catheter tube connects directly into a drainage bag. Urine then is drained from the bladder maintaining maximum asepsis throughout the catheterization process.

The MTG Catheter portfolio is comprised of five different versions: MTG EZ-Advancer Urinary Catheter, MTG EZ-Gripper Urinary Catheter, MTG Cath-Lean Female Catheter, MTG Kiddie-Kath Kids Urinary Catheter, MTG Instant Cath Catheter.

MTG EZ-Advancer Urinary Catheter:

Designed to enable self-catheterization on people with reduced hand dexterity. The proprietary locking mechanism holds the catheter in place at each thrust as it displaces forward. The MTG EZ-Advancer Urinary Catheter is a closed system intermittent catheter that diminishes the risk of Urinary Tract Infections. It is available in Standard or Mini Pak. The Mini Pak format is designed to be carried in a pocket or bag and incorporates all items needed for a discreet experience, including a privacy bag for disposal.

MTG EZ-Gripper Urinary Catheter:

Prior to the EZ-Gripper the only catheterization options for quadriplegics were a condom catheter (for men) or an indwelling catheter (for both men and women). The proprietary EZ-Gripper system offers individuals with the most limited hand dexterity the option to self-catheterize. It is an opportunity for independence and privacy for anyone with spinal damage along cervical vertebra 4 through 7. The capacity to displace a hand 3” to the left and to the right is all that is needed. For men, one hand should maneuver the EZ-Gripper and the other the pennis. For women, both hands can work the EZ-Gripper and the labia simultaneously. No pressure is necessary in either case. A tenodesis grasp is enough to move the gripper and advance the catheter into place. To avoid catheter retraction during the process, the proprietary EZ-Advancer mechanism holds the catheter in place. Available in a Mini Pak kit version to enable outings outside the user’s comfort zone. The MTG EZ-Gripper is a closed system intermittent catheter that prevents Urinary Tract Infections.

MTG Cath-Lean Female Catheter:

This is the first closed system urinary catheter developed exclusively for women. The Cath-Lean Female Catheter allows women to self-catheterize while in a wheelchair or in bed. The 700 ml drainage bag included ensures that one is able to void freely. In case of minimal dexterity, the proprietary EZ-Advancer mechanism that averts catheter retraction while inserting the catheter is included in the system. The Mini Pak version fits in a purse. Besides the catheter, it brings latex gloves, prepping pads, underpad, gauze, and a privacy bag for discreet disposal after each use. As a closed system, the Cath-Lean is designed to prevent Urinary Tract Infections. Catheter length is 6” and sizes are 12 or 14 Fr. The catheters are odor and latex free.

MTG Kiddie-Kath Kids Urinary Catheter:

Children have usually encountered issues dealing with self-catheterization. MTG Kiddie-Kath Catheter addresses handling complexities and cloth stains inherent to normal catheter use. Psychologically is important for children to self-catheterize, and the independence the Kiddie-Kath offers is second to none: No more worries at school and the welcoming of chances to go out and partake in any activities including slumber parties. The MTG Kiddie-Kath Catheter is a closed system intermittent catheter to help prevent Urinary Tract Infections.

MTG Instant Cath Urinary Catheter:

This is the standard closed system intermittent catheter. It was the first version that MTG put out on the market almost two decades ago. It is available in 16” with straight and coude tip, in regular packing (Standard Pak) or in a Mini Pak version. As all MTG systems, the Instant Cath is designed to prevent Urinary Tract Infections.

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