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Cymed Ostomy Supplies - Microskin Adhesive
Cymed MicroSkin Adhesive is a thin, transparent, resistant mesh that performs the functions of a skin barrier (please see picture). However, it is not a skin barrier. It is superior. It has all the attributes of a skin barrier but its skin-like texture and sensation provides it with an ergonomic feel that makes you almost forget you have it  in place. Cymed MicroSkin is present in every Cymed ostomy bag system. Wearing a Cymed ostomy bag then is as close to wearing nothing as you can get.


Flexible: Conforms to all body contours and stays on securely regardless of swift or aggressive movements.
Discrete: It's thin like skin so it does not bulge. It's has strong adhesiveness so you do not need ostomy appliance belts (you should not discontinue use of parastomal hernia belts). 
See-Through: Enables monitoring of peristomal skin health.
Permeable: Preserves peristomal skin health.
Waterproof: Allows all water related activities: Swimming, showering, bathing. Cymed MicroSkin looks and feel like skin. It  undeniably makes-up for the best ostomy bag system in the market.

Ostomy Bags

Cymed ostomy bags are latex-free and odor-proof (Cryovak). Every Cymed ostomy pouch comes with a Cymed MicroSkin adhesive for a unique feel and comfort level. Available ostomy bag systems include sizes from infant to adult, transparent and opaque, as well as drainable and closed. Stoma bags carries the full line of Cymed ostomy bags and ostomy supplies. Cymed One-Piece Drainable Ostomy Bag:
Cymed One Piece ostomy bag systems provide the bag and the MicroSkin adhesive barrier as a single unit. The drainable feature extends the life of the ostomy bag as it allows emptying and refilling. A new ostomy bag is recommended after 3 to 5 uses. Cymed Closed End Ostomy Bag:
One time usage ostomy bag that is available in one and two piece systems. The unit includes a charcoal filter for odor. It is more comfortable as the ostomy patient does not have to worry about emptying and cleaning the bag. Cymed Two-Piece Ostomy Bag:
Cymed Two Piece ostomy bag systems come with a universal flange that allows full compatibility with any MicroSkin adhesive made for a two piece system. Cymed Two Piece ostomy bags are the simplest to use as they come ready to attach the MicroSkin adhesive without the use of any extra accessories. Drainable Ostomy Bag:
The ostomy bag can be easily drained by opening the closure at the bottom. There are different types of closures available to suit your needs. Normal usage considers up to five content discharges. After that, the ostomy bag in use should be discarded and exchanged for a new one. Urostomy Bag:
The urostomy bag comes with a snap cap closure (valve) for simple drainage and anti-reflux barrier to protect from infections. Gore-tex Charcoal Filter:
Some Cymed ostomy bag systems have a filter incorporated. The Gore-Tex technology easily allows release of gas and neutralization of odor through a filter. The Gore-tex tab also delivers waterproof protection of the filter. Filters are not intended for all ostomy patients as there is the chance of clogging when the output is too watery.


Cymed MicroDerm Washers
Stoma Bags also offers Cymed MicroDerm (pectin hydrocolloid) washers to provide additional support on the peristomal area. In most instances, Cymed MicroDerm washers come with the MicroSkin adhesive, but they may also be acquired separately. Cymed MicroDerm washers come in regular and Plus formats.


Cymed Microderm
For use with colostomy bags and urostomy bags.

Cymed Microderm Plus
Washer For use with ileostomy bags,urostomy bags, and colostomy bags with liquid output.



How do I ensure that Cymed MicroSkin and the ostomy bag adhere to the peristomal skin?
MicroSkin adheres best to clean, dry skin. Wash the area around the stoma (i.e.: the peristomal skin) with plain water and dry thoroughly.
Are there extra precautions to ensure Cymed MicroSkin adherence?
There are some:
  • When washing the peristomal skin, choose soaps with no emollients nor moisturizers.
  • When prepping the peristomal skin, procure to take out any skin residue. You may have to aid with an adhesive remover.
  • When peristomal skin irritation or rashes develop and do not go away with methodic cleaning and drying, Cymed MicroSkin might not work optimally. Check with your Ostomy nurse for direction on peristomal skin care.
May I seal the ostomy bag system on the peristomal skin surrounding the stoma?
The Cymed MicroDerm washer accomplishes that purpose. Once placed on the skin, press it softly. It will melt creating a reliable and smooth seal all around the stoma.
How do I prevent leaks around the peristomal skin?
  • Use Cymed Skin Tac. It is a rub-on adhesive that can bond when there are leaks under an undamaged washer.
  • Try Cymed Seals. They are malleable and flexible. They are recommended to prevent leaks on uneven or flimsy skin surfaces.
  • Add an extra Cymed MicroDerm washer when the first one melts too fast. There are two options: Cymed MicroDerm washer (1mm) or Cymed MicroDerm Plus (2mm).
Do I need to use stoma paste or glues?
Cymed MicroSkin adhesive is strong as it is. Therefore pastes or glues are not recommended. You may at your discretion employ them solely with washers.
May I continue wearing a parastomal hernia belt or an ostomy bag belt?
The use of MicroSkin or a Cymed ostomy bag will not interfere with the wear of a parastomal hernia belt. In fact, a parastomal hernia belt is recommended. However the use of an ostomy belt to hold the ostomy bag in place is redundant. This fact will be apparent once you adjust to Cymed MicroSkin.
Can I place Cymed MicroSkin with one hand?
The Cymed MicroSkin applicator allows single-handed application. The applicator is convex and comes with a mirror that enables one to see the stoma hence facilitating MicroSkin placement.
Does Cymed MicroSkin creates skin reactions?
MicroSkin is hypoallergenic so skin reactions are uncommon. If you are still concerned, you may try a skin test affixing a MicroSkin adhesive on your abdomen. Do it far from your stoma; keep it for a few hours and wait. If nothing happens, you are fine.
Do I worry about small creases that may occur when applying Cymed MicroSkin?
These creases are unimportant. Just flat them and Cymed MicroSkin will adhere perfectly.
Can a Cymed ostomy bag get wet?
Cymed MicroSkin is waterproof so you can actually immerse it under water. That is one of Cymed MicroSkin's great benefits. Being flat, flexible and waterproof, Cymed MicroSkin has been key to getting swimming fanatics back into pools, oceans, and lakes.
May I have sexual relations while wearing my ostomy bag?
Cymed MicroSkin barrier offers strong adherence. It is also so thin and soft like no other product available. It feels like nothing is being worn providing a couple with unmatched comfort. Cymed MicroSkin is also available in more discrete medium and mini-pouch options.
Can the ostomy bag withstand vigorous exercise routines?
For sure. In fact, John Dermengian, an old Cymed user and a world-class Ironman (Triathlon), has worn a Cymed ostomy bag in all his tournaments. If John has done it with triathlons, you can as well. Cymed Ostomy bag systems can be springboard you into just about any sport.


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