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Smith & Nephew

Smith & Nephew is a worldwide medical supply company established more than 150 years ago. It was founded by Thomas James Smith in Hull, England as a family owned pharmacy. Upon his death, Horatio Nelson Smith, his nephew, assumed control of the company. Today Smith & Nephew has expanded into one of the 100 largest companies traded in the London Stock Exchange. The focus of its operations is wound care, wound management, orthopaedics, endoscopy, and sports medicine.


Effective Wound Dressing to prevent microbial infiltration. ACTICOAT’s absorbency and flexibility provide enough functionality to work on multiple wound shapes.

Acticoat 7 Day Wound Dressing can remain active on wounds for up to seven days. Excellent antimicrobial characteristics thanks to its nucryst silver release technology.


Particularly fit for prolonged healing periods. Allevyn dressing comes in hydrogel, foam, or silver format to adapt to most wound conditions. Allevyn dressings make use of triple action technology (Transpire-Retain-Absorb) providing optimal fluid management for enhanced performance and effective wound closure.


Are cadexomer matrix dressings. Cadexomer dressings have iodine to enhance healing.


Compression Therapy products intended to apply controlled pressure on leg ulcers.


Amorphous Hydrogel dressing used in the preparation of the wound bed.
  • Diminishes wound blemishes.
  • Contributes to dead tissue debridement.
  • Creates optimum conditions for the regeneration of cellular tissue (epithelization).
  • Provides neutral gel composition.
  • Minimizes scarring.

IV300: Transparent Adhesive Film Dressing used as part of IV management. The IV3000 Adhesive comes with a mesh design for effective moist evacuation and antimicrobial deterrence. Suitable to wear while bathing. Includes with two strapping bands.

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT)

NPWT is one of the most basic techniques employed for eons in the process of healing. Widely used as an alternative to more sophisticated processes as it is inexpensive, convenient and tailored to patients needs, simple to learn.
  • Convenient to use and adjustable to fit own physical requirement
  • Simplicity in operation

OPSITE Post-Op and OPSITE Post-Op Visible:

Transparent Adhesive Dressings offering the following features:
  • Protective shield against bacteria.
  • Suitable to wear while bathing.
  • Avoids blisters and whitish skin.
  • Easy and painless to replace.
  • Optimal fluid management for enhanced performance and accelerated wound healing.
  • Conformable to patient’s wound contour.
  • Allows wound monitoring without dressing removal.

BIOBRANE: Biosynthetic Wound Dressing made of silicon with ingrained nylon. Biobrane contains collagen and an intricate mesh design that allow for adhesion to the wound through the cell regeneration process.
  • Limits hospitalization time
  • Enhances healing process and epithelialization
  • Diminishes discomfort
  • Allows for body movements

CICA-CARE: Adhesive Silicone Gel Sheet developed to treat deep scars. Also recommended to contain surfacing of hypertrophic blister or skin keloids in old wounds.

CUTINOVA HYDRO. It is a Hydro selective type of dressing aimed at over exuding or high fluid wounds.
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