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Procter & Gamble - 3700017902 - Always Maxi Pads, Overnight, Extra Heavy Flow, Wings

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Are you getting the right protection from your pad? Using the wrong pad size can lead to leaks. Step up in size to help stop leaks. Now you can find your fit with Always MY FIT, a tailored sizing system to help you find the best protection based on both your flow AND panty size.
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Manufacturer Procter & Gamble
Categories Female Pad, Incontinence Pads, Male Pad, Underpad, Incontinence
Code 3700017902
Sold By 6 Box / Case
Require Prescription? No
Store Drip Armor|Stomabags
Score: 4.7 from 1 - 5
43 Review
Michelle 39 Review from
August 13, 2021
Always Infinity Size 4 Overnight Pads with Wings
I am thrilled with Always Infinity Size 4 Overnight Pads with Wings Unscented. I definitely recommend this product to everyone. I couldn't believe how something then as a piece of paper could work better than any other brand I have tried or used in the past. This product is incredible I know may seem weird to hear when talking about pads but it is definitely true. I love that it not only is it thin, very flexible, doesn't bunch up, doesn't leak,stays in place,has full coverage front to back and wings that wraps around, so it is definitely the total package. I love infinity flex foam, it is thi
Nene87 Review from
August 21, 2021
Super soft
I used always thin overnight pads as a kid/teen (started my cycle at 9) & then switched to a different brand. I was excited to see these flex foam pads advertised & wondered if they really worked well. For starters they fit nicely in my underwear & they still have wings which is a must for me. They're definitely thin & do feel just like a foam. While stuck in the wrapper they didn't flex as much as advertised, however in my underwear especially when I'm crawling (I do that when I'm not in my wheelchair) they flexed perfectly & never moved out of place! Honestly, I almost forgot I was wearing a
Lisa W Review from
August 28, 2021
Great, absorbent, keeps dry
Several years ago, I stopped using disposable pads and using washable ones. It helped to save some money, with crazy heavy flow and always needing to change. I had a trip I was going on and didnt have the ability to use my normal pads, so after seeing an ad for these, figured I would try them. The only disposable pads I have used in the last 6-8 years were stayfree with wings. But the wings would always bunch up and never clung to my panties properly, so that is why I wanted to try something different. New technology seems to be winning, again. I am a plus size girl, and most pads are so narro
steph919 Review from
August 24, 2021
Stays in place
I am actually very surprised by the fact that these Always Maxi Size 4 Overnight Pads Without Wings stay in place and do not move. I have always bought with wings just in case so I would feel more secure about them staying in place, however now I know it was never necessary. They're also very absorbent, which is something that is very needed on those heavy days. I can honestly say I trust Always Maxi Size 4 Overnight Pads Without Wings on my heavy days. I have not been able to say I trust a pad ever until now! The material is also soft that it doesn't irritate my skin, which also tends to happ
Happyhomemaker Review from
August 19, 2021
Thick and absorbent
I can sleep on my stomach and side with always maxi size 4 overnight pads without wings. But I can't sleep on my back without worrying, and having some side leaks. I need a size five with wings for that. So I use these during the day for heavy flow. Once my flow is less heavy, I can use these overnight, about day 3. They are plenty absorbent for me during the day, even on heavy days. I am 5 foot 3 and 160-165 pounds. They are very thick and stay dry, but are not breathable. So I like them for low impact office work and lounging days. Which makes sense because they are thicker for overnight. Th
n7nickys7 Review from
August 18, 2021
12 Hour Shift
Maybe these pads are meant to be worn overnight, and though I've found they hold up well for that too, my favorite way to use these is at work. During a normal work day I spend much of my time on my feet and don't have much time to sneak off to the restroom. Even though the packaging says these hold up for 10 hours, I was able to work a 12+ hour shift with no leaks. It gives me great peace of mind to not have to worry about having any accidents. Not only is this the most absorbent pad I've tried, but it is the most comfortable. The material is so soft and so thin that I barely notice it. This
Marianne Review from
February 15, 2021
Good Absorbency, Price High, Wish It Were Longer
I usually just wear these on some nights, but with the pandemic and trying to avoid public bathrooms, I've worn these overnight ones a couple times when I had to sit in a waiting room for quite awhile, just to be safe on a heavy day. They worked well. Still, I wish Always carried a very, very long size for nighttime. I've heard that, in other countries, you can find a pad that will pretty much cover the whole back of your underwear while you sleep. If only we could dream of such things in America. For at least one or two nights of my period, I've always had to double up pads at night, which is
Fluff45 Review from
August 20, 2021
Good backup
I love the overnight pads from Always except I only like to use the thin ones with wings. Not long ago I made a mistake of ordering online these thick pads thinking they were the ones I normally use since the picture wasn't very clear as to which ones they were. I ended up using those pads just for around the house while I was up but kept using my normal ones for bed. The thick pads weren't as bad as I thought and they were actually pretty helpful. I still haven't had my period this month so unfortunately I have not been able to try out this pack of pads. My period never comes on the same day
cheaplong Review from
September 9, 2021
No leaking around here!
I got these Always Maxi Size 4 Overnight Pads Without Wings, Unscented because I bleed very every for 2 or 3 days while on my period and I wanted to see how well these would hold up for me. When I wear regular ones I have to change like every 2 hours during the day but since I have been wearing these overnights I've been able to go 4 hours. I have not had any trouble with leaking and I like that they are unscented. These actually worked just as good for me at night time. Didn't matter if I tossed and turned it stayed right on where it was supposed to. I also like that it has a chart guide on a
Paulc Review from
September 1, 2021
great absorbency
Always brand is one of my go to brands for feminine products since I was a teenager. And all my friends choose the same brand for years as well. This new product, Always Maxi pads without wings is definitely efficient and has in fact all the characteristics displayed in the description. Always Maxi pads protects me against leaks with superior absorbency. The product is comfort to wear and the adhesive keeps it on the right place in my underwear. The quantity of the pads in each product is reasonable (28) and the design of each pad is great for most underwear shapes. This product is great for n
hayli.c Review from
March 4, 2021
Always Infinity FlexFoam Overnight Absorbency pads feel like nothing and protect like nothing else. FlexFoam pads are unbelievably thin and flexible so your pad moves with you, not against you. Zero Feel protection is possible with form fitting grooves that conform to your shape, and super absorbent holes that pull wetness away from your skin. Always' driest top layer is breathable, so you can say goodbye to hot and stuffy. With Always Infinity FlexFoam pads your period is the last thing on your mind. Up to 12 hours Zero Leaks, Zero Feel with Always Infinity FlexFoam Overnight Absorbency perio
Calandra Review from
April 27, 2021
No more adult diapers for full coverage!!!!
I have a super heavy flow I found myself wearing 2 extra long pads, tampons with a pad or a woman depends for coverage. I was having a hard time finding the right fit also because I wear a size 11 underwear and that pocket on my stomach. I would get so frustrated because the pad would stick to my stomach or wasn't long enough when it would run up my back. I thought I wasn't putting them on correctly but I knew that couldn't be because I've been using pads for the last 40 years. Plus laying next to my husband with an adult diaper wasn't cool at all bad enough I was wearing pads. I said no way f
CoffeeLover Review from
February 25, 2021
Absolutely Recommend, Go Try Them!!
Oh my goodnesssss!! I'm SO glad that I decided to try a different pad than I usually get. I was using a different style from Always and I've tried other brands too. They usually end up wrinkling up, getting stuck in my buttcrack (haha, sorry. Just being honest about the real life of using pads!) and they don't keep me feeling dry and fresh. THESE THOUGH....holy moly, I will buy these from now on! They are so soft and comfortable, they stay put through my workouts, I don't feel like a soggy mess down there and almost don't feel them at I could probably go ahead and say that I don't f
Nanigans104 Review from
November 19, 2021
No diaper feeling!
The worst part of wearing pads is feeling like you are wearing a diaper, especially overnight pads where they have a hard time staying in place. These pads are completely different! The adhesive is high quality on both the pad itself and the wings. There is little to no movement while it is in place. The length of the pad is pretty standard for overnight pads. This pad feels very thin, but absorbancy does not lack. The best part of this pad though, is the flexibility. When I am sleeping, I am often restless, and this pad did not fail me. It was not bulky and uncomfortable, but helped me to get
Katie 321 Review from
August 24, 2021
Comfortable & Dependable
As a woman who has been menstruating for two decades now, its safe to say I know which products work and dont work. I know I can rely on any product by Always brand. At night, I want protection that is not only comfortable but I can trust its going to do the job without any annoying accidents. I love the wingless option of these pads. I find that those are just annoying, uncomfortable & Always pads will stay in place without the wings. These are definitely a bathroom staple for all the women out there! I always make sure I have a pack on hand! A tried a true product by a great brand! I receive
Audrea Review from
June 14, 2021
Feeling fresh without leaking is a must for me.
Always infinity gives me the confidence to wear whatever I want during my period. The long but thin pad is a dream to wear on my period. It's flexifoam gives me the confidence that I won't leak by fitting into my shape. Keeps me dry by locking any wetness away from my skin with it's super absorbent top breathable layer, locking the wetness away from my skin, so say goodbye to any irritation. It keeps its structure due to having 2 woven top layers giving a rang of different flows on the front of the package. More drops filled in, heavier the flow. So from beginning to end of your cycle. There i
Ssummers146 Review from
August 16, 2021
Most pads irritate me which is hard because it makes that time of the month even worse. I cannot wear tampons as they cause intense cramps and they are not comfortable to wear after giving birth 3 times. So pads is all I can really us (don't like menstrual cups and etc.) I do not like pads with wings because the wings tend to just bunch up and be a pain to bother with. These thankfully do not irritate me even when my period lasts longer than usual sometimes. I have worn pads before that make me itch down there. These thankfully do not. I have had no issues with leaking either during the night.
amandabee Review from
September 5, 2021
Great protection.
I have used these overnight pads for a few months during my "time of the month" and have been very impressed with them. They are a really great size and give you a good space of protection. They are comfortable to wear in your underwear. They are a really great size. They allow a great amount to soak and don't leak at all. I have never had any sort of leaking issues with them. On my heavy days I will use them also and then use them each night. The only thing I am a little disappointed with is that they don't have wings. I much prefer my pads to have wings because it gives you a better attachme
Katie Review from
February 22, 2021
Using these for years!
When I was younger I was trying to find the best overnight pad. I have tried so many overnight pads but I have always woken up with my underwear stained, bed sheets stained, pants stained and etc. They were never long enough. I sometimes had to layer 2-3 in my underwear because the regular ones weren't long enough. When I first saw these I thought they would be too thick and too uncomfortable. I am so happy I bought them at 16. You only need to put one one, no layering necessary. You wake up and no staining anywhere because it is long enough to cover whole underwear. As someone who bleeds very
Dani Review from
October 16, 2021
New fan!
When I first opened the pad and saw how flat and thin it was, I immediately busted out laughing. I thought there was no way this is holding anything. But I decided to try it. When I saw how little blood was on top the pad but then turned it over and saw the true amount, I was shook!! I was actually impressed. Ive used them now for a total of about 10 times (different sizes) and I cant complain. Love how its not bulky and I havent had any leaks. I can move freely when I sleep which is the best part. Dont think Ill be going back to regular pads anytime soon. The wings can be a bit annoying depen
LEATHSAR Review from
September 2, 2021
I have always been a big fan of the Maxi brand, its my go to from maxi pad needs. I also prefer the pads without wings, personally, so I was pleased with these! Typically I do not go for this size as I dont usually need the overnight ones, however, I just had a babyso they came in super handy. I used them while I was recovering from a c-section and had no issues and no leaks. I have just recently become pregnant again & will be using them for this recovery time as well. Ive never understood why we need scents for our feminine products so I am super glad that these do not have a scent. Would re
Xsolngngoodnitex Review from
August 26, 2021
For as long as I can remember, I have always used Always products for my time of the month. It was just a brand everyone knew and a lot have used. My favorite product, by far, are these overnight pads. Honestly they are the best absorbency I have found! They are soft and always feel comfortable to wear. I don't only use these for overnights. I use them for the full duration of my period. They hold up very well and protect me from any and all leaks. I have a very heavy flow and these have always been very reliable for me. I know when I use these, I won't have any kind of unwanted mess. These ma
Joanne Review from
June 30, 2021
How have I not discovered these before now?! I've been buying the ultra thins but couldn't find them this time. Took a chance and tried these. OMG. These are so much more comfortable. The ultra thins were something I just put up with, but they weren't comfortable. The plastic wings (a necessity for me) always chaffed. But these? I barely know it's there. I can't speak to its absorbency because it's a light day for me, but it did what I needed it to. It doesn't bunch like the other ones, so it stayed put, no seeping out the sides onto my undies, and did I mention how much more comfortable this
Rajk Review from
August 23, 2021
Absorbing and soft
I have been using Always products for years and they never disappointed me. But this was my first time trying overnight pads but i am glad that I tried because they are so useful. These pads are so comfortable and soft you cant even feel that you are wearing a pad. These are so thin but absorbing quality is amazing. They are made to keep you relax while sleeping because they are 50% more longer on back to stop any stain accident during night. These can keep you leak free for upto 10 hours and that is what we need for comfortable sleep. These pads have wings on them and it gives you more protec
Sr27 Review from
September 6, 2021
Really absorbent.
My flow got extremely heavy after I stopped the pill. I used to use ultrathin longs and overnights from always, And I would have to change them once an hour or I would leak through my underwear and pants its a tremendously heavy flow, these maxi fives catch the flow and are very absorbent, my only issue is that they should have another set of wings near the back because theyre so long so at night when I sleep they tend to leak out the side (by the leg holes),at the back onto my underwear. If they had a second set of wings to help seal that area and hold the pad in place and wrap around that ba
jcasbar21 Review from
August 25, 2021
Comfortable to wear
I was overall fairly happy with these Always Infinity Size 4 Overnight Pads with Wings. According to the package, a size 4 pad would be a great overnight fit for someone who wears xs/s underwear, but I found them to be just slightly too large for my liking. They covered completely from front to back which was great, but the center part by the wings was a bit wide for me and I found it difficult to tuck the wings under and get them to stick to my underwear opposed to sticking to the other side of the pad. However, they were extremely flexible and breathable, which made them pretty comfortable t
Nicole L Review from
June 18, 2020
I Would Recommend
I have been using Always pads (the gel version) for years. Lately, my cycles have been changing and I've been finding the gel ones bringing a little bit of discomfort and even making me feel a bit crowded down there so after hearing someone give the Flex Foam praise I wanted to try it out for myself. I used it on my heaviest night (the first night) and found it to be thin, comfortable and absorbent. I was really worried that it was too thin to handle my business but I am a firm believer so far, but if it can handle me on my heaviest what more does it have to prove? The gel one always made me c
tlc2016 Review from
August 19, 2021
Works good
I have a heavy flow that never let's up even when im sleeping. It absorbs well and holds a lot! Also the length is decent and didn't allow for anything to seep out the back onto my bedsheets! That's a plus in my book! Even after absorbing stuff all night it does hold back the Niagara falls rush when you stand up too in the morning. Was shocked that despite it not having wings it stayed in place and didn't bunch y0 like wingless pads do sometimes. Gooe flexibility and didnt feel like wearing a diaper. Also it actually absorbed good and didn't let anything just sit on top. Plus in my book.
michelle Review from
October 29, 2021
Comfortable but they don't stick very well
I cant say Ive ever written a review for pads but these ones I absolutely must because the wings on these drive me up a wall. I tried these for the first time and they do not stay put. I tried on different cuts of underwear and they didnt stay well on any of them. The sticky isnt very strong so they end up sliding around. That being said theyre super comfortable. You can barely feel them and they dont have any sort of strange scent which I appreciate. I primarily use tampons so I only end up using these the last day or at night and theyre fine.
Sjordan2007 Review from
August 17, 2021
Barely can tell your wearing anything
I really like these pads! It says for overnight but I wear them day and night because I have a pretty heavy flow and this will keep me secure and leak free all day. These pads you can move freely and not feel like your wearing a diaper, they are thin and move with you. That makes it easy to forget your wearing it! I do like that it has wings, this is a must for me when I am choosing as I move so much I need something that will stay in place. These wings are sticky and will securely stick to where you put it even silk underwear. I really prefer these over alot of others now!
Whitt88 Review from
August 14, 2021
Great pads ever!
Always Maxi Size 4 Overnight Pads Without Wings, Unscented are the best ones Ive used. These pads help me when Im on the go or working etc. Im able to go out and not have to worry about anything when Im wearing these. They have a 3x protection system- rapid dry, securely fit, (with 45% larger back) and 100% leak free comfort. I love when Im able to get a good night sleep without worry about leaks. The pads are light and easy to take with you, can go in the back pocket or in your purse. I like how I have a little freedom when wearing these and have recommend these to others as well!
Mom3B Review from
August 23, 2021
Favorite pads
I've always preferred the larger pads for myself since my period tends to be heavy. And Always pads has the best selection for me. And options between wings and no wings. But I enjoy the most is how fast it absorbing the blood. So I don't feel uncomfortable beside having a pad. They are easy to put and remove. I love that this one have no wings. So I can use them when I need a break from wings or my period is a little on the slower flow but I also Love the larger wings so you don't have accidents at night or daytime with your clothes. My cabinet always carries Always pads. There my to go brand
Mandapandac Review from
August 13, 2021
I love Always Maxi Pads!!!!
I love Always Maxi Pads Size 4 Overnight without wings! These Pads are so comfortable that you forget your wearing them. I love that they don't have wings so you can put them on and change them out faster. The packaging is discreet and I am able to fit what I need for the day in my purse. These Pads are great for day and night. They are so strong that I o ly have to change my pad 3-4 times in a 24 hour period. These Pads are meant for a heavy flow and they do the job. I have had no leakage at all!!! I highly recommend these Pads and will continue to buy them!
Kris0911 Review from
August 26, 2021
Always great!
It's always been a struggle for me to find a pad that I feel comfortable wearing. Whether it's during the day or night, I've never been super comfortable wearing one. Lately I've been wearing them more so, finding different brands and sizes that are more flexible with what I want. Always took the wings off of these pads and made them alot more comfortable to me. Maybe it's the wings, but being wingless has made a huge difference. These pads are not only super absorbent, flexible but are COMFORTABLE to wear. Sleeping just got alot more better during that time of the month. Thank you Always.
Ashmcd22 Review from
November 13, 2021
Great for postpartum needs
I recently just had my 3rd child and have been through the process enough to know that the postpartum phase is not comfy at all. These pads not only are comfortable but they are thinner and so effective! I have never been so happy to have this brand to use. One pad can last a few hours or more if needed. The unscented aspect is great to avoid any irritation as well. Highly recommend! I have even started to use them for regular periods that are a little heavier at times and love that they dont bunch up or make me look like I have a pad on through my pants.
Ncmn Review from
August 27, 2021
Heavy Flow Savior!
Loving the larger back on these Always Maxi Pads. If you have a heavy flow these are perfect. Even at night, no leaks. I flip around most nights and feel super protected wearing these to bed. They stick well and dont move. They also dont irritate the skin. Gave a couple to a relative who has slight bladder leaks and she is sold. These are also unscented, for those who may be sensitive to scents. They definitely do their job and come with plenty in a pack. Very comfortable all around to wear.
Laurajean87 Review from
August 13, 2021
My go to pad brand
Thanks to tryit, I got a free sample box of Always Infintity Overnight Pads with wings. I love this pad brand. I buy the regular Always pads because they are cheaper, so I was glad to get the chance to use the Infinity line. These pads are great! They absorb a lot more than other brands and you can't really tell you are wearing them. These pads have a good amount of coverage and actually work for 8 hours and they are flexible as well allowing better movement. I have never had any issues with this brand and they do not disappoint.
Kyndra Review from
August 30, 2021
Great for No Leakage
I have always loved and trusted the Always brand and am always open to giving their products a try. I can honestly say that I really like the Always Infinity overnight pads. They provide the protection I need and have been 100% leak free. The start of my period usually has a pretty heavy flow, so I not only use these for at night but I also use them during the day for the first couple days of my period. I really enjoy that the pads themself are thin unlike most other overnight pads. They are comfortable to use and you don't feel like you're wearing a diaper. The wings help keep the pad in plac
Sam123 Review from
September 27, 2021
Not my first choice
I recently started getting my period again for the first time in 5 years and decided to explore all of my options. I really liked period underwear and using tampons when for heavier days, but I decided to try these pads as an option when Im out of underwear. I didnt like that they didnt have wings, because I didnt feel that they were sticky enough to stay in place. Theyre very thick which makes it rather uncomfortable. I have liked other pads better in the past. I do like that theyre extra long for night time. If you like pads without wings and dont mind if its a bit thick, then these would be
Chere27 Review from
August 23, 2021
Fit just right
It's me and my oldest that have the greatest need for these and I think these are her favorite. I like that these pads are the correct length for the both of us, they aren't to long or to short and give us just the right amount of length and coverage we need. These pads aren't extra thick and bulky which is great and makes them really comfortable to wear. We tend to wear these at night because of the length and they tend to stay in place and not move around which really helps. These are comfortable to wear and seem to hold a good amount. I can definitely see us chosing these more often then no
Pootersnaps Review from
September 30, 2020
These things are a godsend!
I flow super heavy the first 2-3 days of my period, and these pads are the only ones I have found that can handle Mount St Helens. Technically I think they're supposed to be overnight pads but I use them during the day as well. I will go through an Ultra tampon and still fill up a Maxi pad overnight. These pads are the only things that keep my bed sheets from looking like something outta Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I like how the back is spread out, it keeps my underwear clean, and the wings are nice too. It is really absorbent in the middle, and it holds quite a bit in weight. Sometimes I feel l
csheehan27 Review from
August 28, 2021
My flow is usually very heavy and I end up changing my pad at least once throughout the night. If not, there's usually a huge mess in the morning. With these Always Overnight pads, I never have that worry any more. The absorbency in these is fantastic, and I don't have to change it at all throughout the night. They are super comfortable and stay in place. I love the fact that they are unscented too, as I hate using scented items in sensitive areas! These are wonderful and I highly recommend them.
Shamiza Review from
August 5, 2020
Great for light days
These always maxi regular with wings are great for light days or for petite individuals or teenagers. They are shorter than other regular always I have used. I would have leaks if I wore it on heavy days but it would be fine on light days. I gave these to my niece whos 12 to try and she used on her light days only. She said they were comfortable. It didnt Feel like shes wearing a diaper which is the feeling she says she gets when wearing maxis. I agree with here, we both prefer always thins but these are good. I like the wings which not only keep them in place but also keeps me protected. I wi
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