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Smith & Nephew - 402300 - Adhesive Remover Wipes

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Smith & Nephew:
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Formulated to reduce adhesive trauma to the skin by thoroughly dissolving dressing, tape and appliance adhesives. Ideal for removing ostomy faceplate adhesive bandages as well as acrylic and hydrocolloid based adhesives. Does not contain CFCs (chlorinated fluoro carbons).
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Manufacturer Smith & Nephew
Brand Others
Categories Condition, Skin Cleanser, Ostomy Skin Care, Skin Care, Skin Care Products, Adhesive Remover, Nursing Supplies, Specialty Prep Pads, Wound Cleaning, Burns, Chronic Wounds, Dermal Lesions, Diabetic Foot Problems, Lymphedema, Minor Infections, Ostomies, Pressure Sores, Skin Tears, Surgical Wounds, Trauma Wounds, Venous Ulcers
Code 402300
Require Prescription? No
Store Stomabags|Whole Surgical|Wound Treatment
Score: 4.9 from 1 - 5
50 Review
Sandee Review from
November 11, 2021
Adhesive issues solved
I'm old. My skin either bruises terribly or bleeds whenever I remove surgical tape. I recently had surgery that required 44 stitches and required a dressing change daily on the inside of my upper arm. Uni-solve worked wonders to remove the original bandag
DeLynn B. Review from
April 22, 2020
Excellent Product
This is an excellent product. I use it in two way. To remove the adhesive holding my insulin box on my abdomen. It's extremely sticky. Unison very soaks it off very quickly without pulling my skin. Then, I also care for a young lady who had a Colostomy. I
Kim S. Review from
August 12, 2020
Best adhesive remover on the market!
I have tried every brand of adhesive remover on the market and none of them even come close to the effectiveness of Uni-Solve. I refuse to buy any other brand. In addition to removing residue from your body caused by medical tape, they are also GREAT to h
CeeCee Review from
April 10, 2020
So tiny!
These were the last ones available on the website near the beginning of 'shelter in place' so I grabbed them without reading the details. I was shocked when the box came because it was so teeny tiny. The wipes are the size of a small hand wipe packet. The
William D. Review from
August 12, 2020
Uni solve tape remover
This product is awesome and I will definitely buy it again. It easily removes tape on the skin and prevents skin from pulling off. Prior to finding this product the skin was constantly being pulled off around my stomach That problem is gone forever with u
Heide S. Review from
January 2, 2019
I am an individual who did a 30 day heart monitoring. I had circular adhesive all over my chest. Ordered this product, it arrived quickly and stood in front of the mirror and erased the adhesive. It took about 6 pads. After each pad I placed the used one
rawhidebear Review from
November 12, 2019
Best Adhesive Remover Out There!
These wipes have been the best product that I have ever used to remove bandage, sensor, infusion set, and other similar adhesives. I always had problems trying to remove adhesive residues until Unisolve wipes were recommended by my insulin pump technician
Jenny B. Review from
September 28, 2020
Life saver!
My 15 year old son was disgnosed with type 1 diabetes on April 22nd 2020. He wears a Dexcom G6 and these wipes help keep his skin from getting raw changing his Dexcom every 10 days. These wipes make it quick and painless! I will definitely order again!
jmorgan4004 Review from
February 1, 2016
Uni-Solve removes 99% of gummy stuff, most other cleaner won't
Uni-solve removes gummy stuff from most anything with almost no effort. Even very old hard dried up stuff will come off, maybe takes a minute more. Just one little pad lasts for quite some time if you're cleaning multiple things. They use it in hospitals
Sherrie H. Review from
November 8, 2018
Great Product!!
I had tried some other stuff to remove an insulin pump and they took for ever to do anything. This product worked so fast and so well, I was amazed! No more spending 20-30 min. trying to take pump off. It's done in a couple mins. Would recommend without h
chrissy a. Review from
January 30, 2020
These are great for on the go Pod or Dexcom changes
I love having these for quick and painless removal of pods and dexcoms on my 10 yr old son. We can make changes anywhere with out having to worry about getting the adhesive off. I also have found myself using these around the house for other sticky situat
manleyray Review from
October 19, 2021
Great Product
Product easily removes tape adhesive and ostomy paste. Towelettes have always been moist and never dried out. Would recommend highly.
Robert W. Review from
August 22, 2018
UNI-SOLVE Adhesive Remover Wipes
Product as described on Website, arrived in good shape, and delivered by time given during checkout. UNI-SOLVE Adhesive Remover Wipes work great for removing adhesive residue without irritating skin due to friction from scrubbing. Also use wipes to remove
Sherry L. Review from
February 3, 2021
Iliostomy/colonoscopy users - great adhesive removers!
Very good. They remove the adhesive without being oily and keeping the pouch system from sticking.
Jaimi V. Review from
March 2, 2020
Affordable necessities for type 1
Just as expected. I found a new supplier for our unisolve wipes. We go through a lot of them, due to my son’s Type1. I’m so glad I found a reasonably priced source.
BENTON O. Review from
October 30, 2020
Awesome product!
Awesome!!! Removes bandages without tearing my skin. I use this in conjunction with the liquid! Very reasonably priced!!!
James S. Review from
November 14, 2018
Uni self adhesive remover
I have been using this adhesive remover since my surgery and August. There is no other adhesive remover that I will use. This adhesive remover removes the adhesive on the my body quicklyand easily without any Sting whatsoever. Thank you so much for a grea
Joanna M. Review from
June 10, 2021
Works amazingly well
These wipes are incredible. They remove the tape residue extremely quickly and easily, love them!
Review from
February 28, 2015
i learned about this while my husband was in the hospital for leukemia. One nurse changed the dressing to his pick line without them and ripped his skin up with the bandage. From then on they used them and showed me how to do it before we went home so I c
sherryjagard Review from
August 25, 2020
no pain tape tear off
Very good at residue removal, and reduces pain when removing tape from skin.Cleans residue off mic cables and other items. Pricey for large volume jobs since from medical field.
terri_fike Review from
June 15, 2021
great product
My son wears a dexcom g6 . It makes it so easy to remove the tape when he has to change his site. Makes it virtually pain free!
Ksadie Review from
February 28, 2021
Removes sticky, fast, easy and without fail.
Perfect for removing sticky residue. Will absolutely use all this product and need more.
virgilkreinbrin0 Review from
September 28, 2021
Adhesive remover
I have used this product nearly twenty seven years and highly recommend it, excellent adhesive remover in my opinion,
runyourfeet Review from
July 13, 2021
I have a glucose transmitter that has to be changed each week, and this is the only way I can clean and remove the adhesive quickly and without waste.
Billie B. Review from
February 2, 2021
I've been using this product for several years. It is the best one on the market, there are others not quite up to par.
moobenndavi Review from
December 14, 2020
Great medical adhesive removal
Great product in removing residual medical adhesive. Really good product
OceanF8 Review from
March 2, 2017
Great product, very good price
When you use adhesives, this is the product you will want to use to properly clean the residue. This product was cheaper than buying it at a local pharmacy. I am pleased and will continue to purchase this product from Walmart.
Review from
March 27, 2014
Terrific Product
I have always had a problem with the adhesive sticking when you take tape or a bandaid off, but with this Adhesive Remover I do not have that problem any more. It is wonderful! Any adhesive residue left is quickly removed with a little rubbing back and fo
John A. Review from
November 21, 2017
Good buy!
I had previously used another brand which was a smaller pad with less remover fluid. Took a little longer to use those effectively. The UNI-SOLVE was better for removal and buying in bulk was cheaper than the other brand.
Jill Z. Review from
July 9, 2019
Easy to use adhesive remover!
The individual wipes are cleaner and so much easier to use than a bottle of remover & a towel. Quicker to use and more effective at removing the adhesive. Will continue to buy!
Shelli E. Review from
July 31, 2018
great price for the UniSolve
This is the best thing to remove the Omnipod and Dexcom adhesives for my 6 year old daughter. We have tried other stuff and this is all we will use. Good price here too.
Review from
April 19, 2011
unisolve Adhesive Remover Review
Taking care of old people is a difficult job. I usually get blood samples, inject insulin, etc. All involves putting cotton and tapes in their fingers. A lot of them complains of having the adhesive building up on their fingers. So we checked for solution
estalinda Review from
March 23, 2017
Fantastic Product
Before receiving Uni-Solve my husband was using nail polish remover which did not do a great job until his dr. told him to buy Uni Solve. It works great and solved the problem of getting the stikeness off his skin Carl J
Review from
June 4, 2015
Best adhesive remover out there!
I love this stuff! Nothing else comes close as far as effectiveness and ease of use. I looked in several drug stores and could not find it. Finally ordered from Amazon which I should have done right away in the first place!!
Joy F. Review from
October 25, 2021
easy to use and does
easy to use and does the job that it is met to do no more pulling on old fine skin when you pull off sticky patch
michelep77777 Review from
May 6, 2020
Great product
Exactly what I needed and at a nice price for removing the extra sticky from tape that holds my Medtronic Guardian Sensor in place on my skin.
Review from
April 10, 2011
UniSolve Adhesive Remover Review
I had my knee skin ripped off and put some dressing with bandage. However, it left a lot of adhesive on my skin and I was afraid just to remove it with fingers since it was still sore. With this remover, I didn't have any pain while removing adhesive. Als
Roseanne G. Review from
May 2, 2021
Adhesive remover
Great product, strong smell of alcohol but certainly effective!
Nina A. Review from
November 6, 2021
Uni solve glue remover
Great product, works best when removing glue residues.
Henfie Review from
August 9, 2016
Works very well!
I have had 3 surgeries in 2 months - needless to say, adhesive every time. Thank goodness for Uni-Solve Adhesive Remover Wipes - much cleaner and easier to use than soapy washcloths which require scrubbing and scrubbing .... and scrubbing!
Amy R. Review from
July 26, 2019
Skin Adhesive Remover
Works perfectly to take my son’s skin tape off. He doesn’t even flinch! Excellent product!
Rena T. Review from
July 10, 2020
Repeat purchase
I have purchased these before & they work great. This time I ordered double the amount so I won’t run out.
Dan B. Review from
February 25, 2021
Excellent: I would definitely buy from you again
Excellent: I would definitely buy from you again
David B. Review from
May 31, 2020
I bought again, so leave me alone until I need more
See title above, good product does what it is intended to do at a fair price. Thanks
Review from
July 25, 2015
These are the best value for the $, but they are quite oily and I need to wash his skin after wiping off the residue from his patches - otherwise the next patches don't adhere well. The smell reminds me of kerosene (not as strong), but it doesn't linger f
technogeek1966 Review from
March 26, 2019
Probably the best medical adhesive remover.
I've tried several options for adhesive removers including alcohol. This is by far the best remover.
Review from
September 15, 2011
Great Product
We use this product to remove the week old tape from our Great Dane Puppies ears. UniSolve makes the process painless, the tape comes right off without pulling any hair at all. I'll keep this product on hand for human bandage removal as well. Love it!
Norvell W. Review from
August 13, 2021
Adhesive disappears
They work well cleaning me and the surgical tubes.
Luvthedeal Review from
May 17, 2021
Best for removing adhesive from skin and sensors
Best for removing adhesive
DeLynn B. Review from
August 13, 2019
Excellent product. Removes all adhesive
Excellent product. Removes all adhesive from the skin without iritation.