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Sunu Band The sunu band is a wrist-worn smart watch which uses sonar technology (echolocation) to provide haptic (vibration) feedback regarding the surroundings of the user and other information. Used in conjunction with a guide dog or white cane, it can improve spacial awareness and provide information on obstacles in a path of the user path that are above ground level up to 16 feet away. This smart-band augments your personal awareness, and reduces accidents to the body, chest, arms and head.

Obstacle Detection
•Detects objects in real time and provides haptic feedback regarding an obstacle s location
•Vibration intensity increases as an obstacle gets nearer
•2 distance modes: 6 feet and 16 feet. Short range has lower sensitivity and is good for indoors or crowded places
•Adjustable sensitivity settings
•Can be turned on and off with simple gesture controls (hip tap) for hands free activation
Download the free iOS or Android app and discover a wealth of additional apps which will further unlock the power of the Sunu Band. The app can be used to customize and control many of the settings for the Sunu band. Through the app, Voice Services function can offer voice or audio feedback for many of the functions. The app also enables several other features.
Haptic Watch
•Feel the time via a series of short and long pulses
•Hours and minutes delivered separately
•Time syncs with your app
•Vibratory alarm, set on the app
Phone Finder
•Pages your smartphone from the Sunu Band
Proximity Voice Feedback
•Used in conjunction with obstacle detection services
•Speaks the distance to an oncoming object or obstacle
•Provides a scaled beeping sound to indicate changing proximity to an object
•Indicates the cardinal direction you are facing
•Speaks the direction (North, Northeast, East, etc) when Voice Services is turned on
•Vibrates different patterns for the different directions
Place Finder and Navigation
•Wayfinding tool to explore various categories of places which may be nearby
•Categories include restaurants, shops, hospitals, banks, shops, metro stops, and more
•Locations offered within a 600 feet range
•Select a location from within one of the pre-set categories, and receive guided, real-time directions to that location.
•Guidance provided through Voice Services on the smartphone

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