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Synthes 11mm/130 Deg Ri Cannulated Troch Fixation Nail 235mm-Sterile
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Manufacturer Synthes
Code 456.328S
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50 Review
Review from
August 9, 2021
A toy that's not just a toy!
I'm not a keyboard player, and I'm hardly a musician but I do like synthesizers and love making funky/weird/lovely sounds with them. I have a small collection of decent "real" synthesizers that I'm very proud of and use all the time. This little guy was just a toy to add to the mix, but it's so much more!! Frankly, just about every video game or outer-space sound you want to make can be created on this powerful little synth, and with its' own speaker you can just leave it on the coffee table for guests to goof around with. I'd say it can definitely be used for recording or performance purposes
Josh Review from
February 14, 2022
Perfect portable effects unit
For those interested in small and portable synth setups, there isn't much when it comes to battery operated delay units. This is where the Monotron Delay comes in. The internal synth isn't bad and good for noodling around, but once you route a TE Pocket Operator (or any battery powered synth for that matter) through the audio in and delay, you'll see why this little machine is great for small/portable setups. Sure the delay is lo-fi, and maybe this machine could be about $15-20 less for the build quality, but still worth it.
cpattersonv1 Review from
January 13, 2017
Great little device.
I highly recommend it with one small caveat; it doesn't have a line level output, so plugging it into something else is going to require a preamp or something along those lines. With headphones the thing sounds wicked. Running external audio through the aux port is pretty cool on this as well and you can get some sounds of from the delay and feedback that are really similar to the EP-103 delay pedal. For some fun turn up the cutoff so you can hear treble and crank the feedback. Back off of the feedback a bit and then turn down the cutoff to get that deep rumbling spaceship sound. You may have
schistosomiasis Review from
May 25, 2018
If it is a toy at least it is an educational toy
Any sound device that forces a new way of playing on you is good and this does. However it is quite limited in what it can do. I think of it as a simple ear and finger training device that is unique to itself. All ribbon controllers take some getting used to. I like that this one has a recessed area for the keyboard as that keeps your fingers in the groove so to speak and it also gives a choice of major, minor, and chromatic settings. But.. you can't tell what setting you are on except by ear - three indicator LEDs would have been nice, in different colors would have been really nice. Even for
Matthew P. Review from
June 6, 2022
The Monotron Duo is a powerful synth in a little package at a very accessible price point. Ive had a lot of fun introducing it to my live set up. Highly recommend picking one up! StoreDJ is my go to shop for building my electronica suite. Great service and range at the right price.
butterman_1999 Review from
June 7, 2016
Good little toy (with some pro capabilities)
The synthesis contained in this cell phone sized ribbon "synthesizer" used to cost 10 times as much as well as being 10 times the size back in the 80s. At least the advances in modern technology have enabled the resurgeance of analogue technologies to be both affordable as well as more compact (size-wise). Purists will balk at the fact that one can not effectively play the Monotron as a keyboard itself rather than use it as a noise and sound device. There is actually an input plug on this device which enables the user to plug in an external source and use the enveloppe filters on the Monotron.
jefstrangefellow Review from
June 15, 2017
Weird Noises, for a great price.
I love this thing, it makes so many weird noises. Just be advised, the part that looks like a keyboard functions as a ribbon with increasing pitch, there is no correlation between the pitch and the note that is displayed on the keyboard. None the less, I can't wait to work some of these sounds into my recordings. I have both this model and the Korg Duo Monotron Mini. I love this one quite a bit more, but recommend both as you can link them and bring the analog goodness to the next level. Do beware that analog equipment is a bit loud sometimes, it uses tape, and you can hear that hissing "tape
Review from
April 22, 2014
Too Many Quirks for Pro Use
I'm not a fantastic keyboard player, and you don't need to be for one of these. This isn't an instrument as much as a weird noise generator and sound effect processor. First off, it ONLY runs on batteries, no option for a wall plug, which really sucks, because it necessitates changing the batteries before any serious use. Second, due to its analog nature, the sound is basically completely different every time you turn it on, and it takes 5-10 minutes for it to stabilize enough to be useful. My next point is the "aux in" jack. This is basically made so you can put funny sounds over the music on
naf26 Review from
November 12, 2012
Awesome, inexpensive analogue synthesizer that fits in your hand!
The Monotron by Korg is an amazing handheld analogue synthesizer--yes, handheld. It's about as big as an iPod Touch and only uses 2 AAA batteries (runs 8 hours). Consequently, it may be thought of as a toy by some who are unfamiliar with synthesizers... but it is an instrument definitely capable of some awesome sounds despite being so tiny. I bought this item because I play in a band and wanted to add some awesome new sounds to our set. This fits the bill! The knobs, switch and casing are all very durable. The speaker of course does not give the full range of sound that the Monotron actually p
3d-flyzone Review from
December 5, 2017
Korg Monotron - Excellent bit of Kit - Warp 9 to the Stars !!!
for the small price to pay, in the right hands they make a big big sound thats a clean signal to work with. endless sonic possibilities in a nifty little pocket sized package. Two reasons i dont score it higher - 1st There is no Power Supply Jack input of any sort, it will only take x2 AAA batteries unless modified ( then interference becomes an issue ! ). 2) The batteries don`t last that long , a few hours at tops. Also there is no clear indication as to the controls position. This machine can go quite crazy , and annoying if let loose a little too much. this is my third, one i lost, the othe
vansharktail Review from
January 15, 2016
best. toy. EVER!
I wish I was a kid. I had a ribbon synth toy when I was little (around 1990), and the Monotron Delay is the evolution of that toy. Don't get me wrong, it's an awesome tool, but its real shining glory is carrying it around in your purse or car or pocket and being able to play whenever you have a free moment. I love using mine while driving instead of the radio (not recommended)! You can hook up external speakers or headphones (or output to other instruments), but the internal speaker works great, too. The Delay is my favorite Monotron and packs hours/days/years of fun into a portable and afford
Review from
August 26, 2021
Easily the best analog synth for the price
Surprising range in both texture and octaves. Good build quality, just wish the ribbon was slightly larger. All I wanted was a battery powered tone generator and this exceeded every expectation.
boywithahaircut_4 Review from
November 27, 2019
Practically Perfect: Powerful, Poetic, Perhaps too Simple
This is an incredibly simple, incredibly professional sounding little piece of tech. I wish there were separate knobs for feedback and wet/dry (the two knobs are combined); it would also be nice for the LFO to be patched later than it is (it only affects the keys as you play, not the wet signal or input signals). Those little things aside, the sound is still far better than you would ever expect from something so small and inexpensive. Very worthwhile, I plan to buy more for use throughout my setup.
DHarvell Review from
November 25, 2015
Cool Little Synth For Those Who Have Realistic Expectations
If you set your expectations for what this device really is, you will find that it is a fun little synth. The synth's trigger mechanism is a ribbon, rather than actual keys, so finding notes is an exercise in imperfection. That isn't to say that this is a bad thing, because in the right applications, a little imperfection is just perfect! I use this little synth to add atmospheric elements to my music. This synth definitely will not replace my synth bass generator, as there is no MIDI capabilities, or any other way to create specific notes on specific parts of the beat. But, for blips, beeps,
NoChrome66 Review from
January 25, 2018
Disclaimer: I'm a guitarist ;) That said, this thing is fun and sounds so good. I was looking for something to add background/ambiance to hobby recordings. I use it (so far) with quality headphones. Wow. I fiddled with it for hours and love it. I can't wait to send it thru a pa or a guitar amp! I thought it'd be bigger, but it's smaller than my wallet. Perfect, since I'm planning on building a rig with it and a Stylophone. I've got a "pedal" case ordered, and with some velcro and a couple guitar pedals (chorus & octaver), I'll have a portable one stop shop. Someday, I might send a guitar signa
Review from
March 13, 2012
Your family and friends will hate you.
If you are involved in any relationships that require communication and/or interactive recreation, you may want to steer clear of any of the Korg Monotrons, particularly if you also own a multi-track recorder. My wife bought me the Korg Monotron Duo as a present. I think she did it because I told her that the only present I would be interested in getting was a Korg Monotron. Now I find myself having to work very hard not to ignore everything important in life (work, hygiene, family, eating, etc.) because I am tweaking sounds. The Monotron Duo reminds me of a movie where some superheroes are ba
psych1964 Review from
April 25, 2019
A noisy little thing!
This a sister (or brother) to the regular MONOTRON from KORG,...and it adds a neat-o little echo box into the circuit(and it can be pushed into feedback...which is a cool effect). BUT with the standard old MONOTRON you could make tunes with a little effort,...while this beast seems only to be for "space effects". Maybe with a LOT of difficulty you could play a simple tune,....but the fun here is in making swirling , whooshing , bleeping sounds that echo out into infinity . SO if that's your aim, then this is the MONOTRN for you ,if not buy the DUO or standard edition for their tunefulness.
Rufaro K. Review from
March 9, 2019
Awesome little dub siren
This little thing works perfectly as a sub siren. The parameters work well and the filter is very nice. With a bit of practise you can do amazing soundscapes with such a small and low-priced unit. The only slight con which prevents me from giving it 5 stars is that the keyboard feels a little imprecise and is more akin to a pitch bend wheel rather than a keyboard. Again for dub siren purposes this is not really a problem.
larshinkley Review from
June 13, 2013
Powerful entry level synth with great sound, infinite possibilities.
Super fun analog synth with a nice sound. Don't be fooled, even with 5 knobs, a switch, and ribbon, the possibilities are endless. The filter is modeled after the classic MS-20 filter, and it has quite a bite to it. I bought this for my friend for his birthday, and the next day I bought all the units in this line for personal use. This is a great toy that you could get some excellent recordings out of. Playing it with a stylus gives you better precision, and you can make a nice vibrato sound. A good example of the functionality. I do believe I hear a
kno2skull Review from
February 4, 2012
Palm-sized,entertaining analog synthesizer for fun or serious play!
To discuss the amazing uses for this analog synthesizer and its incredibly inexpensive price point would take quite a while. It's a sounds are manipuated by the four pots and external instruments can be plugged in to affect those too. For downsides the speaker is not the best, and I would recommend using it through the headphone output for better audio quality. The ribbon keyboard is a lot of fun either using fingers or stylus pens (I use a capped Bic pen for mine). If your fingers are large, it can be difficult. It's even possible to come up with some neat-sounding, electronic beats. Tuning t
Matthew M. Review from
November 3, 2018
Amazing value, such a range of sounds from a simple device. I patch it into my modular to add some psychedelic bucket brigade grit. It's a bit noisy but I think that's the idea. I have three now and each one sounds a little different. Even after two years I'm still able to coax something new from them with the knobs set just so. True analog, simple but deep.
djshlang Review from
February 4, 2019
Addictive introduction to analog synthesis
It looks like a child's toy but don't be fooled; it is a pocket beast that can easily produce some of the filthiest, grittiest, dystopian space-trash-compactor sounds you have ever heard. You can get a surprising amount of sound exploration out of it, and the simple array of stripped down controls is more of a feature than a drawback in that it lets you build an intimately familiar mental model for everything you're doing.
adben-94 Review from
January 24, 2020
Plenty of room for experimenting with sounds. Doesn't require software or a powerful laptop to enjoy, just works straight out of the box. Will hopefully use it to make some songs but for now just enjoying it as a cool gadget. Small, lightweight, and runs on household batteries. Win.
Review from
July 3, 2013
Analog sound in a battery synthesizer box
This is a drone beast. Very powerful sound, 100% analog and the famous Ms filter, only this makes the money. But its not all, you have a line in to connect other instruments and pass them true the filter and the the delay. I compare the sound to Venom and Virus and the analog circuit of the Monotron its real amazing, very punchy. It can make the most amazing drones, very space atmosphere, nothing could compare to this at this price, and with a litlle soldering you coud have CV in and Out, vey andy. The downside its that its only one Oscillator and it makes background noise wen you have the fil
broke analog nerd Review from
March 31, 2017
Creative and wonderful (if you use it right)
I really like this for use as an effect; using the aux input to plug in a tiny sampler leads to some delay madness on vocals. Picture a Jamaican MC saying something and it echoing everywhere. It's INCREDIBLY overpriced, however, and is practically useless as an actual keyboard instrument. Overall, if you're into making cool delays on almost no budget, this is where to start.
purplerainbowpa Review from
October 18, 2017
What's that noise?
Okay i play drums in a band and we wanna have a go at Hawkwind - Silver Machine, now being a trio of drums/bass/guitar we know our limitations so we ignore them and still go for it, so needed a gizmo to give us a cosmic swirl effect for an intro, so after a few seconds i had found something suitable and at rehearsal without telling the guys i energized it, smiles all round as it gave us the noise to kick in. Through the PA there is a background noise but nothing too bad unless you have the feedback set too high, then it can over power. Any draw backs, well only having micro jacks in and out is
Jon F. Review from
October 27, 2020
Probably the best value for money electronic noise gadget on the market. Great for experimenters, musicians, film soundtracks, anything where you need an unusual sound. Highly Recommended.
Review from
October 5, 2012
Great for beginners
You wont find an analog synthesizer as cheap as this. Its great if you want to get the hang of an dual oscillator analog synthesizer. Its small and battery-powered so you can take it anywhere. It also has a headphone out connection which delivers you the clean, fat analog sound, this is what makes it so powerfull. The input connection allows you to make it sync up with for eg a drumcomputer so you can play along with that. The only remark i have about this product is that the small keyboard makes it hard to play the notes you exactly want, but its not unplayable. Im a total beginner when it co
Review from
August 12, 2014
Korg monotron delay
I use my monotron as a filter and delay "pedal" with a casio keybord to add some dynamics and flavour to the sound and it works fine, althought it also adds a lot of noise to the sound. I was looking for a lo-fi kind of sound anyway, so its not a very big deal to me. As a stand alone synth it as a very good quality sound and is very fun to play with. Dont wait to compose melodies with the monotron, this synth is just for glitchy noises and abstract sounds. I love the noise jams with it! A guaranteed future classic mini-synth!
Rafa Review from
September 3, 2012
Simple, fun, lo-fi: worth to get one
I'm a sound designer and keyboard/synth player, so i've been using my monotron delay mostly for creating sound fx and processing external audio. It's signal path really very simple, and although it has no resonance control, i'm not really missing it. The filter is great and the space echo dirty. The lfo is really fast, and the 4 octave range is really nice for using the LFO. The delay self-oscilates, which is a good thing... but, too quick... with feedback knob at 12 o clock it will start self oscilating. LFO is fixed to modulate pitch, so it's not the most flexible synth... but it's only $ ..
Review from
June 4, 2012
Excellent tool for a song
This little synth is great! The combination of knobs on this product provide so many possibilities: they yield spacey soundscapes, those great building moments that you hear in progressive electronic music, plenty of sound effects, and, when the "INT." knob is only barely on, synth sounds that allow the Korg to be played like a regular instrument (you can operate the ribbon like a keyboard using the side of your finger and sliding from note to note). The only downside is that the higher notes ring out much louder than the lower ones, so it is harder to play intervals across octaves and some of
trickstress Review from
December 4, 2012
awesome space noise machine
Alright I'm a Korg fan. Have the Monotron Duo, which is awesome especially since you can play it in tune, but the Delay is extra amazing. It is way more versatile than any youtube video would lead you to believe...just subtle alterations of the knobs open gateways to truely otherworldly sounds. Think 50s science fiction movies. I use a Nintendo DS stylus on the ribbon controller, works better than fingers. Excellent machine at an unbeatable price for making burbling, crazy noises to compliment your tracks. Pure fun.
aleksandrchoban Review from
June 5, 2018
small and portable. Loads of fun. Cool sounds.
I love the space like sounds that come out of this synth. It is fun when I'm on the go. Want to make music, but don't have my computer or my phone handy. Sure I may of paid a little more than others listed on Ebay. But I still think it was very much worth the price. I also love how this lights up under a blacklight.
BK Review from
March 5, 2012
A miniature monster!
I knew going in that the Korg Monotron Delay would be somewhat limited considering its diminutive size and $ price tag. What I didn't expect was the monstrous sound that comes out of this thing! Adding delay to the existing Monotron sound makes for some interesting effects and sound possibilities (think 50's/60's sci-fi). The added 1/8 input jack further enhances its functionality but allowing you to run audio through the delay as well.For music-making, a pen or something else that has a smaller tip is necessary since using your finger on the ribbon-controller is difficult for precise control
Chris Review from
December 26, 2018
Kinda cute and fun but it's also plastic junk
This thing is more or less a piece of junk. It sounds like cats mating. It sounds a lot better with headphones but I dropped it on the floor ONE time and the headphone jack broke. Yeah I know it's my fault for dropping it but still. Plastic piece of junk.
visioneer10 Review from
September 20, 2017
See the sound with Korg
Korg in most part has good instruments at a good price. So the value is more than what U pay. The sounds are INCREDIBLE and do not let the size fool U. This mini war-machine R O C K S. I have added this 2 my studio and have been very pleased with the features and sounds. A 5 star instrument. Dr. Anton Nova aka Anton the Enigmatist
drojas88 Review from
October 10, 2018
Fun little synth! Good filter, great value for the price.
Fun little noise-maker for the price! It's not anything crazy useful... but a fun toy to have around in your synth arsenal. Good quality and the filter is the same as the Korg MS-20, which you can use for any mono input.
Randall Review from
August 21, 2017
Super-Fun Analog Ribbon Synth for that Little Dash of Weird
Super-Fun Analog Ribbon Synth and Barely Larger than a Calculator- Nice Range of Sonic Control. Great little gimmick for live applications or a super-cool gadget for your home studio for that little dash of weirdness you always need for texture. Great value- Totally worth it.
flashjunky_007 Review from
August 15, 2018
Its not an FX pedal
So dont buy it for that, but it is very good fun stand alone (you can get some GREAT sci-if out of it!) but it does make quite a nice sound when hooked up to any audio input. Its small enough to fit in your pocket, and weighs very little but it has a good build quality. I would definitely recommend this for beginners with synth kit.
dylant475 Review from
June 17, 2011
best tiny mono synth money can buy- possibilites= endless. fits in pocket.
this is a fun little item. i bought it because of its portability, and ability to make numerous annoying sounds. i was pleased to find out it can also make pleasant sounds as well. i also have a stylophone. they are both fun for different reasons. i also have a korg guitar tuner. ive had it for years and has never let me down. korg usually makes good stuff, who knows... one day this may be a sought after little item, so dont sleep. all in all- for the price its hard to beat. you can also fit it in your pocket with a pair of ear buds and disappear into mono synth land while riding the train, or
garystandley Review from
December 4, 2012
The harmonica for the electronic age.
Really great instrument that provides easy access to an analog synthesizer. Too much fun. Slip it in your pocket and run around making noises and music. This little guy is designed to be hacked and there is lots of support out there for making some cool custom instruments. There is really nothing that compare to these little music machines. The closed thing I can think of is a harmonica. This is the new harmonica!
Super Happy Synth Boy Review from
April 10, 2013
Aliens have landed and shared their toys
This is a toy. A fun toy, but a toy nonetheless. It is capable of producing a wide variety of sounds. The delay is really cool for a device this size. The only thing I don't particularly like is the keyboard being permanently set to wide mode (the monotribe has three settings). I have really large hands, and am still able to manipulate the controls with ease. The noise level is a bit high, but then again...this is analog.
poindextersoundlabs Review from
July 1, 2017
Lots of fun and sound in a little package
First thing that struck me about this is you don't realize how small it is until you're holding it. But the other thing is, you a get A LOT of different sounds out of such a small package with such minimal controls. Not only is it musically useful, it's a lot of fun to play with. I love it!!
belgatoy Review from
March 2, 2017
Very good price for a lot of fun! The smallest mobile analog synthesizer and delay! Hook is up with others sound sources to use the monotron as a delay effects source! Create great soundscapes and noise backgrounds! Very neat little but massive toy!
jjkljlkfjjkljh Review from
November 1, 2012
This is a very handy and powerful synth is a small box with great features
This is a great little synth to have. Despite it's size it is very powerful and sounds great. It sounds best through the aux output to some good speakers, but the built in ones can be pretty handy for just messing around and coming up with ideas. I also love the fact that you can plug in an external sound source to use with it and even control the sound of the input. I've tried plugging in an iPod as well as a keyboard and even a guitar, all of which sound awesome and are very fun to use alongside this awesome synth.
6moses9 Review from
December 4, 2016
Blast off
Cool little device to make some funky sounds, noises...whatever. It is tiny, overall size and keys, so that limits its applications, but all things considered it is fun to play around with. It definitely should be used with desktop speakers or something of the like (headphones are fine too) to share your creations more effectively.
carl g. Review from
December 26, 2018
My first synth
bought this for my partner, after watching her have fun on a much more expensive synth. This is great fun to make all sorts of noises, musical and not, but I'm scared of doing something awesome that I can never recreate! A crazy, easy, introduction to the world of synths.
supertrip420 Review from
September 30, 2011
This little machine packs a mean analog growl. Awesome.
This little thing packs a mean analog growl when you start tweaking the VCF and LFO knobs on the Cuttoff mod and the pitch mods are crazy. First thing i did with this device was re-create the beginning of Steve Miller's "Jungle Love" :) If you love crazy electronic sounds, filtered noise, and electronic throbbing thickness... this thing is for you. You can even send any signal through the "aux" in the back and manipulate the sounds. I tried this on vocals and it was very Air and Aphex Twin-ish. So rad.
icarus_frost Review from
March 14, 2018
Best Synthesizer for the price
I bout both the Korg DELAY and Korg Duo to use together, and they are very fun to play around with. It's a good synth for the low price, since even the cheapest ones start at like $150 dollars. Still, it's more of a toy-sized synth than a professional synth, but worth it for the low price.
DAVID Review from
November 15, 2016
Fun Little Toy
Fun Little Palm-sized toy. You can get a lot of old school synth space-effects out of it. The keyboard ribbon isn't calibrated to any specific notes but it has a full multi-octave range. Good for sounds but not specific notes. All the functions work.