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Synthes 10mm/125 Deg Ti Cannulated Troch Fixation Nail 440mm/Left-Ster
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Manufacturer Synthes
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49 Review
Stephen Review from
May 10, 2022
Amazing Synth!
I have been playing piano/keyboards for 50 years, but this is my first analog synth. I am very pleased with it! I had been looking at other models (Subsequent 37, Deepmind 12, and Minilogue). The Moog is awesome, but a little pricey for me. The Deepmind has a better price, but the signal path on it seems a little limiting and many of the controls are only accessible through menus (not on the front panel). Then I ran into the the Minilogue. This synth seemed to check all of the boxes for me. The price was right, it is pure analog with all of the classical filtering options, polysynth: really ri
Reviewed by Andertons Music Co. customer Review from
Andertons Music
December 5, 2021
Review of Korg Minilogue XD Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer with Multi-engine, Dig
For a versatile analogue poly synth you won't do much better at this price. Can do a variety of sounds, classic and contemporary, and seems to excel at dark and moody textures. All the controls feel responsive to the touch and build quality is sleek and solid. The digital multi engine allows for some complex textural overtones and the onboard effects are more than useable. Modulation options are fairly straightforward but the filter is very nice and can go from smooth to pretty aggressive, especially with the overdrive. CV inputs let you break it open a bit and get into semi-modular territory
Review from
May 24, 2022
Does not get enough love! I usually do not write reviews, but feel the Prologue
I have had mine for a couple days now. Has some limitations but what doesn't. My only real gripe is the lack of aftertouch, this feature should be standard on anything over 1k, but It is by no means a deal breaker, as the Prologue excels at sounding good. No tuning issues, so I believe this problem has been ironed out. Sounds fantastic and a great Analogue synth for the price. Cannot beat it for the price TBH. Sounds like an old school Japanese analogue classic. Most underrated synth of the year. Will likely be a sleeper synth and a future classic. Grab one now if you still can and grab those
Aaron P Review from
February 26, 2022
The Korg Minilogue XD Module is my first foray into hardware, and this little beauty doesnt disappoint! Ive primarily relied on software synths up until now, and have recently caught the hardware bug (pray for my wallet). The XD was a no-brainer. It sounds SO GOOD! Plus with the additional user oscillators and effects, Im going to be exploring what this synth can do for many years to come. Great experience with AMS as well! Arrived a little early even, and in perfect condition. I definitely recommend the XD! I might even get another to poly chain someday, but honestly have not felt at all limi
Chris R. Review from
April 17, 2022
Great fun
Service was excellent from pmt. Rapid shipping and excellent customer support. Korg minilogue xd module was easy to setup, and though iam a complete beginner it seems easy enough to use. Some great sounds, paired with arturia keylab mk2. My only minor grumble with the Minilogue xd module is that the bottom is clearly not flat. So it rocks between its feet when in use, kinda like a wonky table. It could be annoying for some. That said, overall it seems to have good build quality.
Jones, D Review from
April 28, 2021
One of if not the best polysynth ever devised.
The Minilogue XD has absolutely blown me away, the sounds this instrument can create are essentially limitless, and they all sound fantastic. I'd go as far to say that the filter on this synth gives the classic Moog ladder a run for it's money, speaking of which, it's pretty incredible that a synthesizer of this caliber is so affordable. Aside from a few under the hood parameters, this is essentially a knob per function synth, making it incredibly easy for experienced synthesists to dive right in, and also opens up the world of true analog synthesis to the beginner synthesist without tedious a
Zach Review from
April 9, 2020
I was fine with the tradeoffs
I've had a Prologue 8 for about a year. There are a lot of trade offs you make when choosing a prologue compared to similar features synths and you have to be ok with those. 1. No after touch on the keys, BUT I love the feel of the key bed. It does respond to after touch MIDI messages with the latest update. So if you already have a great aftertouch midi controller, the prologue will respond to aftertouch from it. I've heard the the 61 key version even has the after touch strip but it's just not implemented in software yet. I've actually decided that aftertouch just isn't precise enough of a c
mattl0k Review from
June 24, 2020
Beautiful in every way
Such a beautiful spacial instrument. I jumped straight in to init patches and the huge atmospheric and cinematic sounds this thing can make is incredible. The 3-layer FX is a huge part of this but its just a gorgeous sounding instrument. I love it. But dont get too lost in the presets. Theyre not great. Start playing around yourself. So many beautiful settle features like filter drive and cross-mod, and the 2 axis mod + pitch joystick (eg put LFO INT on the positive/up mod and Cutoff on the negative/down). So many great features letting you sculpt sounds quickly. Very musical.
Reviewed by Andertons Music Co. customer Review from
August 22, 2020
Review of Korg Minilogue XD Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer with Multi-engine, Dig
Easily the best music purchase I've made (well, joint with my Bass). The XD looks great, and all the knobs, switches, and buttons feel great to use. The Keys (whilst thin) are great for testing patches, noodling, and playing round with the built-in sequencer. Integrating it into a preexisting setup is incredibly simple. Crafting new patches is so intuitive, even for a relative newcomer like myself. However don't take the Minilogue XD for being simplistic, the sounds you can come up with are fantastic and varied. The addition of Plugin Effects, and User Multi Engine available online expands the
Derek Review from
August 5, 2021
For the price this thing is incredible. The only reason Im giving it 4 stars is because Korgs support is terrible. The Synth itself is awesome. Great beefy sound with unlimited variety and plenty of purchasable patches if youre not looking to spend the time learning how it all works or figuring out the sdk runaround. I did take the time but also purchased some patches as well. Definitely worth the money and time learning all the deep dives.
Fred Review from
December 27, 2021
Keys are too small
Checked it out on line and loved it so I didn't open the box before I left the store and there wasn't one on display. I opened the box and the KEYS ARE TOO SMALL. Feels like I'm playing a toy. I'm a real piano player who specializes in jazz crossover. What was your thinking? Was going to exchange for the XD $729 model but those keys are too small as well. Will be using a controller. However, it does sound great!
JingleBlaster Review from
June 6, 2020
Gorgeous Hypercreativity Engine
I got mine yesterday and have not stopped using it since I opened the box. I am especially impressed with the large preset library available for free on Korg's website, and how easy it is to shape sounds on this thing. I also own a Nord A1, which does more and sounds better, but also costs over 3x as much. For the price, this synth nails the most important things to me: sound creation, ease of use, and style. As other reviewers will tell you, the synth has some real edge to it, but since I am mostly using it for leads, FX, and drones, is exactly what I want. Who is using a mono (as opposed to
Review from
February 5, 2021
A great polysynth
Lots of features and excellent patches. Great value for money and a very nice presentation. My only gripe with mine was that when it arrived, the LCD screen had a scratch on it because one of the pots had come off in shipping and damaged it. If it hadnt been for Brexit delaying my delivery by 3.5 weeks I would have normally returned for another one but posting back to Germany from UK is almost impossible at present so I will just have to live with the damage. Also disappointed that this shipped with a German power supply. If I had ordered direct from MusicStore I could expect this but not good
Daniel Review from
March 5, 2018
Amazing for the price
Sound: The quality of sound s amazing for the price and if you wanna make it sound better run it through a ehx small clone and or ehx canyon (verb setting with short delay) to. Make it sound huge Features: the mono mode with the sub ocilator turned up makes it sound like a beast and the built in delay sounds awesome Ease of Use: A bit of a learning curve but there are plenty of YouTube tutorials to help and there's also a few FB groups that are dedicated to the Minilouge and are extremely friendly and will answer any question you have. Quality: I honestly think this little thing is gonna last
Myth M. Review from
March 6, 2017
Korg Minilogue
This thing is a little analog powerhouse! The keys are small which takes some getting used to, but that helps it easily fit into a live rig. They have a good solid feel when pressed. The waveshapers on the VCOs are a very nice touch; you can smoothly grade between the selected shape and the next closest shape allowing for a unique waveform or some interesting tweaking. The movements of all the parameters, including the waveshapers, can be recorded into the onboard sequencer. The knobs have a lot of resistance allowing for very careful, specific tweaking. It lacks any CV ins/outs but syncs nice
MattyB Review from
May 31, 2017
A wonderful synthesizer!
Very cool synth. Actual VCO's. You can instantly hear the difference between this and DCO. There is a beautiful and mild natural chorusing with any polyphony, and the resonance on the filter is stunning. I have many synths--new and vintage, and this has a unique place among them. Not what I would call a "powerful-sounding" synth out of the box (sometimes you gotta jack the volume up), but would be an excellent choice for very natural and "synthy" sounds. Also (again due to vcos), this synth is particularly great at those vintage scifi and horror sounds. The delay is a rad edition, and works we
DMichaelJohnson Review from
July 7, 2019
Weve been playing this a lot in the studio since getting it... the Minilogue is such a fun little synth to easily navigate and get some fantastically BIG sounds out of it. It sits right next to some big heavy hitters here and definitely holds its own. I find its kind of a current Korg best of in a miniature form factor. The arpeggiator is just malleable, expressive and really the reason I got the keyboard version vs. the desktop... it makes getting to all the fantastic sounds and features so much more immediate. The YouTube videos really do the loaded sound set justice and the
RawkPatches Review from
May 8, 2020
Perfect for Rock
I bought the Korg Minilogue XD to recreate the warm vintage sounds of my favorite classic rock bands, and it has not disappointed! The analog VCOs and 4 voice poly with onboard FX make this compact synth sound absolutely huge! The digital Multi oscillator with noise and wave options can take you into 80s FM territory and beyond. The possibilities are literally endless and you could obviously use it for any genre, but as a lifelong guitar player, I'm absolutely loving it for the synth sounds of classic rock. Check out some Pink Floyd patches I created with this synth in the video. These sounds
Richie Review from
October 22, 2019
Overall: This is my first hardware synth, and I couldn't be happier with my choice. What an incredibly fun piece of hardware. The sound this unit produces is incredible, and playing with it is so intuitive. I'm excited to get deeper into synthesis and this device is a fantastic way to do that. The build is quality, the knobs and switches are a pleasure to use. The screen is small but bright and very useful. Korg packed a ridiculous amount of functionality into this device. There is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to utilizing the litany of menu options available. That's the one place w
REN Review from
November 26, 2018
Sweet VCO Poly Synth
OK, so I got a deal on a used Prologue 8, serial # 000063, V1.01 FW (floor model maybe?). This Synth does not seem to have the low EFF# tuning issue nor the mod wheel issue. There are bugs with this 1.01 FW, but a re-tune solves these. Most have to do with switching from Poly/Mono/Unison & back to Poly. Therefore, maybe Korg fixed this "bug" with the new FW, and caused the EFF# tuning & Mod wheel issues. There is a slight detune on the lower notes (1~3 c) but in reality this is a VCO poly synth and it adds to the color of the bass! DSI synths add a "slop" even to their VCO synth, go figure. I
Review from
August 3, 2020
Korg Minilogue XD
A new classic synth - With a wide range of patches, infinite deep, rich, warm sounds and open source technology. the Korg Minilogue XD is an affordable powerhouse for beginners and experienced users alike. Not limited to the confines of factory presets, the open source development API (Application Programming Interface) allows users to extend the possibilities of the hardware via an SDK (Software Development Kit) and dedicated development tools to create custom digital oscillators for the MULTI ENGINE, and custom modulation effects to expand the existing modulation effects. This is a gateway s
John H. Review from
April 26, 2022
Korg Minilogue XD desktop
Great synth, with hidden depths and really good sound. Other attractions are the ability to chain multiple units together for more voices; plus Korg have provided and SDK pack so that users can develop their own patches and sounds. The are many available to buy from developers out there.
Wolfejack Review from
Sam Ash
October 18, 2021
This thing is awesome for all levels of synth players.
I'll clarify by saying that I'm an experienced guitar player but new to playing synth. I do know what a good synth sound like and this one sounds amazing. I know an experienced analog synth player who gives it 2 thumbs up. You can get weird with it right out of the box. Tons of vids on YouTube on how to play it. I love this synth!
Reviewed by Andertons Music Co. customer Review from
May 5, 2021
Review of Korg Minilogue XD Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer with Multi-engine, Dig
Somebody needs to make a better YouTube tutorial to get beginners like myself around the basics. Steep learning curve coming up! Clearly its ability to make a massive variety of sounds + its very versatile sequencer are fantastic. Now this user just needs to catch up with its abilities! Sound is being monitored through a high-end audiophile system and it sounds great!
b4njos Review from
March 31, 2020
This is truly the warmth and lushness of analog's past perfectly melded with the technology of today. I could go on all day about how good this thing sounds, but you're here for the nitty gritty. Here's a quick and dirty list of pros and cons. I'll try to be as unbiased as possible. Pros: the analog VCOs are warm, huge, and exactly as they should be. The filter is Korg. Need I say more? Sharp, bubbly resonance. It is true to Korg form. The digital oscillator sounds very accurate. The ability to load your own algorithms is awesome because it means virtually endless sonic possibilities. And the
Brian Review from
April 20, 2018
I wavered on buying this synth due to the limited modulation options but really that isnt true Korg has just given you eccentric pathways to give movement. The multi osc is particularly useful for this. You can crank it up in the mix to give an FM thwack, or blend in a little tuned noise with the traditional oscillators. Its still very new to me but Ive had great fun layering Timbres of sounds with rising pitch enveloped then running them through the submarine reverb (which causes the reverb trails to descend). Easy soundscapes with plenty of movement. Drive in the filter is also great both fo
BH Review from
August 19, 2021
This thing is great. Yes only four voices but loading third party effects into the user slots allows me to leave my pedalboard out of the equation. Its great. It sounds great and it is very user friendly. Might buy another to expand to 8 voices. It is a bit larger than I expected but the layout is perfect.
Kent Review from
December 27, 2016
Wow... Wooooow. Wow. Woooow. Whoooooo. Wow. ( abnormal palpitations)
Overall: I'm a retired executive from Sony GmbH in Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia and as of lately produce film and television in North America. I have played lots of instruments and synthesizers and have spent decades engineering some of the most amazing top hits on the planet. I don't play a synthesizer for a living but when I do I'm very picky. I bought this after my experience with the microkorg for playing around on weekends and lo and behold this is one of the most amazing low price synthesizers I've seen during my lifetime. I spent one weekend going over every gold and platinum produ
Thomas Review from
February 10, 2016
Great product, great price, fast shipping
I have always wanted to try an analogue synthesizer but thought they were out of my price range. The Korg Minilogue received such great reviews at Winter Namm and on the web that I decided to order one. It was sold out and on pre-order at most every store I tried to order from. Adorama had it in stock and shipped it within a day of my order. Everything arrived in perfect condition within 3 business days as promised. The Minilogue itself is extremely user-friendly. This is extremely important to me because I have extremely bad eyesight.You don't even have to read the knobs and buttons to know w
Josh Review from
May 3, 2016
Analog for All - nice surprises and huge range
Issues first: 1) Online, you'll see lots of complaints about "clicking envelopes" - it was definitely obvious. When shipped, it comes with firmware 1.04. As soon as I upgraded to firmware 1.11, clicking almost disappeared - it's now more of a "character" type of click rather than "why is that so loud." 2) I plan to experiment to see if I can re-route the Mod wheel to something like LFO rate or others (currently routes to noise pot). Same with Sustain... Sustain seems to open the VCA EG sustain, but sustain pedal should really impact the release in my view, not sustain. 3) The Minilogue was plu
Reviewed by Andertons Music Co. customer Review from
August 22, 2020
Review of Korg Minilogue XD Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer with Multi-engine, Dig
This is the only analog poly synth in this price range but it doesnt feel or sound like the bottom of the barrel. Next to DSI/Oberheim/Moog etc its no comparison but its a fraction of the price! On its own merits its a great little synth. The options for custom oscillators and effects, the very usable included effects, the sequencer, the sound... theres a lot there to keep me going. It sounds good, its easy to use, and it doesnt cost as much as my car.
Ronn Review from
Sam Ash
January 23, 2020
Korg Analogue Plus!
Got the Prologue 12 - Korg just has that sound about them that is unique and totally worth the extra $$ for the additional voices, and the few extras that come with like the LF compressor, extra keys, oscilloscope, access to menu items, and onboard effects. You have to keep in mind that this synth is analog with presets, with updated synth technology. Playing with the presets and storage areas can be used as a starting point in the creative process - creating pretty incredible new sounds to store. The extra Digital oscillator engine is an added plus that is yet to be utilized. There are featur
DAVID Review from
March 1, 2022
Amazing Best Value Synth
The XD looks and feels like an enhanced Minilogue. It shares the same design, the same four-voice polyphony, a similar control panel, and the same velocity-sensitive mini-keyboard. But when you delve beneath its surface, it becomes clear that the XD has far more in common with the Prologue than is immediately apparent.
STOX Review from
September 27, 2018
I adore this synthesizer that Korg made. As a player who has and has a numerous amount of synthesizers from Korg (LAMDA, MICROKORG, MS 2000, MINILOGUE), I thought that the synth section for Korg was pretty complete; especially for synth bass. I was fortunately wrong! Upon playing the Prologue, I was obsessed with it! It didn't stop there either. I bought it! The same week I did a synth-bass cover on! Then another one, and another one! lol I didn't stop there! I've taken this with me to studio sessions, festivals, and big shows alike! I've recently used this keyboard as the main brain for my sy
DMichaelJohnson Review from
December 15, 2019
This a beautiful synthesizer. The Korg has its own unique sound that tickles the ear in a different yet complimentary way to the usual suspects from Moog, DSI, Novation, Waldorf and Virus. The front panel is easy to navigate and the feature set is rich and deep. I got the keyboard version first and loved it so much, I thought hmmm, a little more of this could only be better, so I got the module too. The four voices are in no way a noticeable limitation of the single unit, but now having 8 voices of the two Korgs linked together is amazing. I switch between poly chain for 8 voices and laying th
cr73 Review from
November 9, 2016
Portable and really fun!
The Minilogue is a really fun to use synthesizer, with an immediate interface to tweak and a great sound, while also affordable. At first I wasn't so sure about its sound, but had a test drive and it really impressed me (all 3 times in consecutive days). Even as an affordable synth, it has its own thing and can sound amazing. Been using it mostly for pad and keyboard(ish) bell sounds, and it is great at it. Throw in an external delay pedal and you're good for days. Sound-wise, it doesn't have the aggressively low end you find on other synths, but it is very good at mid-range. I love the filter
Kevin Review from
December 5, 2020
Korg Minilogue XD
Ive needed a new instrument for a while, and studied many good keyboards that are around at the moment, but I wanted a proper synth too so I decided on the Korg Minilogue XD ... and absolutely no second thoughts or doubts since Ive had it. Proper Analogue oscillators that need 30 seconds to tune on powering up, and as well as infinite sound possibilities the undersized keyboard is remarkably playable and has a really great feel. This is an amazing and powerful instrument with many extra quality bits to it like fx, arpeggiator and simple sequencer.... really useable musicians tool!
John Review from
July 30, 2020
Amazing sounds for a good price
This is my first foray into analog synths but this one is pretty easy to learn how to use. The keys were touch sensitive, the hardware is built well, and with the release of the latest firmware 2.X most of the bugs have been resolved. I also have a Korg Kronos 88 key and this analog synth is complementary to that. It includes built-in digital effects as well such as delay and Reverb. Korg is even offering an SDK for users to create their own oscillators, for programmers.
Jordan Review from
December 9, 2021
I wanted a small synth for use in making loop music. This lil guy really is all I need. The amount of sounds I can create with this is astonishing and it has a sequencer built in as well that is really easy to use. I'd recommend this to anyone looking for 25 key synth to add to their arsenal. You won't be disappointed.
Ben Review from
July 11, 2016
Awesome Analog Polysynth
I've owned many synthesizers over the years from Moog, Roland, Korg and many of the other major players in the synthesizer industry, and this is one of the best values for the money out there. The Minilogue has a massive sound, is easy to use, fun to play, and just sounds awesome. I think it is a great option for someone new to synthesis, as it covers just about every facet of subtractive synthesis imaginable. It also gives you a 16 step sequencer and a built in delay. MIDI over USB. and Korg just released a patch librarian so you can add patches to the unit from your computer. Seasoned synthe
Kasie Review from
August 9, 2017
Perfect synth for beginners and masters!
Got this as my first analog poly synth and it's amazing! The oscilloscope is really nice because you can see how each setting manipulates the wave. It comes with pretty simple instructions, but Korg's website has a download of the owners manual (40+ pages) that goes into detail how to use everything and is SUPER helpful to read through. It definitely takes a lot of playing around to learn to change the sounds to what you want, but that's half of the fun. Fat bass, good ring and the thing sounds like its alive!! I did not have any issues with the envelopes "clicking" after watching a few demo v
Chuck Juice Review from
October 7, 2019
I owned the Original minilogue so Im familiar with the XDs topography and logistics. The XD takes some of the original synth features and blows it out the water. The thing I like best is user programmable features...nothing against the stock sounds which are sick. This synth will not disappoint at its price point, in fact when you close your eyes youll think you are playing a full size full feature synth. While writing this I was thinking of taking a star off my review for the one thing I dont really like...the mini keys...thank god I center around a full size weighted 88 key controller becaus
Scotty Review from
July 9, 2016
You'll be so glad!
Another reviewer stated: A comparatively straight forward analogue synthesizer with attainable results even for those without background in sound synthesis. Absolutely true statement. I watched a few demos on YouTube provided by a gent named Marc Doty. Thanks to him and the ease of use of the Minilouge, I hit the ground running once I received it. Folks, I love this little guy because I am not what you'd call a techneroid. Within a few minutes I was doing Pink Floyd and Edgar Winter type sounds, which for me is astounding. I'm a guitarist of 45 years, not a pianist. Even so, I can't believe ho
davydakid Review from
April 22, 2018
I pre-ordered this bad boy as soon as I saw a picture of it. I waited 2 long months to receive it and when it finally came in, it didn't disappoint. The build quality is superb boasting a sleek aluminum body and smooth knobs that have the perfect amount of resistance. The VPM/wavetable oscillator sounds amazing, allowing for sound design that extends beyond the reach of a typical analog polysynth. I know some people complain that there's only one LFO and no aftertouch, which might be an inconvenience for some but for me I didn't find it to be a problem. The LF Compressor sounds really good too
Jason Review from
July 24, 2018
I started out with Korg back in 1990 with my first Keyboard, an M1. That was my introduction to the world on synthesizers, and missed out on a generation of the gear I grew up listening to. I now own a Kronos2 88 and a huge pile of software synths, but there was always something missing until I decided to buy an analog synth. I know they are not all the same, and had considered Moog, and Sequential, Dave Smith, Roland, etc. Something always brought me back to the Prologue, and now after some time with it, I don't think I could ever not have one. It takes the core idea of an analog synth, and t
Review from
October 23, 2019
An incredible analogue synth with excellent digital options
This is an astounding module for the price. The sound is rich, thick, and most importantly characterful, and it complements my Roland D-05 perfectly. The interface is easy to learn and I've been able to access parameters quickly on stage. The build quality is robust and very solid. The software developer kit allows downloading loads of excellent third-party oscillators and effects. The sound on the reverb stands up next to my Specular Tempus, which is really saying something. A synth for life this one.
Johnny G Review from
May 25, 2019
It may just be my opinion, but I think this is the greatest synth with 4 voices thats available. The sequencer, multiple oscillators, multi-drive engine and the effects section, give this synth an edge over others. I say this because the types of sound that are able to be created on this thing are by definition; unimaginable. These tools give the artist many directions to go and then many more directions to go from there. For instance I play keys to mix tracks, then use mixer effects because I use decks and a mixer on the sounds I create but someone that doesnt want to use decks can use the sa
CATinCOG StudioS Review from
January 28, 2020
I've been a Korg fan since the mid 90s and I must say they do not disappoint with this machine. This is an excellent synth. it excels in many areas. it can create some fat bass sounds, to smooth pads, to sharp stabbing leads. All the knobs on it make for some easy twiddling and massive tweaking of its two beefy VCOs, it's 2/4 pole VCF, EGs, and simple but nice little FX section. If you're looking to add a polyphonic synth to your rig, but don't have 2K+ to spend, I would highly recommend this small, but powerful beast. the only con is the tiny little screen.
Starscrm7 Review from
May 23, 2018
Future Classic
I bought this unit to replace a DSI Prophet 6 and im so glad i did. The sound is fantastic. Build quality is great. Keybed is from Korg's krono2 line and is very high quality. Im not sure what the other guy that reviewed this was smokin but mine it top of the line, built with exceptional quality. Korg hit a home run on this one. I will mention if you get a model b4 OS version 1.10 you defiantly want to upgrade the operating system. Its a big improvement. Manual does NOT come with it which sucks. I never get bored with the sonics on this one. I always can find something interesting to play. It
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