Unico - G380-8001 - Accessories: Dust Cover, For G380 Series (DROP SHIP ONLY)

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Accessories: Dust Cover, For G380 Series (DROP SHIP ONLY)
The G380 combines state of the art design and features with the latest optical coating technologies for crisp, clear imaging on a versatile and ergonomic platform. All models in the G380 series feature "High-Eyepoint" 10x widefield eyepieces. This unique design allows users wearing glasses to comfortably view through the scope without removing their glasses as they would have to with traditional eyepieces. Available with your choice of Monocular, Dual-View, Binocular or Trinocular heads, all of which rotate 360. Select from standard Achromat, Semi-Plan, or flat-field plan achromat objectives. All models have 30 head angles. Includes a port to allow insertion of a Phase Annulus for Phase microscopy.
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