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Zimmer Dermacarriers-Skin Graft Carriers-16in Length- For Use W Zimmer Skin Graft Mesher Only
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Manufacturer Zimmer
Code 00-7716-000-10
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Require Prescription? No
Score: 4.2 from 1 - 5
47 Review
daniela.h Review from
November 18, 2021
My newborn is super fussy always wants to be held. But as a mother and wife, there's always housework to be done. The traditional baby carriers are always to big for him since he was a preemie. I decided to give a baby wrap a try. I didn't want to spend an absurd amount of money on a piece of fabric since I didn't even know if I was going to like It or not so I went with the Acrobros baby wrap. And let me tell you, It's a game changer! This wrap is super comfortable and the fabric is lightweight and breathable. After a few tries, I got the hang of the wrap and it was super easy to put on and t
Ella Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
May 13, 2022
Not suitable for boys over 1 years old!
I bought it for the reason my first child can go out in a sling! It didn't work very well and I wanted to return it, but my friend said he could keep his second child, so I didn't return it and put it in the cupboard without using it again! Now my second child goes out and uses it! Because the newborn, is suitable, but sometimes still feel inconvenient, not "ergobaby" as simple to use it! And when I bought it, there was no color choice! Otherwise I wouldn't have bought black! Take out feel a lot of dust what is easy to stick up, not easy to beat off!
Expectingdad2021 Review from
July 4, 2021
Super easy to use
I am an expecting dad and am very excited to use this! I tried it on before my wife and it's so easy just goes in like a t-shirt and can be adjusted in so many ways! I have been getting overwhelmed with all baby products and different options but this one is so simple and easy! The material is very breathable and light, but strong enough to hold the baby and stretch as needed. I got the medium as that's the size unusually wear and it fits perfectly. The instructions are very clear and there are some very good tips.
Tm6 Review from
August 24, 2021
Love it
My little one is 6 almost 7 months. I was a little worried at first because all the pictures were of little babies. My babe is tall and has lots of rolls. I have other brands of Carriers and they hurt my shoulders. Not this one! I have used it 5 times now and it's perfect. Baby falls asleep everytime and it doesnt hurt me anywhere. Super comfortable. I would definitely recommend.
dallas.m Review from
April 4, 2022
Obsessed! When I had my first, I knew wearing him was going to be essential as I was working from home full time and still needed to keep up with other housework. I struggled with other wraps but when I found the Baby Ktan Wrap, it was a lifesaver. The overall design left me feeling confident that my baby was secure and wouldnt slip out and with the additional tie wrap, it just me feeling even more comfortable when wearing him. This is a must have for all moms that want to wear their babies but cant quite get the hang of other wraps!
late30sNyc Review from
July 31, 2021
was not comfortable with a 5lb baby. Also, try it on before washing!
-my baby is only 5lb and i'd read that I could use it but it honestly did not feel like it was supporting her head enough for me. I had it on for only 5 minutes and i was so nervous the whole time. -the size recommendations were for me to buy the Small but it was too tight. i'm 5'4" 149lb postpartum and the Small was too small even with a baby that is only 5lb -i'm not sure how someone could put this on by themselves with a small baby. i struggled with it a lot and needed help. I don't know. jury is out on this. I'm not sure if I need practice or if I just won't like it overall or just need a
1stTimeMomma Review from
March 9, 2020
Good idea, not a great product
I really wanted to like this purchase. I thought the idea was great; a carrier that was made from sturdy but stretchy fabric, that could just be slipped on with not hook or clips and hold baby. However, each and every time I try to use this product, it just feels so uncomfortable! The fabric pieces are so large in width (presumably to hold baby more securely) that when I wear the Ktan, they roll onto themselves. So instead on evenly distributing babys weight across my back and side, the fabric digs into my sides as the weight of my baby pulls down the fabric. I used the sizing guide and bought
Northeast Mama Bear Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
July 13, 2021
Just Ok (Use to be better)
I purchased 2 Baby K'tan carriers several years ago that I loved, but had a decent amount of wear from years of daily use and I wanted to replace. I purchased the exact same item, but it seems like the quality had gone down (no fault of Bed Bath and Beyond). The fabric isn't as nice or soft, and the sizing has big gaps. Large was too snug for comfort, but XL was huge and unsafe to use with a small baby (maybe I can use it when LO is bigger). I still have my older ones, so I'm not just relying on my memory. I'm not sure what happened.
Amanda Review from
November 26, 2021
Sizing is horrible, product is very disappointing!
I was so excited to get this carrier. Unfortunately, the sizing chart is useless. I bought one based on my measurements and not only does it not fit, it would never be able to hold my baby once it's on. I'd recommend finding another option. Even though I have a brand new item, I sadly threw away the packaging and won't be able to return this expensive item. Very disappointing!
Valpal Review from
November 1, 2021
Previously I used a different carrier brand. It felt bulky and uncomfortable doing anything. I bought this and its a game changer for me and was easy to figure out if the first try. My 7 week old wants to be held all of the time which is something I never experienced with my oldest. With this carrier I can keep him happy and its comfortable enough to clean the house and care for my toddler at the same time! I love it!
Review from
February 3, 2021
I took too long to buy this! I bought this when my son was a little under 3 months old as I needed something soft to carry him around the house in. SO PERFECT. We still use it now at 9 months when he needs extra cuddles. I wish I would've bought it when he was a newborn to get around the house easier. I also use this on walks when I don't feel like using my baby Bjorn. DEFINITELY recommend. I love that it is easy to put on and doesn't require all the wrapping other baby wraps do. Another extra is that it has multi way use. And can be used as a nursing cover!
Mom4Life Review from
September 1, 2020
Life Saver
Out of all the things we bought for the preparation of our daughter's arrival. A boppy and this carrier has been life savers. Our little one doesn't like to just sit and chill when awake. She prefers to be held throughout the day. This prevented me from being able to do things around the house. We initially bought another carrier, but my daughter wasn't within the recommended weight range. We then bought this carrier, which my daughter loves. She gets to be carried all day, and it frees my hands to get chores done around the house. This has also been are go to, when she isn't able to go to sle
Review from
December 18, 2020
I absolutely love this carrier for the newborn stage. With my first, we lived in a very walkable area. I was wearing my newborn to his first pediatrician appointment in this (walking distancing and the parking situation was terrible). Wearing him would put him to sleep soooo quickly too. And its very simple and easy to use. Easy to clean. Very comfortable and natural feeling like the baby is meant to be worn. Only con is that it's not comfortable after baby is 15-18 lbs even if it is rated for up to 30 lbs. You're not gonna use this until 30 lbs.
jbbunch Review from
October 1, 2021
Just what I needed
I have a Moby that I really like and is comfortable but just wasnt very efficient when going to town to grocery shop, etc. The ktan makes it so much easier when I am out and about! Just put it on, put baby in, and go. Since you cant adjust the ktan then I will say that it isnt quite as comfortable since I cant make it tight to where baby is nice and snug against me but it is very close to the same comfortability. I wouldn't recommend it to wear all day but it is definitely worth getting amd keeping in the car for whenever I need it. A must have for a mom of 2 or more!
britnygesario Review from
March 12, 2021
A must have!
This carrier seems overwhelming to use at a glance, but is so easy to navigate! It comes with clear instructions on how to do each type of wrap and when you can use that style with your baby. Its very light weight and breathable yet keeps baby so warm. I am able to get him in and out with little to no fussing. My little man loves going in his Baby KTan. He falls asleep instantly each time and will stay asleep for 2-3 hour stretches! This allows me to get errands done around the house while he naps and wants to cuddle. This product has been a godsend!
louise.s Review from
September 6, 2020
This is my absolute favorite wrap carrier! I wish I had this from the ery beginning when my baby was born. It is SO easy to use and super quick to get on and out baby in and out. There's no tying involved! Baby felt nice and secure against me and loved being in it. Even now that by baby is a toddler now, I still use it sometimes! I recommend it to all new moms as it's just so convenient! It's especially perfect for traveling! It folds nice and small into my bag and perfect to use in the airport
123baybeme Review from
September 13, 2017
Just ok
I was super excited about my K tan when my daughter arrived but it just didn't work out. I thought natural material soft would be best from standard baby carriers and boy was I wrong. The fabric is cute but it's their only cute print. And not as soft as I had hoped. They run kinda small so keep that in mind when buying. Also you will only be able to maybe use it for about one month max. There is not enough support and the fabirc in between the babies legs bunches up and out and cuts off circulation and pulls their poor little legs out in a not good for hip way. Not enough support for proper sp
AKAADA Review from
February 15, 2022
Convenient, size runs bigger
As a mother of two under two, it was a high priority for me to be able to quickly put a baby carrier on; without having to spend 10 minutes gift wrapping myself. Whats nice about the KTAN is how the carrier is already wearable instantly. The only downside is the getting the sizing right. The sizing tends to run a little bigger than as advertised
Sweng Review from
September 6, 2021
Easy and comfortable
I have one and bought this for my husband. He loves it! It's very easy to use and baby loves it too. The only down side would be that it doesn't give that much support when your kiddo is heavy! Oh and the fact that it's not one size fits all. I do like it better than the one long wrap though.
Dana Review from
September 28, 2021
Runs small
I followed the baby ktan recommendations for sizing on their website and I cant use the carrier at all, its too small. I cant fit my baby in it. Im the instructions it tells you how to fit it if its a little loose, but theres no solution if its too tight. So 1 star for this product because its basically useless to me now. I will try to contact the company about exchanging for the next size up.
spacey25 Review from
September 19, 2019
Better than wraps
As a first time mom I didn't want to and didn't have time to try and learn how to use a wrap. Initially I purchased a more structured carrier, but my baby was very clingy after birth, so I needed something softer to use at home. We bought K'tan, and one of the reasons I gave it 4 stars is because I was disappointed as soon as I opened the box - although the details here state it can be used from birth, the actual weight limits are 8-35 lbs per the manual, and my baby weighed less than 8 lbs. For this reason we couldn't use it, and it was sitting around for a while (my baby became less clingy a
tori.w Review from
August 31, 2021
My first born didnt love it. I think it was a combination of my anxiety and inability to get it comfortable. My second born lived in the ktan and I absolutely loved wearing him. I watched a bunch of youtube videos and was far more confident and I think that helped. It was so easy to put on and comfortable to wear. I am so excited to wear another baby in my ktan next spring.
CR Review from
June 6, 2018
good but not great
pros: soft, stretchy material; easy to use and launder, baby loves it cons: not adjustable, sizing recommendations aren't accurate, need to purchase moe than once size to accommodate baby from newborn-35 lbs. Per the sizing guidelines I would be a size XS but it was too big for my 6 week old (70% percentile height, 10% weight); he was sagging down to below my hips. I got a size XXS and it fit just like the model, however, I don't think he'll be able to fit into it when he's much bigger, so I think it's misleading to say it can fit a child up to 35 lbs. I think most would have to purchase two s
Spazkatt Review from
May 26, 2019
Couldn't figure it out
The baby K'tan was highly recommended by a friend, so I was excited to receive it. I liked the material and that it packed into itself for storage. Unfortunately my likes end there. I didn't like that you have to buy it based on your size. I am 5'2" and 160lbs and my husband is 6'2" and 240lbs this meant we would need a different carrier for each of us. I was never able to figure out how to properly wear the carrier and go hands free. I read the instructions several times and watched many videos on how to wear the carrier. I always felt that my son was slipping out, or in a dangerous position.
lucille82 Review from
June 23, 2016
Not as easy to use as I hoped it would be...
I bought the Baby K'tan after looking at the more traditional wraps because the price was right (or a little better at least), and it seemed like it might be a little easier to use for a new mom like me who has zero experience with anything baby-related. For the most part, I really like my Baby K' baby falls asleep a couple minutes after she's in, and she seems fairly comfortable in the kangaroo position, which is the only one I've tried so far. However, figuring out how to use this thing has not been as easy as I had hoped. Part of me actually thinks a more traditional wrap that you c
Hannah Review from
April 12, 2022
It took a minute to figure out how to do all the wraps, even with the step by step picture instructions. One drawback is it can be a little tight and uncomfortable for the baby. Instructions do say it stretches over time with constant use. Another drawback is that the pouch constantly slips down, no matter how tight I tie it.
Nadiay Review from
March 30, 2019
I purchased this when my baby was 3 months old. I wish I started getting her used to it earlier because initially she was very fussy. After she got used to it I can now say this has become an integral part of our daily routine (she is 5 months on Tuesday). I can honestly say I could not imagine life without it! Love that there are so many positions and they are all super easy. The guide has pictures and details on how to use but is a quick reference guide so you can read it over with baby in tow! This product makes naps a breeze!!! Thank you!!! However I was advised to get the XS based on size
holly.a Review from
December 27, 2021
My favorite baby wrap ever!!! I swear my middle child lived in this thing. It's breathable, a number of different ways you can wear it, and you can get it on FAST. that was important for me when I had a 4 year old, an infant and I was pregnant unlike the moby. it's easy to slide them out into a crib without waking them up too!
Kath365 Review from
November 27, 2016
Ease of use, once you get the hang of it.
I did quite a bit of research before settling to register for this. My friend had recommended Nesting Days which looked snazzy, but it's something that you have to buy direct from the manufacturer and I needed to keep my registries simple and a friend of mine bought this for me off my registry because we love BB&B 20% coupons. The Baby K'tan website is very helpful in determining your size. While I wear a pre-pregnancy size S (4), they recommend a size XS. Yep, it's going to feel tight, even when you try it with a teddy bear, but it should be--you don't want baby to fall out. There is a bit of
Kimmerz22 Review from
July 27, 2017
It meets my needs, but it's not for everyone.
Just received my original baby k'tan in the mail today and so far I love it. I also have a moby wrap and a lillebaby. I loved the moby for around the house with my daughter when she was born but hated the time it took to tie and untie it. I love my lille baby, but feel like it is too bulky for around the house. Anyway, my daughter is now 3, therefore leaving even less time to wrap the moby for my son which is why I invested in the k'tan which gives me the wrap type carrier of the moby without the hassle of actually wrapping it. I got an XS based off the size chart and it seems to fit perfect s
Erinds33 Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
May 13, 2016
Perfect for new moms.
There are many carriers on the market. I normally researched everything I buy and read tons of reviews. This was bought spur of the moment the day we found out our baby would be released from the NICU. I wanted a carrier suitable for a newborn and didn't like the ones that had a ton of extra fabric hanging from it (I'm 5'1"). I was going to buy the medium because I am in no way small. 150lb pre pregnancy with a moderate chest. On the box it says to size down if below a certain height and my husband thought the small fit me better. So reluctantly, I bought the small and figured I could exchange
mom reviewer Review from
February 7, 2019
I have my hands again!
I'm wearing this with my sleeping 1 month old while I write this review. They wouldn't sleep without fussing unless they were on my chest so this has really helped to free my hands up since I started wearing it a couple days ago! It's fairly comfortable and lightweight to wear around the house (and actually kind of flattering looking), though just like all that added weight in the front makes you uncomfortable while pregnant, the same can happen here. It does feel too small when you first put it on (as the instruction manual says it will) but so far this does seem to be the right size for me -
latoya.w Review from
February 14, 2022
Had this for my first child. I liked it a lot. I had gotten the medium but I should have gotten the small instead. Im slim in size with an almost 8lb baby and the medium was a bit big for me. The babys weight weighed down on my shoulders. Talk about pain. Easy to put on and easy to get baby in. Very comfortable.
KX171820 Review from
November 15, 2020
I was hopeful this carrier would be amazing. I wanted something easy to put on and hold baby close. This is definitely easy to put on and put baby in. The only problem is the sizing is way off. I had returned it three different times trying to find the size that works for me. Everything was to tight and uncomfortable. I felt like baby was squished and it wasnt comfortable while I was nursing. Good quality, just hard to find good sizing.
rmullen13 Review from
December 2, 2015
Exactly what I was looking for
I was a little over whelmed with which type of wrap to get. I was recommended this wrap by a friend who nannies 3 kids, she was able to comfortably carry the little baby while watching the other 2 older kids. I love it for my son, he is a newborn and loves being carried in it while we go on walks. I got one for myself and daddy, we both really like it. For correct sizing go on to the baby K'tan website. I ordered a small for myself and a large for daddy. At first I was nervous that the small was too small but after putting baby in it, I realized the small is the perfect size for me. In clothes
csylva28 Review from
April 9, 2016
Love this product!
I started out with the ergo carrier with infant insert. I attempted to use it both myself and with the help of my husband and failed miserably. I honestly have no idea how people use the ergo carrier with insert by themselves because I found it impossible. Wanting to do some things around the house (like eat lunch), I looked around for other carriers and ordered the k'tan. I LOVE the k'tan. It is so much easier to use. It's like a wrap but you don't have to do the wrapping. I use it all the time around the house and I even used it at a restaurant. My baby loves to be carried around in the k'ta
Crimsontales Review from
December 12, 2017
Its ok overall
The sizes run small and there may be some shrinkage when washed the first time. Over all the concept is good, but this product really didn't work like I had hoped for our infant son. He is a longer baby and so when we put him in the way you should for infants (the cross body swaddle like position), his head was to his chest and I was concerned about his breathing. No amount of re configuring would work. Went to their US Site and it was broken links, images, and just a mess. Had to go to the UK site to get directions on how to get our son in the sling. Overall it still didn't work. Now that our
Mom of 2 Review from
January 10, 2018
Love It!
I love my ktan carrier!! My newborn is a sweet little snuggler and carrying her around all day was not easy while trying to keep up with a 4 year old and house work, so a friend suggested the ktan. i started some research comparing the ktan and a moby wrap, let me just say both seem like amazing products but in the end i felt the ktan would suit my needs the best. I am only 5'2 and 120 lbs and felt the moby wrap would be too much material since they are one size fits all, the ktan comes in sizes(i am using the size small). I love it fits in a convenient pouch which is also the bottom piece to
Callie Review from
February 12, 2017
Infinitely better than the boba!
I decided to purchase this item for my 7 week old after trying to use the boba and having difficulty for two months. The ktan is SO much better than the boba! Not only is it quicker and easier to put on and get my baby into, he is also much more comfortable and I believe much safer in the ktan. With the boba it was very difficult to get right how tight to tie it to avoid him slipping down or avoid it being too tight and uncomfortable for us both. I was able to get my baby into the ktan without waking him up, he and I were far more comfortable (he stayed asleep the entire time), his breathing w
Mama bear Review from
January 21, 2017
Best baby carrier ever!
After trying many other wraps, structured carriers, etc., I found myself just wishing there was something that would cradle my baby in front of me as though I were carrying her with my hands, like a wrap carrier but without all the work. This carrier is essentially that. I didn't like having to figure out how much fabric I'd need in each section for a traditional wrap, but I wanted the softness of a wrap vs a structured carrier. This does the same thing without all the effort. I did size down after reading reviews, it tends to stretch and sink a little as you wear it with the weight of the bab
amy.e Review from
November 17, 2021
Love love this carrier! So easy to put on and baby loves it! I never worry if its too lose or I did t tie it tight enough cause its just two bands fit based on your size! My second doesnt like to be put down, so this comes in handy while Im getting food for my toddler or playing with her! Would recommend to anyone have if a baby!
JacyT Review from
December 27, 2018
Falls asleep instantly
I bought this after thinking I wouldn't need/want it when my son was around a month old. I NEEDED it. My sweet boy just wants his mama to hold him sometimes (a lot) and needing to get things done around the house, this is a lifesaver. I grocery shop with him in this as well and he just sleeps. So nice!! If he has a crying spell and I cant figure out what else to do to get him calm after the basic (changing diaper, make sure not too hot/cold, try to put down for a nap, etc.) I put him in this wrap, and he is calm within minutes!! This thing is like magic. I haven't used any other fabric type ca
amy.h Review from
April 8, 2021
I love this wrap. I never leave the house without it, it is especially handy when out and about with my baby toddler so that I can have both hands and my baby loves to be in it. I especially like it right now during Covid so that baby can be close to me when we are at the store. The only thing that I do not like about the KTan is that it is specific to size so since I have an extra small, my husband cannot use it and we have to have a separate carrier for him. Overall though I love this wrap and it is super easy to get on and off.
New Parents Review from
September 3, 2017
Simple to use and effective
We purchased this baby carrier because we wanted something that would free up our hands so that we could still do household chores and work, while keeping Baby feeling like he was at the epicenter of it all. This product does exactly that! Not only is it allowing us to give Baby many hours of what equates to "tummy time" to keep his head from becoming flat, but it keeps him cradled safely by New Nervous Parents so that he is constantly monitored. The product is incredibly simple to use for harebrained Parents that can barely manage to wrap a scarf or tie a tie; both parents can securely wrap B
Bailey Review from
July 28, 2017
My new favorite baby product!
One of my friends recommended this to me after seeing me struggle use another baby carrier. I was a little skeptical and hesitant to buy it after seeing the price. At the time this denim color one was $20 cheaper than all other colors. So I bought one and tried it with my daughter and she loved it! At first I only used it when we were out and about. Now I use it at our house to get chores done and still provide some security and snuggles to my baby. It puts her right to sleep every time. I've gotten so many compliments on my sling. I wish I had bought the more expensive version made with light
kristen.w Review from
October 3, 2020
This is the best baby carrier. You get to feel like youre wrapping your baby without the headache of actually having to learn how to wrap. Its super easy to learn the different holds with this. Its also great for storing in your baby bag as it folds up super small and turns into a carrier for yourself. None of this white backpack like straps and hard backs to try to store and carry around. This is an A+ product.
Newbie Review from
November 13, 2018
Excellent for on the go and in the heat!
I originally received the Ktan Breeze from my registry. I loved it so much that I came back with a coupon to buy the Active (which I did morning know existed until after using the breeze). I am in LOVE with the Active. The cotton on the Breeze stretches too much for me and baby doesnt fit as well after a few wears. This is my babys favorite place to nap. I like this carrier for when hes less than 12lb especially because hes close. Its also nice and lightweight to travel in the diaper bag or purse. I can also wear it around my hips when hes not in it and its not bulky. THIS fabric is perfect fo