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Swimming With An Ostomy


-Swimming with an ostomy is a great cardiovascular activity that is gentle on your joints and back. Swim as long as you feel comfortable and follow your ostomy professional's recommendations.

-Do not be afraid about your ostomy bag coming loose or leaking. There are numerous ostomy bags capable of withstanding the twisting and friction involved in swimming. Try Cymed's microskin for instance. If it makes you feel more at ease you may try wearing a mini-pouch or an ostomy or hernia belt. Make sure the latter it's not a cloth one as it will stretch.

-Bring an extra ostomy bag to change once finished.

-Time your meals so that your swim can evolve with the least discharge possible. Do not eat gas producing foods and drink plenty of water.

-Replace the skin barrier a few hours or ideally the night before your swim. You might want to use a hair dryer in low on the adhesive. Be sure your skin is clean and dry.

-Go for wafers with waterproof tape. Otherwise, place a tape around the wafer ("picture frame") with pink tape or a tape sprayed with a "skin barrier prep spray". Note that you may actually go into the water without any of this. Wafers are meant to stay affixed and seal the stoma. Everybody's anatomy and skin is different so you might have to try a few options before finding the right one for you.

-Stay away from ostomy bags with filters as water might get in and dirty your clothes.


-You do not need to dispose of the ostomy bag after use. Just clean it and re-use it.


-Do not overexpose your stoma to the sun.


-Have fun!! 1 (305) 600-4421
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