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Coloplast - 67589 - Hex On Odor Spray, 2 fl Oz

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Hex-On is an odor antagonist. Controls airborne odors. Non-aerosol spray, light, mild scent.
More Information
Manufacturer Coloplast
Brand Coloplast
Categories Air Freshener, Other Living Aids, Ostomy Various, Room Deodorizers
Code 67589
Sold By Each
Product Size 2 fl Oz
Require Prescription? No
Store Online Living Aids|Stomabags
Score: 4.8 from 1 - 5
47 Review
Anita Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
July 20, 2021
It works. Period.
We've all spent far too much time at home these past 16 months, and odors can definitely build up. I discovered this product a few years ago, but these past 16 months I've ordered it - let's say more than once. It really does work. On furniture, overdue l
Xayide2 Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
November 14, 2018
Really does get rid of horrible odors!
I bought the 16oz spray bottle last year to get rid of the smell of a kitchen drain back up under the house. Every time the furnace kicked in it would distribute the musty rotting food smell through the house. Eeww! It was nearly full on skunk smell by th
Bruce Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
February 9, 2021
Defective spray bottle
The ZERO Odor product itself continues to be very effective at eliminating unpleasant odors; BUT. the spray feature seems defective because it emits a very heavy spray rather than the usual fine mist. It leaves a residue on walls and other surfaces in the
merle Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
February 3, 2021
odor free
This stuff is amazing. It was recommended by our Cat Behaviorist (don't ask) I have used several other products that have their own perfume.(doesn't go well with cat urine). This liquid works on a molecular level and totally eliminates odor. leaving no od
poohb Review from
April 3, 2021
Absolutely works on the toughest odors!!!
I have this in my car and one day I discovered that the night before when I brought in my groceries, I had overlooked a bag of boiled shrimp!!! It had thawed and leaked in the back of my car!!!! I cleaned up the mess and came back to the car and sprayed Z
JKCR Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
November 24, 2021
It works!
Sometimes my pets have an accident on the rug or wood flooring. Zero Odor works for me! After cleaning up the accident, you have to saturate the area. You may have to repeat a few times especially if the wood floor or carpet has been absorbing the “accide
Marsha Review from
June 7, 2021
Keep everything fresh!
Zero Odor is quite remarkable! Even just for a musty smelling room it's great. No smell to the spray - it just gets rid of other odors in the room. You can also spray it on your clothes, in your car (especially if you have people who smoke), anywhere you
ZeroOdorBigFan Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
April 2, 2018
Highly recommended
I spent about one hour searching for this product in the store, because the displays had been recently moved and I couldn't find it. I discovered this at Bed Bath and Beyond, love it, then bought an 8-pack from Amazon once. I've since purchased the small
ARockClimber Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
June 12, 2017
Nothing else comes even close!
I am a consumer insisting that products perform as promised on the label, commercial or advertisement. Finally, I have found a product that very quickly and effectively delivers the results promised. Zero Odor is practically odorless when sprayed and work
Chris Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
November 7, 2020
I keep this stuff on hand. I just sold my house and yes the home was clean and in great condition. However the home 90yr old and the linger sent of old house would come and go with the changing seasons. I tried everything to make the home smell like nothi
happycatlady Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
December 27, 2016
It Works!
I have been using Zero Odor for a number of years now, after another cat rescuer recommended it and Cat Fancy Magazine gave it a glowing review. I have in turn recommended it to friends with cats and even one with an incontinent senior parent in the house
Patricia Review from
April 12, 2020
Changed my life!!!!!
I have four cats and one incontinent one. This product truly works. I started using 15 years ago. Saw it advertised on tv. Ordered it and was surprised at how well it gets rid of that horrible cat pee oder. I spray in the cat box and it is safe. It doesn'
Laurie Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
May 4, 2021
Trouble with the trigger sprayer
If this happened with only one bottle, I wouldn't mention it. But I've had this happen with at least 2 bottles. The product inside the bottle works well for eliminating (bathroom) odors. Too bad the trigger sprayer isn't more reliable.
Jlady711 Review from
September 27, 2018
Wonderful product and bottle lasts a long time
My house smells of cigarette smoke. I try to sty in the front room so the smell will not travel to other rooms but it does. My daughter hates visiting because of the cigarettes and I can smell it too. I bought Zero Odor and have used it several times thro
arlettemc Review from
February 18, 2020
Great. Where any odor exists!!!!!
It is great for bathrooms, kitchens, cat boxes, any room that has odors. It also works well in cars & wherever cigarette smoke exists. I tell all my friends & veterinarians. The only problem is it is so hard to find it. I use to order a case at a time. Yo
DJH4 Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
January 7, 2019
Smell proof.
Have been buying this for many years. Great product. Good example: my husband had put this cream called Blu on his foot and the cream smells a strong odor like the old Ben gay ointment. Anyway put it on with socks and shoe insert and his tennis shoes. Nee
carrie11 Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
February 6, 2020
Used directly on fabrics, bedding and clothes!
Our dear dog recently got skunked and the horrible odor got everywhere in the house. I bought a bottle of Zero Odor and sprayed it everywhere including in the air, on the carpeting, rugs, backpacks and furniture and more. Within days, the smell in the hou
ASoucy24 Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
August 27, 2016
It conquered sour milk in my car!!
About 8 ounces of milk leaked into my car trunk. I used a towel to blot it up and I tried to wash the carpet with soapy water. The next time I used the car, even though all was dry, the odor of sour milk was nauseating. I sprayed Zero Odor in the trunk, a
julie.l Review from
January 28, 2020
I love this spray. It’s like Febreze, but there’s no scent and I think it might work slightly better at eliminating yucky odors. I used one bottle up and need to reorder. I use it on dog bedding, musty clothing, pillows that smell of the closet they’ve be
LoveisJoy Review from
March 1, 2012
The Only Thing You'll Smell is - Nothing!
Env: development I **LOVE** this product. In the past year, I've been working hard to replace my chemical-laden, highly fragranced products with items that are non-toxic and sinus-friendly. My new favorite odor eliminator spray -** Zero Odor**- is both n
greensedona Review from
January 28, 2017
Absolute best product for odor removal
Secondhand things -- even brand new items -- have a smell that multiple washings can sometimes not remove. As a committed recycler, I have tried just about everything to try and remove smells from fabrics. Zero Odor is the only product I've found that com
Cyncyn Review from
March 15, 2017
This is BY FAR the best odor eliminator I have ever used. Years ago I saw a commercial for this on TV and tried it. At that time could only get it via their website. Eliminates pet urine odor COMPLETELY...I sop it up if still wet and spray to cover, and w
Diane T Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
August 18, 2020
Really Works!
I know keeping a bunch of kittens is a stinky business but my little girl cat got out and had herself a GOOD time, then POW, we had a litter of 6 little ones to deal with. Enter ZeroOdor, which helps keep the stink to a minimum. (And yes, I do clear the c
Joyce Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
June 17, 2020
Removes odors!
My cats sometimes throws up or urinates where he shouldn’t. This product is great! You may have to apply a few times if the odor still lingers. Just follow the directions. I also use it in my garbage can and on clothes that may have an odor from storage.
MarySkl Review from
June 26, 2013
Best odor eliminator I have found so far.
Env: development I have a dog and three cats. All of them stay indoors for most of the day. My dog had a spot on my living room hardwood floor that was the main area of his accidents. I mopped, scrubbed, put vinegar on the spot, etc. Nothing would take t
sue Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
July 16, 2020
Great product
Removes odirscwithout adding any scent. Works great. Just wish you carried the large refill size in the store rather than ordering it on line; though these days it’s better to have it delivered than go to the store. Hopefully things will get back to “norm
nancyp53 Review from
January 3, 2019
Clears Odor Without Perfume
I have seven cats, and I needed something that eliminated odor in their litter boxes without smelling like strong perfume, and this product is exactly what I was looking for. It also is good when my elderly dog has an accident on the carpet. I've used thi
el71 Review from
September 27, 2010
Zero Odors, That's All
I live in a household with a cat and a smoker, and I've got a nose that can pick up the scent of a kitty fart at a 1000 paces, so you know I need a good odor eliminator. I've tried Lysol, Oust and Febreze, and they all leave a chemical scent in their wake
Day Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
September 2, 2020
I must say I was skeptical of having this product eliminate odors, but WOW, it does!!! My garbage can sat too long with chicken bones in it and got pretty stinky. I sprayed Zero Odor and within seconds the odor was gone! I will definitely order this again
Organizedaddict Review from
The Container Store
January 16, 2014
Best Product for ODOR removal
This product is amazing. It doesn't just mask odors with a fragrance. Usually with those types of products, once the fragrance smell fades, you are still left with the odor. The difference with this product is that you spray it on the item, and within 1 h
elainesy Review from
March 1, 2012
There really is zero odor after you use Zero Odor!
Env: development I had a real problem! I had my daughter's new couch in my home and one of my precious pets had an accident on it. After I had removed the accident, the odor remained! Every time anyone would sit on the couch, the odor was horrible! I saw
Sally Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
January 3, 2020
It works!
It works!!! Bought a house that smelled like smoke - scrubbing, deodorizers and carpet fresheners didn't eliminate the odor. Friend told me about Zero Odor. As soon as order arrived I sprayed soft surfaces throughout the house and smoke smell is gone.
Brandy Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
May 7, 2019
New favorite odor eliminator
This may be a new addiction. The product smells crisp and clean, however it’s not heavy and does t linger. We have pets (100 lb pup who loves playing outside) and Zero really helps keep his bedding and rugs from pup stank. I’ll be buying the laundry addit
Giddyup Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
June 22, 2015
Zero Odor 64 oz. Refill
First off, "Zero Odor" is amazing. I don't know how it's able to make odors instantly disappear and leave behind no other cover up scent, but, it really does. No lavender, lemon, vanilla, etc. left behind. NOTHING, that's what you're going to experience.
ann237 Review from
March 1, 2012
Zero Odor does what it says, I have zero Odor
A few years ago a friend of mine ordered Zero Odor, she told me she got it after seeing whoopie Goldburg giving it rave reviews. She was a heavy smoker and you could tell the moment you walked in the door of her home. Well i went to visit a few weeks late
Dee14 Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
December 30, 2014
Absolutely the best product to remove urine odor
I have a cat who sprays to mark his territory, and there is nothing worse than the odor of cat urine. It is also nearly impossible to get the smell out! I have tried nearly every product imaginable, and this product, Zero Odor, is absolutely the best in m
ALICIA C Review from
September 27, 2017
Zero Odor comes highly recommended
My niece introduced me to this product, and I am so grateful that she did! I have allergies to many fragrances, so the scented air fresheners cause distress for me; besides, why mask one odor with a strong perfume when your can actually eliminate it? I in
hpeee Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
April 17, 2020
Effective odor eliminator
So far this product has been very effective at eliminating the odors I have tried it on, and generally freshening up other things around the house. It is not a very fine spray, and does tend to leave the surface/object a bit wet, so plan on using at a tim
Marcie Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
June 9, 2020
You can’t smell I have 4 foster dogs
I foster rescued shelter dogs. At any given time I have 1-4 fosters plus my own dog & 5 house rabbits. This spray is a blessing when it comes to the smell of dogs. I can clean & cover furniture but this ensures that dog smell isn’t present.
Grandma Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
May 7, 2018
Zero Odor
This stuff really works! No cover up perfumes, just odor gone. I'm so amazed at this product. I purchased a used sleep number bed and the owner was a smoker, I on the other hand have never smoked. Zero Odor deleted all smell from it. It took two doses but
RetiredbutShopping Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
February 3, 2018
Very Effective Product to Reduce Bathroom Odors
I use this refill to fill Zero Odor spray bottles previously purchased and it is cost effective. The product kills off bathroom and kitchen odors quickly and without just covering up the bad smell with a perfumed spell. It has a light bleach smell when sp
Frankie Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
May 21, 2014
Zero Odor
This really works!! We adopted a older dog which, it seems, was not house trained. I can tell you it took a long time to break her from going in the house. Thanks to this product our home does not smell anymore!! I use it to also clean and freshness the a
starchild64 Review from
May 5, 2020
Great product.
This stuff works great for removing pet urine an other odors. I just wish it didn't cost so much. Still worth buying though. I've tried several other products and this works the best.
GorillaDude Review from
April 24, 2018
Best de-Odor-ant ever
Due to gastrointestinal issues, I pass gas a lot and it really turns off my wife, but to me being a man it doesn't phase me as much. For her she needed something to take the stinch out of the room, so she's been trying several odor sprays over the years a
Roisterousgrif Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
June 26, 2018
I have a Colostomy. I may need to change in a classroom, on an airplane, in car. 2 spurts and change. 2 spurts when done. Unless you are looking, it does not cause a scene. Perfect product. Construction of the spray element is defective as it may not spra
StempleBunny Review from
March 1, 2012
Zero Odor eliminates most, but not all odors.
Env: development I purchased Zero Odor specifically to use in my cat's litter pan. Unfortunately, my cat's litter pan odor even beats Zero Odor. This product is pricey and not available to me locally. I had to order online and the shipping fees were outr
no nickname Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
April 28, 2020
Wouldn't be without it!
Have been using Zero Odor for years and it never disappoints me. It has always done what it says it will do, and while I originally bought it for cat litter odor, I now use it for every unpleasant odor that comes around. Can't live without it.