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Covidien Gia Auto Suture Stapler: Green Stapler With Dst Series Technology 80mm - 4.8mm
More Information
Manufacturer Covidien
Code GIA8048S
Sold By Each
Product Color Green
Product Size 80.0mm - 4.8mm
Require Prescription? No
Score: 4.1 from 1 - 5
49 Review
Sarah E Review from
June 3, 2022
Nice but not very well built?
I bought this stapler a month ago because it was small & was the easiest (least amount of pressure needed) to staple things. I have had Carpal Tunnel surgery and my hands aren't as strong as they used to be, so it works great for the stapling. HOWEVER, the very first day I had it, it fell maybe a foot from my desk shelf onto my desk & the neon green back piece where it hinges popped off and is unable to be put back on. Chintzy plastic design, but otherwise does the job.
Jackson Review from
May 23, 2022
Easy to use with very little effort!
I was surprised how little effort is required with this Swingline Smart Touch Compact Stapler! Very little effort is required to complete stapling my projects. As I am aging, I continue to look for hand sparing "tools" that will take the strain of over use off my hands. This definitely will help the cause!
Review from
February 21, 2018
A beast of a small stapler
So this tax season was a bit of a doozy and I since have started keeping records. Not having a ton of space for office stuff, I needed a stapler that could fit in my night stand without taking a ton of space and still be used easily. I came home with this tiny innocent looking stapler, not knowing of the monster inside, ready to pierce and stack of paper I throw at it. This bad boy can staple up to twenty pages! It also fits in your hand like a glove, using it's clam shell-like design to have you apply minimum effort in stapling even the thickest stack of paper. The beast even uses rubber on i
amc805 Review from
October 14, 2020
Jams Often
I've had this stapler for a few months, and I do not recommend it. It shows difficulty at 15-20 pages, jams often and without the standard design where you open the top up to clear a jam or add staples there's a button at the back thats supposed to release the staple tray but it gets jammed as well. I've had to sit at my desk with a metal nail file trying to pry the stapler in order for the tray to release. Another thing I've noticed is when using it flat on a table, sometimes the staples won't move forward and it seems like it's out of staples when it's not... It's nice looking, and for minim
Celeste Review from
October 18, 2021
I purchased this stapler because I have issues with my hand and wrist. I needed something that it easy to use with my issues. This works great! I do not have to press hard. This stapler works so smooth. I do not have to work so hard to staple anything anymore.
SarahC Review from
April 19, 2022
Love it!
I bought this due to having arthritis in my hands. Staplers have been a struggle for me until NOW! I am beyond excited/impressed with the ease of use with this stapler. Extremely easy to use with one hand and even one finger as stated on the packing.
Ejneller Review from
June 26, 2022
Great product!
I needed a new small stapler for my home office and this stapler works every time with no staple jams and its super silent every tine you staple something! You can barely hear it staple! A definite must but again if I ever need to replace it, which I dont anticipate ever having to do!
Janet73 Review from
October 30, 2019
I bought my Swingline SmartTouch Compact Stapler about 3 months ago, then went back to Office Depot to purchase another one for my sister. It is lightweight to hold and powerful at the same time. It can amazingly staple up to 20 pages with ease and no pressure to your hand. This is great for someone like myself who has arthritis. And, I have never had it jam! I wish it could hold more staples at a time, but I will gladly refill it more often and have this stapler which is so reliable! I highly recommend it!!!
Mrsallen1022 Review from
September 21, 2021
Great Product
I absolutely love this little compact stapler. It is so powerful to be so small. I find things to use it on just because I like it so much. Invest in this. Its great!!
Review from
April 19, 2022
Easy peasy
I love the ease of using this stapler. Very little pressure is needed to squeeze and staple. It doesn't hold a lot of staples though. I also like it's compact size.
DanBinAZ Review from
October 6, 2020
Great stapler!
Bought this stapler hoping it would perform well and be comfortable in hand, and it did not disappoint. Swingline is the Lexus of stapler products, and the brand I compare all others to. Comfortable, nice color choices, and well made. Looking forward to many years of service from this product, and I'll buy more of these if anyone else here at the office needs a great stapler.
pearl300zx Review from
August 26, 2020
Best Standard Stapler
This is the great stapler for standard stapling. Very easy to use / load new rows of staples. I have smaller version from Swingline, but no longer available; fine because this one even better. Another great stapler from Swingline. You should be happy, I am.
Belle Review from
April 13, 2022
Awesome and Easy
Anyone with arthritis or anyone who has hand gripping/strength issues should have one of these staplers (if they use staplers). This is light and the softest and easiest stapling I have ever done. I love it!
Traumabuny Review from
November 12, 2021
Swing line stapler
I bought the swing line stapler because I needed one fast. I have other swing line products. I worked for what I needed. It's good for a few pages but not alot. Overall it is a good product.
Rayo72 Review from
May 1, 2022
Good Looking and Easy to Use
Nice looking on the desk and staples everything I need with ease. Literally, 1 finger is all the force you need to staple 15 pages. I got the grey and blue which I really like. The price was right.
GourmetPens Review from
January 13, 2012
Good quality and easy to use but must...
The Swingline SmartTouch Stapler is a sleek, ergonomic stapler designed to reduce the effort necessary to staple up to 25 pages together. It is black metal with grey soft touch accents. The shape lends itself to being very comfortable to hold and there is a little indent on the bottom for your thumb to rest and remain securely in place while stapling. While you could survive without this feature, it is surprisingly enjoyable if you?re stapling a lot of pages!While it is easy to hold in one hand, it has a longer design than the classic stapler. With this, it also has a good weight to it. While
Tluciffid Review from
Office Depot
February 11, 2019
Overall a very good stapler
I've been using this stapler for well over a year now and I have to say this is one of the nicest ones I've come across. I just wish they made a desktop version of it with a wider base so it doesn't top over. I use this at work and go through 1-2 strips (200-400 staples) per shift, so it gets some abuse and while this one just broke on me (the spring to push the mechanism down), it has held up longer than any other stapler I've used and it is a lot quieter / less strain on my fingers to use. Yes, it does jam occasionally, once every 1500 to 2000 staples, but simply prying the silver part down
TNMom Review from
Office Depot
November 23, 2017
Great Stapler
I bought this stapler because the ones at work kept disappearing. This one sits on my desk and, since I was able to use a sharpie to put my name on it, it stays there. The stapler is easy to use. It fits more than the 25 page limit stated on the packaging although I did not push it past about 30 pages. It took me more than one try to put staples in it but I did not read the directions first. Some people don't know which way is right side up because it looks like it could be used either way. The handle has a rubberized coating to make it more comfortable. It is not as easy to push as my old one
Arthur Nonymous Review from
March 15, 2022
Mostly idiot proof (pointing finger at self)
My luck with staplers and staple guns hasn't been the best. Thankfully, a YouTube video revealed that I was trying to put the standard staples in with the stapler upside down. (Spock eyebrow)
Phyllis Review from
January 14, 2020
Easy to Use
This is the second Swingline SmartTouch Compact Stapler that I have owned. The first one mysteriously stopped stapling less than a year of its purchase. But I replaced it with an identical stapler. I like the way it fits in my hand and the little pressure it takes to staple 25 sheets of paper. It is large enough to hold a generous number of staples, yet small enough to sit on the small cabinet top that also holds my printer.
Theresa Review from
June 29, 2021
Small, compact, can use the staples I already have
Am very pleased with my purchase. Works well. Very portable & will fit perfectly in my zipper pouch. Great for real quick small jobs. Durable. Swingline is a well respected brand.
Review from
May 22, 2019
Buy something else
The very first staple...sproing ! the return spring flies out (this is the spring that compresses when you staple papers and then reopens the jaw of the stapler for the next set of papers). It was impossible to reset the spring and get it to stay in place. There are poorly designed contact points that are supposed to engage the spring. I have super-glued the spring in place. I've made it through 4 staples. Good so far ! I'll give it 2 stars for being purple.
frugalexperiments Review from
January 2, 2012
Great ergonomic design that's easy to...
I love to just go into an office supply store and browse around, ditto for an online office supply store. As a matter of fact, I can get my office supply browsing "fix" anytime I want, day or night with an online shop, and is a great place to shop.For this review, they sent me the Swingline SmartTouch Stapler and a box of 5,000 Swingline Premium Chisel Point Staples to go along with the stapler. The stapler is a low force stapler, which means it takes up to 50% less effort to staple than other products on the market.This is a super quiet stapler that doesn't require a lot of hand s
Review from
May 11, 2016
Poor Design Meets High Price...
I have typically had good experiences with Swingline products. With that in mind, I saw this stapler online ( and decided that I'd purchase two of them. After getting it out of the box I noticed that the way the different components is way off. There are large gaps between the pieces. Thinking that this ugly duckling would still perform, I started stapling a few things. It was horrible. Staples are mangled into the paper, not cleanly punched. I will be returning this product to my local Office Depot store this week and getting a different brand. Shame Swingline...shame...
GrandmaBonnie'sCloset Review from
January 2, 2012
Swingline SmartTouch Stapler & Swingl...
Grandma Bonnie's Closet has been given the opportunity to review some office supplies from Two of the products are a Swingline SmartTouch Stapler & Swingline Premium Chisel Point Staples. I was very excited to see the Swingline SmartTouch Stapler for the first time. The stapler is shaped ergonomically and comfortable to hold. It has rubber grips on the top and bottom making it easy to hold while stapling many pages. The Swingline SmartTouch Stapler is made to be strong and jam-resistant while only requiring a light touch to staple. This stapler can staple up to 25 pages at a time
Katherine Review from
June 22, 2021
I purchased this to replace a very old stapler that was difficult to press. I thought the design would make it easy to staple but unfortunately, I loaded it with staples, took one press and blammo ... it seized up. I haven't been able to open it back up since and will be returning it. Not a good impression out of the box.
Tootsie Review from
October 12, 2021
Perfect light touch that gets the job done!
I have had several surgeries on my dominant hand. This stapler has such a light touch, I don't have any problems using it. It should also say ergonomically helpful.
ProfessionGal Review from
January 24, 2012
Fantastic - truly an office staple!
I received this Swingline Stapler this past week and thought it worked wonders! As a young professional, I?ve used old, squeaky and clunky staplers for a variety of things like keeping archived documents organized and even fixing a skirt hem on the fly. (Hey, you?ve gotta do what you?ve gotta do to fix an outfit malfunction before a big meeting, right?) And, it?s been my tool of choice to combine my favorite images on my inspiration board. But, the Swingline Stapler made all of the above MUCH easier!The first thing that impressed me, besides its sleek and light-weight design, was its shape tha
Lori14 Review from
March 4, 2020
Horrible Stapler
I purchased this stapler the other day and it's awful! It said that it is for heavier duty stapling. When I finally figured out how to put the staples in (IT ONLY HOLDS ABOUT 20 STAPLES). I HATE THAT! I LIKE TO PUT A WHOLE STRIP OF STAPLES OR IT CAUSES JAMMING, ETC. I finally got the staples in it and it will not work! I PLAN TO RETURN IT! It won't even staple 5 pages together.
tiinaj1 Review from
January 20, 2012
Great for those with arthritis or oth...
I received a Swingline Stapler from this week and it was so nice to use a tool that was smooth functioning, easy to grasp and use. I tried it first on just one sheet of paper and then noticed that it was supposed to work on UP TO 25 sheets of paper and so I thought that I would take the time and prep my booth entry forms in groups of 25 sheets so I could just grab them and go on my way to book fairs. Sure enough, the precision engineered chisel point staples went through all 25 sheets effortlessly without my hand straining or having to use both hands to work it.The ergonomic style
Review from
February 27, 2019
Stapling made easy
I had a project that required repeated stapling on a glass table. Although a Standard Swingline stapler did the job, my hand was slowly wearing out. I decided to try the SmartTouch Stapler and found it so much easier to operate and I could use it on the glass tabletop without fear of damage. Much less effort is required, it is quiet and uses the same staples I already have in stock. This stapler is well worth the slightly higher cost over a Standard Swingline.
RikkiNikki Review from
Office Depot
January 2, 2019
Pretty, but not great for me
I will be honest...the fuchsia purple/black color scheme sucked me in! It was so pretty I really needed it on my desk, but once I started to try and use it I realized quickly I shouldn't have let it's beauty get the best of me. It only held 25 staples at a time, which I'll admit is my fault for not paying attention to. It also didn't have the stapling ability I was looking for. I like the easy staple and not where I have to put my back into it. Would be a great stapler for a college student or personal home office.
Reply All Review from
February 13, 2012
Swingline SmartTouch, a solid choice!
This Swingline SmartTouch Stapler is designed to be low force and ergonomic. It?s a solid piece of cold, hard, black steel, and comes equipped with a staple chamber capacity of just over 200 staples. The Swingline insignia is loud and proud on the soft touch grey handle grip, perfect for showing off to your coworkers.Would you put anything less than premium gasoline in a Ferrari? Didn?t think so. Do yourself a favor and match this stapler up with the Swingline premium chisel point staples. They?re made to jam less and penetrate more. That?s what she said.Pros:Requires less effort! The SmartTou
meme Review from
February 16, 2022
Poor design
Two major problems are the staple loading is done from the front, and holds only a minimal amount of staples. When using the heel of one's hand often bumps the button to open the staple magazine, requiring a stop of work to close it back up.
abitnerdy Review from
January 19, 2012
The Swingline Smart Touch Stapler is ...
The Swingline Smart Touch Stapler is a sleek and stylish stapler that?ll make your desk look sleek and stylish, too. It?s a HUGE improvement from the clunky staplers of yore, and it?s definitely made from sturdy material that?ll last. I?ve had several staplers before. One was remarkably heavy and ugly and another was mostly made of cheap plastic and barely stapled. The Swingline TouchSmart is none of this. The TouchSmart feels sturdy, looks great, and works like a dream.I am uber-impressed with the operation of the TouchSmart. It takes little to no effort to staple 25 sheets. (Shhhh? I?m prett
Precisely Mine Review from
December 28, 2011
I love the ergonomically designed Swi...
I love the ergonomic design of the Swingline SmartTouch Stapler along with the soft-touch accents, which make it extremely comfortable to use for longer periods of time. These features are very important to me as I work as a transcriptionist and I use my hands a lot anyway and I want to help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome and related problems any way possible. It takes half the effort to use the Swingline SmartTouch Stapler compared to other staplers that are not ergonomically designed. It can staple up to 25-30 sheets of paper at a time. Some staplers make a thump or clunk noise when using an
Chang Review from
Office Depot
June 6, 2019
Nice design.
I am personally using lots of Swingline products and all of them have pretty steady quality. I have another stapler which also have reduce effort feature. My old one has typical design but this one is more stylish with same less effort function. Only down thing about this is that is little bulky but I still recommend to everybody. Great product!
Diane77 Review from
August 12, 2020
Great Stapler
I purchased this Swingline SmartTouch Stapler for my sister as a replacement. She works in an accounting office and said she was upset when the old one broke. She had been looking for a replacement for weeks; and when she found it at Office Depot during a recent visit, I purchased it for her.
CrazyCalcLady Review from
March 16, 2021
Staples things easily minus the gunfire
This stapler is great if you want an easy staple experience but also to preserve you relationships with your coworkers or cohabitants. It does staple the things with ease, but does not have the same satisfying (or irritating) BANG as some of the other one touch staplers available.
Mommy Katie Review from
January 16, 2012
Great Stapler
I recently got a new Swingline SmartTouch Stapler along with some Swingline S.F. 4 Premium Chisel Point 210 Count Full Strip Staples to review. First I will have to say, I love the sleek design. The design plays into the easy accessibility of this stapler. I use a stapler daily for paperwork and I think that after a while, you end up having to slam down on a stapler to use it. With this stapler I found that the design gives this stapler more ease, even with thicker stacks of paper. I have been using this stapler daily, and I have yet to need to slam down on it. It has not lost its ease of stap
Barbara Review from
April 19, 2022
Very Quiet!
It is as advertised. Quiet and works well. I do not like the size so much but will still use it. Feels a little small and awkward in the average female hand
Julie Review from
Office Depot
August 3, 2018
Finally - a stapler that works
This stapler was purchased because my electric stapler would no longer function and could not be fixed. This is the first stapler I've owned in my adult life (45+ years) that seldom has any issues with functioning the way it is supposed to. It is lightweight, ergonomically designed and easy to refill with staples. The only problem is that the company name doesn't appear anywhere on the stapler so I had to search through the online list to be able to make this comment.
Review from
August 14, 2013
Don't Buy
This stapler jammed on the very first strip of staples. It doesn't hold a full strip, so you have to break off a half inch of so of staples to load it. On every single strip of staples I used in it, the thing jammed with about 1/2 inch left on the strip. Once it does jam, good luck trying to get it opened without breaking it. Also, it is advertised to be able to staple through 25 sheets of paper. I stapled through less than 20, and the staples were not closed. I had to tap them down to avoid it snagging on something or cutting somebody's finger. I am very dissatisfied with this Swingline produ
Barb Review from
August 11, 2020
Great Stapler.
This stapler is small but it staples like the big one. It easily fits in your hand and staples very well. The staples are closed tight when you staple paper. You do not poke your hands with a half way stapled piece of paper.
Rayo72 Review from
April 2, 2022
The Little Stapler that could!
Staples pages with almost no force. Small enough to fit in my bag, but good-looking enough to sit on my desk at work. I'm going to buy another one to replace my old desk stapler.
Clark Review from
December 28, 2019
Great on card stock!
I had been using a traditional stapler on card stock and had a problem bending staples. I have been using this stapler exclusively on card stock. I haven't bent any staples. The manufacturer suggests using high grade staples, but I use standard staples. My only complaint is that I wish the stapler would take a full strip of staples.
Alyssa Review from
December 19, 2014
This stapler is the best! I love how easy it is to use! I have an injured wrist and other staplers KILL me when I try and use them, the SmartTouch by Swingline is great! I barley have to put any pressure and it staples with ease. Also it says 25 sheet capasity, well we use 24lb paper and it easily staples 25 sheets and I've actually gotten it to staple a few more than 25 sheets . I would ABSOLUTLY reccommend this product to everyone. Whether you have an injured wrist like me or not. Everyone should give this stapler a try!! I'm thinking about buying one that staples more sheets too!
Review from
January 2, 2019
Staples very well, but comes open too easily
This stapler has great feel when stapling - two pages or 20 is about the same, smooth as butter, very easy. Unfortunately it is loaded from the front through a little piece that comes out, and that comes open by accident very frequently. That makes using this stapler inconvient. I could tape the front closed but that would make reloading very inconvient.
Shar Review from
Office Depot
March 6, 2019
Easy to use
I like the Swingline Smart Touch Stapler. It is easy to use both on a flat surface and while held in the hand. My only complaint was there were no instructions on how to load it. It was different than any stapler I had ever used. I had to go back to the store to have the salesman show me how it worked. The manufacturer should include instructions on loading. Other than that, it was a good buy.
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