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Options Ostomy Support Barrier From: 93206LD To: 93206XLR - Men's Wrap/brief With Open Crotch And Built-in Ostomy Barrier/support

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Options Ostomy Support Barrier:
93206LD - 93206XLR
FSA Eligible
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93206XLRMen's Wrap/Brief with Open Crotch and Built-in Ostomy Barrier/Support Gray, ight-Side Stoma, 4-46Extra LargeEach
93206LDMen's Wrap/Brief with Open Crotch and Built-in Ostomy Barrier/Support Gray 40-42, ualLargeEach
93206MCMen's Wrap/Brief with Open Crotch and Built-in Ostomy Barrier/Support Gray, enter Stoma, 6-38MediumEach
93206SDMen's Wrap/Brief with Open Crotch and Built-in Ostomy Barrier/Support Gray , ualSmallEach
93206XLCMen's Wrap/Brief with Open Crotch and Built-in Ostomy Barrier/Support Gray, enter StomaX-LargeEach
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Men's Wrap/brief With Open Crotch And Built-in Ostomy Barrier/support
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Manufacturer Options Ostomy Support Barrier
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Categories Adult Briefs, Ostomy Garments, Ostomy Underwear, Incontinence
Code 93206LD - 93206XLR
Sold By Each
Require Prescription? No
Store Drip Armor|Lay Off Pain|Stomabags
Score: 4.4 from 1 - 5
44 Review
NEIL Review from
February 3, 2021
Quick shipping, great product
Exactly fit our needs. We used the skin suits for winter inflatable kayaking. In combination with the NeoSport neoprene 2mm booties, and a windbreaker, they worked perfectly. The heel straps (which we didnt know about in advance) were awesome - they held the legs from sliding at all. We got a bit wet as always but by the time we deflated our kayaks and put them in the car, the skin suits were dry. So much better then sweat or hiking pants which are either too hot or provide no insulation whatsoever. We always bring extra clothes to change into jic, but havent had to as the suits dry quickly. N
Matthew Review from
August 26, 2020
Decent dive skin
Used this for warm water diving in Cozumel, Mexico this last year. It worked well for my purposes, but I don't tend to get cold at recreational depths in places like Cozumel. Cold tolerance is so variable, so take my review with a grain of salt. The construction was fine, but after a couple of days, there was some fiber fraying along the wrists and ankle seams. Zipper worked well, never got stuck. The Neosport left chest logo started peeling away pretty quickly, but that is merely a cosmetic issue. I used this skin for exposure purposes or to be an underlayer when donning a 3-mm wetsuit for de
KATHERINE Review from
January 12, 2021
Very pleased
I bought this wetsuit for my husband who hopes to ski in some saltwater this coming summer. The water we'll be on has a lot of seaweed, fish, and jellyfish, and he wanted something to protect his skin from the grime and wildlife. We are very pleased with this suit. My husband is 5'-9" and weighs 155 lbs., and I followed the reviews to order him an XL, which fits him well. For skiing, he really needs a tight-fitting suit, and this seems to do the trick. It is a thin suit that is easier to put on than a thicker wetsuit and that hopefully won't be too hot to wear in the summer.
MICHAEL Review from
March 1, 2021
Protects skin from hot tub chemicals.
Purchased this suit to protect sensitive skin when in the hot tub. Wasnt expecting it to work as well as it does. No more skin rashes. Fits as described. Dries quickly. Love the SPF protection. This will be my swimsuit from now on.
jacksSack80 Review from
June 10, 2018
Dick's has wrong info. Not a wetsuit. 5 star product. Great skin suit.
I am only writing this review to clear any confusion for others. First of all. This is not a wetsuit. It's not the products fault however. The product itself doesn't claim to be a wetsuit or is advertised as a wetsuit from its manufacturer. Dick's website is at fault for not putting in the correct info. Dick's needs to update the description and remove wetsuit. So if you are looking for a wetsuit and considering this as an option then keep looking because this is NOT a wetsuit. This will not keep you warm. With that said I would like to talk about the actual product now. This is actually a ski
Larry Review from
December 26, 2016
A Good Lycra Suit for the Money...
For the money, this is a good lycra suit. I have 4 of these that I use for work diving 3-4 days/week, 8+ hrs/day. They have held up well, they do make donning and duffing a wetsuit easier, and do reduce the chance of chaffing. There are thumb loops in the sleeve to make donning easier...I only use these loops for donning, take your thumb out of the loop and pull the loop knot out of the way to prevent wrist impingement for the dive. Similiarly I use the ankle stirrups, only for donning, as I find that the seams often rub on my ankles. When donning I the wetsuit, with my feet in the lycra ankle
John Review from
May 12, 2020
If youre thinking about this, its only because youve never used a skin suit.
I just dont see why anyone would dive without one of these suits! Ever so little warmth but thats not their purpose. They prevent that dreaded full body 2nd degree sunburn. And, if youre diving in climes that want a wetsuit and youve ever struggled to put one on over wet bare skin, on a rolling boat, approaching the dive site you will appreciate the way they slide on over this nylon / spandex. Cheers
JULI Review from
June 18, 2020
Great sun protection
I swim almost every day for fitness and I love being able to put on this full coverage swim skin and only use sunscreen on my hands and face! I'm 5'6" and about 122 pounds. The Medium is a good tight fit. I got a small last time- too small! My only disappointment is that after only a month or so the fabric is already wearing out at the knees . I will probably get the whole swimming season out of it, which for me goes from May through November, so that's pretty good.
Mike Review from
February 17, 2017
Quality product, Great price.
I just received my skin today and I am quite happy with it. I mainly bought this for a undergarment to wear around the house on those cold days and nights, i often times get cold relaxing around the house in the winter months, so instead of running heaters or turning up the thermostat, I can put this on and stay warm, which I think will work out just as I hoped as I am wearing it now and it's 63 degrees in my house and I'm quite warm and comfortable. Although I'm sure I will try it out in the pool come summer, it is working great for what I wanted it for. With my size 5'8" 125lbs I generally v
Review from
March 19, 2017
I bought one for my husband and one for myself for a trip to the Dominican Republic's Silver Banks to snorkel with whales for a week. Our wet-suits were new and difficult to put on. Wearing this rash-guard (50 SPF) under made slipping them on a DREAM! It was warm enough a couple days that we didn't need the 3.5mm protection so we just wore the skin. It was GREAT to only have to apply SPF to our faces, necks hands and ankles. My husband burns easily and he was fully protected the entire trip. I cannot recommend this product enough!! Perfect for ANY sport where you may get sunburned. It's also V
Bernie Review from
February 2, 2018
Not sure how I got along without a skin
For years I have struggled getting into my wetsuit which the correct size for me...since I only dive a couple of times about 30 dives, my wetsuit is hardly broken in. it is very flexible and not getting stiff so I searched for ideas to make it easier...I have seen skins before but sorta dismissed them. No more I got it today put it on the the wetsuit and WOW I never knew it would go on this easy. Sure I still have to tug here or there but pulling the legs up, pulling the arms up and getting as much to the shoulder as possible was so much easier. I could even zip it myself. Do your self a favor
Stephen Review from
May 26, 2018
NeoSport wetskin went to the Galapagos Islands!
We purchased the NeoSport Wetskins to snorkel in the Galapagos Islands in May, 2018. They performed very well. Being only 0.5mm thick, they dry pretty quickly. They seem to or rocks. I would buy this item again.provide a little warmth, but are not intended to replace a wetsuit in colder water. They are very light, so great for packing and staying under the airline weight limits. Quite well made and the size chart was accurate. The only reason I did not rate them five stars was that one suit developed a small tear in the knee area about 4mm in size. So, be careful when putting them on and takin
Stephen Review from
August 7, 2021
I'm comfortable and protected in my skin!
Another score for Neosport. I'm always looking for a lightweight, comfortable garment that allows me the unrestricted mobility and provides protection against the sun. The skin suit is well made and my go to for when a wetsuit is too much, and a tee-shirt isn't enough.
Laura Review from
February 4, 2018
I am 5'10" with 33" sleeve and pant length. My chest and waist are 36". I ordered the XL at first. It was passable, given how much these stretch, but the sleeves were too short and the suit was pushing down on my shoulders. True to their promise, Leisure Pro promptly exchanged my XL for XXL and I'm happy with the fit. It's just a little looser around the torso, but certainly not so much as to feel baggy. My friend is 6'0" with 38" chest and 44" hips. She is also happy with an XXL. So I would say that height is the main determiner of fit. The material will stretch to accommodate extra girth. Th
Rose Review from
May 12, 2019
Had ours for a few years now
We've owned these for at least three years. I use mine for snorkeling (4+ vacations). My husband uses his for snorkeling AND windsurfing in the summer months. Both of us are on our original purchase with no signs of wear. We both "sized up" as lots of the reviews suggest. These provide great protection while snorkeling. On our most recent trip, some were complaining of sea lice and jellies...we experienced neither, thanks to our suits. Highly recommended. Excellent vlaue.
GREG Review from
December 24, 2019
Excellent NeoSport Lycra/Spandex Skin Suit
Excellent skin suit and great price. I bought this for my wife prior to a trip to the Similan Islands (Thailand) just in case there were lots of jellies in the water while she snorkeled. There were very few jellyfish and no problem with stingers but nevertheless she wore this skinsuit on most dives. We followed the advice of LeisurePro and bought one size larger than suggested by the size table. Great advice. Good fit.
Anne Review from
April 9, 2018
Poor quality control?
I recently purchased a suit for myself and both my sons. I wore mine for snorkeling probably 6 times over a 9 day period. A few of the seams are starting to blow out. One of my sons wore his onceand several seams blew out on that first wearing, to the point where I had to repair it so he could continue to use it. My other son had better luckbut at the end of our trip, his seams are coming apart also. Neosport came highly recommended. I gave it 3 stars for the quality of the material and the fit. However, our experience with the seams is disappointing. Id rather pay more and have a suit that wi
DIANNA Review from
May 20, 2021
Very comfortable
Wore this nearly constantly while on a recent snorkeling trip to the Caribbean. Kept me warm and safe from jellyfish! Very easy to get on and off and dried quickly. So far the zipper seems to be holding up well.
Wilfred Review from
July 15, 2017
Second skin
This is my second purchase of this skin. The first skin had 12 dives and was holding up very well. I lost it in Cozumell with a bunch of other gear. The new skin has over 20 dives and looks great so far. I bought it for warm water diving. It does help on repetative dives on the same day to keep me warmer. It claims an SFP 50 and seems to be; I was on an open top boat and never needed sun screen as long as I keep it on. Brushed up on some coral and rocks durring swim throughs and no issues with the skin. These are very light weight, dry quickly, and don`t take up much room in a travel bag.
Kenneth Review from
November 22, 2019
Good fit, good range of motion
I am 58, 175 lb. suit fits fine. Legs are slightly long. Torso and arms fit snug, not tight. Range of motion is very good. Wet suit goes on smoothly. Adds slight insulation value. I am very happy. 5 stars would require tailored fit.
FRIEDRICH Review from
September 3, 2020
Great product
We live in Florida and do a lot of diving and kayaking. Not only do rhese suits protect us from jellyfish stings but keep the sun off us while we kayak. The suits are are cool to wear, in spite of the heat and the humidity. It would be great if one can get them in other colours than black.
JOSEPH Review from
October 8, 2020
Great experience!
I ordered a large rash guard, it didnt fit so I returned it and ordered the extra large. The extra large fit perfect and they exchange went smooth with no problems problems. I even ordered a second extra large rash guard and will continue to order from them. Great experience!
yoga diver Review from
September 16, 2014
Sun protection
I am a recreational SCUBA diver that have a few extra pounds for my height. All of our dive gear was stolen and we have had to replace EVERYTHING! I used to have an awesome skin that was PRETTY and very stretchy that held up really well. I bought a replacement from another company and it "bled" black all over my body. The zipper broke on day 3 of a 5-day trip. UGH. The new one from Leisure Pro is a little thicker and less stretchy than what I am used to. Just tried it out in the pool. At least it didn't turn my skin different colors! I wish that instead of black and a different color of trim,
Slideglide Review from
November 16, 2015
I just received this suit and it looks and fits really nice. I'm 195lbs., 5'11", and the XL size is just right. This suit is replacing a well known brand, which I have worn out. The NeoSport seems to me to be a superior product in that the material is heavier, and more elastic. Only time will tell if suit can stand up to frequent swimming and diving. One other thing, my selection was purple, and the color is pale, unlike the pictures. Not a big deal, but the color portion of this suit has a faded look. Excellent fit and quality
Regi Review from
January 1, 2021
Good price and quality
Very important to use in warm water to avoid contact with fire coral etc. Helps to warm a bit. Good quality. I had used mine many many dives and just both another one. Long lasting.
DANIEL Review from
January 20, 2021
Great value.
Good value. It is comfortable and seems to be good quality. I have used this on several dives and the only issue is that the zipper, when zipped all the way up, is pressed into my neck a little bit with my wetsuit neck ban tightened up.
Skybird Review from
December 14, 2020
Great Product
Excellent fit, sizes run small. Ordered one size larger, perfect. So comfortable, very easy to put on and take off. Provided a layer of warm that was perfect. Cant say enough positive about this product!
Lily Review from
August 14, 2018
Price reflects the quality.
The dive skin is fine for protecting you from the sun, but ripped after 3 snorkeling outings right in the crotch. I still use it because the rip is right between my legs and imperceptible because of my black swimsuit. I also wear the dive skin under wetsuits, and the foot straps have held up to a fair amount of tugging. Overall, I would recommend it for cheap, environmentally friendly sun protection.
Willyferd Review from
July 18, 2013
Good first impression
I just received this product and it fits perfectly, but that was after reading reviews and finding they run small. According to the size chart, at 6'1" and 215 lbs, I should take between an XL and a 2XL. But I purchased the 3XL and it is perfect. My arms are a little long for my height and the sleeves are long enough. If I had ordered an XL or a 2XL, I'm sure it would have been too small, thus my responses about the sizing being too small. Ordering at least one size larger seems to be the ticket. Can't speak yet to the performance but am not expecting to be disappointed, especially considering
Susan Review from
May 7, 2019
Great product.
I bought this suit mostly to provide sun protection. I wore it under my shorty wetsuit while snorkeling in Hawaii. It worked great. Comfortable, lightweight. I appreciated being able to spend many hours a day in the water without having to wear sunscreen and without getting any kind of sun damage. Great buy.
William Review from
August 21, 2019
Ok ish
Finally got a chance to try it out last weekend on a trip to Mexico. Got in 6 dives and noticed that its starting to pill where the BC comes across the shoulder, where the cummerbund comes across and the waist where the BC rides. Was hoping that it have held up better, but for the money its probably about on par. Fit was good if a little small. If you buy one look at one size larger.
KEN Review from
February 28, 2017
Size chart is way off!
These work great if you can fit into them! I had to order 2 sizes larger than the chart said. I am just 5'9" but based on what everyone else said in their reviews I ordered the next size larger and it was too short. Had to return them and get the next size up and still it is a little snug. I would say if you are taller than 5'9" these won't fit you even if you go 2 sizes larger than the chart claims. Not sure who the manufacturer used to come up with the sizes but they really don't know what they are talking about when it comes to size.
Charlie Review from
August 17, 2017
Not bad but the zipper is annoying on the throat
The zipper sucks on the voice box or throat area. When you put a wet suit over this it pushes in on your throat and leave a nasty rubbing dent that gets irritated during each use. It should be sipped from behind not in front and stop at the middle of the throat. Other than that the suit feels great, makes your wet suit go on easier and adds a few more temps to your body in cold water. Good stuff if its for the right price
Clay Review from
August 21, 2017
Zipper too short
The zipper doesn't go down far enough so males can pee and doesn't have a bi-directional zipper. You know the zippers that can zip up from the bottom when the zipper is fully zipped! Stupid design!! You have to unzip the whole thing, take your arms out just to pee. Stupid Design, oh yeah I said that already. Let me say it again, Stupid Design on the zipper. Or put a fly in the damn thing.
Steven Review from
September 15, 2020
Great value and quality
Recently bought the smallest size for my son. While I can't comment on the durability because he's only dived it 3 times, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality (appearance, thickness and feel of the fabric, and stitching) which is better than that of dive skins I bought for substantially more $.
Jeff F. Review from
January 3, 2014
Great suit - But, order two sizes larger
I first ordered a Large, because I usually take a Large in any product - not this one! Other reviewers said it was too small upon ordering, but I chose to see for myself - my mistake. I should've listened to the other reviewers! I had to return the first one, and order another, and all the time I wasted doing that almost cost me a dive with it. Do yourself a HUGE favor, and order this suit two sizes larger than you are, and then, no guarantees! Mine happened to fit on the second order. Te larger suit fit me fine, and it's nice to dive in. I thought it might help me get into my Semi-dry suit ea
Sergei Review from
August 18, 2016
Large size is really Medium or Small
Sizes are all wrong! Order at least 1 size larger than you are. How can Neosport design sizes so badly. Also, their 3/2 wetsuit and 3mm shorty are too short on the backside. They are not using correct models to size for Americans. I am 5'9" and the Large lycra suit here is ridiculously small. The XL size barely fits but I'm going to try XXL to see if the backside is a little longer for comfort.
obsessedwithdiving Review from
September 23, 2014
I am very impressed with my purchase of this skin. For the price, that quality is MUCH better than I expected! I am a "plus sized" female diver and I ordered a size smaller than the sizing chart recommended and it fits perfectly. Its comfortable, light , easy to move in but also feels and is constructed with quality. I bought the yellow striped one and the color is vibrant and will be easily spotted for my five partner. I love that it has the tabs that rest on the bottom of my feet so that I dont have to worry about the leg bottoms shifting and it wears in. I would HIGHLY recommend this skin/r
SUZANNE Review from
December 2, 2015
I use these suits in the pool on weekends when the pool doesn.t open until 8:30 and I.m swimming until 10 a.m. Or later under the burning sun. I always put them on under my wetsuit. However, I.m 5'5" so I don,t have a problem with length. Peeing? Pee right through the suit then shower your crotch off with the suit on. When you finally take off the suit, give it an extra wash in fresh water. Some times I do 40 dives on one 10-day trip. No energy left for unnecessary unzipping.
Jarrod Review from
June 7, 2017
Great price, decent quality. Buy a bigger size than you normally would.
Works well. The zipper is good quality, better then the last $50 skin I owned. Shoulders starting to show some wear from BCD straps after 12 dives. Buy at least one size up. I got 2x for my 6' 1" teen boys who normally wear L or XL, and they fit well. Price is right - allowed me to outfit the entire family right before our trip.
golfskiscubamama Review from
May 11, 2013
I ordered this skin to use under my 3/2 wetsuit since I get chilled unless water temps are over 80 in just the wetsuit. This suit is perfect! I took the advice of other reviews regarding ordering a larger size - the large fits perfectly (5'9'' 140 lbs) and is actually very slimming despite it fitting like a skin! It also makes getting in and out of my wetsuit much more graceful! The top of the zipper is a bit uncomfortable under the neck of my wetsuit - a lower profile zipper might be better - but I just unzipped it a bit and that worked. This is a great suit to add extra warmth under a wet su
Maggie Review from
July 18, 2018
Neosport liner
I am actually using this suit for body flight- flying in the wind tunnel (indoor skydiving). I have not used it in the water. I am tall and thin, and the medium size works fine for me. I had ordered a small, and had to exchange- Leisure Pro made that return process very easy and quickly sent the replacement size. I'm happy with this suit and the tight fit, it works well in the wind!
WES Review from
September 26, 2019
Well worth the money
Great for a warm water protective layer. This is the only suit that I wear when diving in the Caribbean. It is well made and the price is reasonable. I also wear it under my wetsuit in cold water. It doesn't add any insulation value but it does make getting in and out of a 7 mil a breeze.
JEFF Review from
October 12, 2015
worth the price!
I bought this to use under my Bare Sem-Dry suit for a wreck dive in San Diego. Not sure I needed it since I think it allowed water to seep in from the ankles. However, I think this would be perfect for warm water/hot weather -- will keep me from getting sunburned. Very thin, not sure how good this would be as a rash guard or jelly-fish guard. But sure looks a whole lot better then my sunburned skin at the end of the day! So, I do recommend this as a sun screen protector.
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