Ostomy Suppliers

ConvaTec is a worldwide leader in research, manufacturing, and marketing of Ostomy Supplies, Wound Care solutions, Continence Therapies and Infusion Devices. Read More>

Hollister caters globally to end-users and health professionals. It was founded by John Dickinson Schneider in 1921 and is headquartered in Libertyville, Illinois. Read More

Coloplast is a leading researcher and manufacturer of ostomy supplies. Through an approach called “Intimate Healthcare” development that involves teaming up with end-users and healthcare professionals... Read More

MicroSkin® is used in ALL Cymed ostomy bag systems. It is a transparent, hypoallergenic polyurethane film. MicroSkin® offers a level of comfort and security unmatched... Read More

Nu-Hope begun manufacturing ostomy bags in 1958. Since then it has expanded its portfolio beyond pouches to include other appliances like support belts... Read More

Torbot has been solving complex stoma situations for more than 50 years. Torbot faceplates are customized to suit any ostomy patient's needs, and are the industry benchmark for comfort, security, and durability...Read More

3M has a complete line of products intended to facilitate and improve skin health and wound management. All 3M products are the result of a tradition spanning decades ... Read More

Marlen manufactures a full portfolio of ostomy supplies for ileostomates, colostomates and urostomates. Marlen has been dedicated to satisfying ostomates’ needs ...Read More

Genairex is known as the value brand. It is one of the best options available for Out-of-Pocket buyers. Its Securi-T line represents an excellent cost effective...Read More

Basko Healthcare, founded in 1936 in the Netherlands, is a leading manufacturer of ostomy products that provides state-of-the-art aids and devices... Read More

Bard is a leading medical device manufacturer. It has been innovating in the Urologic, Vascular, and Oncologic fields for the past 100 years. BARD offers the largest array of ...Read More

Molnlycke Health Care is a major wound care and surgical products manufacturer. The company, based in Sweden, has been part of major mergers and acquisitions. Created in 1849 by...Read More

Smith & Nephew is a worldwide medical supply company established more than 150 years ago. It was founded by Thomas James Smith in Hull, England as a family owned pharmacy...a href="https://www.stomabags.com/ostomy-suppliers/sports-medicine">Read More

MTG is committed to bringing self-catheterization to women, men, children, and anyone with the dexterity to manage a catheter. MTG's closed intermittent catheters have all been developed to meet the specific needs of each one of these groups...Read More

It’s a developer and manufacturer of advanced medical supplies headquartered in Melbourne, Florida. Its products offer the best alternative to...Read More

In 2012, a company focused on innovative ostomy care products was founded in the Jian province of China. BAO-Health specializes in the production of ostomy products that include...Read More

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