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TriDerma From: 62025 To: 62505 - Psoriasis Control Cream

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Psoriasis Control Cream
More Information
Manufacturer TriDerma
Categories Natural Medicine, Psoriasis Treatment, Moisturizer, Soothing Cream, Body Care, Body Cream, Face Moisturizer, Facial Care, Skin Care
Code 62025 - 62505
Require Prescription? No
Store Naturewoo|Stomabags
Score: 4.9 from 1 - 5
46 Review
howarkem_7 Review from
March 31, 2021
Great product
For many years I had used a steroid/ vitamin D cream prescribed by a specialist which was useless for my scaly fact over time it got worse having a large patch on my leg which made me very self conscious. I bought this product on a holiday
member-9e026 Review from
April 15, 2020
I bought this for my teen after he had a bad breakout, and the meds and creams the doctor prescribed did not work (also made a stop in urgent care, it was so bad). We were told it was eczema but it looked more like psoriasis. His eyelids, then eventually
member-a1896 Review from
September 19, 2018
I’m like all the other psoriasis suffers I’ve tried expensive prescriptions and was about to go and try the injections but at the time they were cost prohibitive. After a really bad breakout of scabs I got desperate looked around the drugstore for somethi
jennifer.p Review from
April 21, 2021
This product has been a life saver! I suffer from sever psoriasis patches on both elbows and on the back of my calves and nothing seemed to keep my scales from drying out. I started using this ointment twice a day and I saw more drastic results in less th
Lilly Review from
February 13, 2017
This ointment is amazing
I've suffered w/psoriasis since 2007. Drs have given me so many expensive scripts over the years. One of the meds, without inaurance, cost $1100.00. Thk God for BCBS. My meds had to be changed every 6 mos because they would stop working. At one point I lo
mel19197 Review from
November 16, 2019
Having suffered from psoriasis for many years I was a bit dubious. The product was recommended by a friend's partner, so I decided to give it a go. After first application my skin was much clearer the following day. Daily use and disappeared after about d
Mike Review from
October 14, 2017
After years of treating my psoriasis both internally (taking vitamin D and A, which removed much of the psoriasis) and topically (expensive steroids and ointments which only softened the skin/psoriasis but did not remove it), I tried Psoriasin. IT WORKED!
antoinette.c Review from
April 3, 2018
I have been suffering with Psoriasis for over 16yrs. I have used EVERYTHING on the market, EVERY prescription, injection, ointment, light treatment, you name it! Recently I broke out severely and I'm still suffering. I asked my Dermatologist to prescribe
marialawsonmayodan Review from
August 16, 2017
Best ever ! Better than doctor prescribed.
My husband has bad Psoriasis on his legs and has battled it for years.,going to dermatologist and using steroid creams etc hasnt helped alot but then i saw this ointment and ordered it & this is second time in months! It calms the itching so much & the ug
Elliot Review from
February 14, 2021
My Psoriasis cure.
Having Psoriasis for over 30 years I have found Psoriasin the BEST treatment. Another good reason for this ointment is that it is over-the counter and a lot less expensive than scripts. Oral meds did not work for me and caused stomach problems.
Reenie Review from
April 12, 2017
Please keep it available
I have suffered with psoriasis for 19 year and have had many expensive medicines, however some medications have side effects for skin cancer. Decided um psoriasis or skin cancer, I will stick with the psoriasis. Then I came across this and there was only
mrblueu Review from
March 29, 2019
Put it back on the Shelf, Please!
I looked in the Princeton Ky Walmart and it is not there. I looked in the Madisonville Walmart, it is not there either. I don't want the competitor product, I want this one. As a consumer, I want choice and I want to choose what works best for me. I have
mpir4100 Review from
November 16, 2020
I have been to dermatolgist and used their recommended salves that they told me to use and nothing helped. This product is "wonderful". I use it two to three times a day and the redness is gone, the scaling is gone and the itching is gone!! Finally, somet
member-2d1a23bc8 Review from
March 28, 2017
After a year with numerous dermatologists, light therapy, topical ointments and steroid ointments, I was told "there is nothing more we can do for you". A friend recommended Psoriasin and my psoriasis is gone, after only 4 months. This is a blessing. It w
dondiegotwo Review from
February 11, 2018
Great Product
Psoriasin ointment is the only product that really works for my psoriasis. If I apply it judiciously then it will actually clear it up completely. Of course if I discontinue it the plaques will come back but at least I get a break for awhile where I can s
James H. Review from
April 17, 2020
Product is great price was good compared to other company's since I have been using this product it has helped my skin better then any cream I do like the 4.2 ounce in the plastic tub it is just easier to use for me. I will be ordering more from your comp
mekachick Review from
September 26, 2018
Works but read the ingredients first
I purchased this product as a gift for a friend who suffers with skin issues; rashes and such. He says that he likes it and that it works. If you are easily offended by loud/strong scents/smells then please take caution in purchasing this item. However if
Review from
June 24, 2013
First off, I haven't used this in YEARS and I mean years. Once we found out i had psoriasis my mom went to the drugstore to fill some rx. My mom got everything the drugstore (diagnosed at 18) had for psoriasis! This happened to be one of the things she bo
Frances Review from
January 19, 2017
Hope in a jar!
Psoriasin works amazingly well on dry, itchy sores on face and scalp. My elderly mother has Alzheimer's and scratches her face and scalp constantly. We tried everything to no avail. After researching, I found this ointment, and within 24 hours of use, the
JWLG Review from
May 21, 2017
Works great for my 80 year old mother
She has had psoriasis for over 3 years on her back. We've tried many, many different creams and gels, oils and ointments. Nothing worked. Psoriasin worked like magic! We put it on her 2 times a day. Her itching was immediately relieved. After about a week
ken120649 Review from
May 8, 2018
Psoriasin relief ointment
Having tried all the Betnas, Dermas, Exorex - even some Chinese ointments, I find Psoriasin ointment is effective in reducing redness and skin flaking. I know there is no cure as such. but, this ointment certainly works for me and a 4oz tub is great value
Wendi Review from
November 24, 2020
Finally something that works!
For years I have tried everything to clear up my guttate psoriasis. From prescriptions to OTCs and even home remedies nothing has worked. THIS WORKS! It cleared me up in no time.
imreo123 Review from
March 6, 2018
Immediate effect!
Ye, no pain no itching within minutes. - No stain or minimal stain on white underwear. Psoriasis is going away- I used this product only for a few days and very visible effect on the large spot, approx 3"x 2" and very old. For me this works better than th
jolo Review from
June 21, 2009
For my 22 year old son ...a miracle
I am writing this really about the results for my suffering 22 year old son, who has been suffering for with psoriasis for years. Burning and itching skin, won't even change clothing at the Y, when he works out, wears long sleeve shirts, terrible dandruff
Lulu Review from
February 1, 2021
Product works good
I don't like the newer tube it comes in its very difficult to get out of tube when your 3/4 through it. I have actually cut the last 2 tubes so I could get to remaining ointment.
ste_9323 Review from
October 14, 2020
Brilliant ointment
Great ointment, this is the best one out of all the ones I've tried. It's a little bit greasy but I don't mind because of the brilliant results I get from it. You must put it on at least twice a day for it to work.
thommo2910 Review from
April 29, 2019
Unreal !
Never written a review on anything before but felt I had to about this product. I have psoriasis and I was sceptical as Ive tried so many different creams before with no success. This cream works 100%. It took my psoriasis away in a few days!!! Ive had it
anbear2 Review from
September 29, 2020
Psoriasin Works!
Psoriasin is the best thing I'e found OTC to help clear my psoriasis. I've used it for several years and when I use it regularly, within a week or so the plaques are cleared up and stay away for months. I can't recommend it highly enough
Review from
October 3, 2010
Some raters wrote true, you judge
I've had psoriasis since I was 26 (58 now) and have gone through all the ointments, topical creams, UVB light therapy and arthritis cross-over drugs. Now, I still have the skin plaques and psoriatic arthritis, something about 15% of suffers get. Remicade
Momma65 Review from
September 28, 2017
Psoriasin is a wonderful product. If you have psoraisis you need to stop going to the doctors for that high priced medication, that gives you sun spots and some smells bad. I have been using Psoriasin for about two years and it's the best product I've tri
boatboat1234paulpaul Review from
October 12, 2016
I've had PPP for 2 years, I refuse to go down the route that most dermatologists take you, with drugs and light therapy just to cause more health issues and to have the psoriasis return with a vengeance in most cases. I control it to certain extent by exc
HandsClear Review from
August 7, 2017
Worked wonders . The only thing that worked
I had no luck with any product for over two years. This is the only product that successfully cleared up my hands. They were cracking regularly but this product really worked. It almost entirely cleared up my hands in one week. I highly recommend it
Shara3 Review from
February 12, 2012
THis is a WOW product!!!!
I have suffered for years with the spread of sebboreah from my scalp to the back of my ears and into my ears. It has been scaly, itchy, red and embarrassing. I have tried everything to no avail until this salve. I noticed a difference on the first applica
rrf862 Review from
August 31, 2021
Effective medicine.
This product really works to clear up psoriasis. Still using every day and seeing constant improvement.
paga.yvett Review from
November 14, 2020
Great for problem skin
I purchased this for my son that has eczema . I have seen a great improvement in his skin . Highly recommend. Thank you !
jan.o20 Review from
February 3, 2021
It stops itching
This is an excellent ointment to stop the itching from psoriasis. It also reduces skin flaking.
evie Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
November 4, 2020
Works but smells!
This ointment works for my itchy skin but as expected from coal tar it does have a smell. It's not too strong for me. Will continue to buy
Hoosier1GranDaddy Review from
January 27, 2017
Had small patches over the entirety of my back, chest, abdomen and arms. Tried so many products and they did very little. I used Psoriasin 3 times a day and every single patch disappeared. I was shocked. It is the only thing I use when I have an outbreak.
jspillers2008 Review from
January 11, 2018
Great Stuff
I have had periphrasis for years. This is the only over the counter product that controls the itching and scaling this well. More is not better but I do try to apply at least 3 times a day. Rub in thoroughly. I am still cautious of my best clothes.
carly.r Review from
January 31, 2020
Life saver for my psoriasis. Helps with the dry flaky skin I get and the itching and burning. I use this everyday after the shower and my skin is good until the next day.
helene9431 Review from
November 9, 2016
Noticeable difference in a couple of days.
Product works. Have had psoriasis for 50 years and tried this medication when my medication ran out on holidays in USA recently. Bought several home and bought this to top up supply. Bit expensive here. It's that good, I'd fly back to US to buy more!!
jen Review from
September 24, 2010
don't wait another day!
I've had these ugly red scaley bumps on my elbows for the last six months! I didn't know what in the world was going on. I would ask my doctor (previous one) and he said "you have exzema". I tried the exzema meds and nothing worked. One day I did a check
samantha.s Review from
March 20, 2016
I've had psorasis my whole life. I've tried dozens of products and this one is great. It smells gross and stains my skin a bit, but it is really soothing and really settles my psoriasis down. It's not too pricey and it works really well. I would totally r
epoxyglue Review from
February 19, 2021
Psoriasin is the best
works great for removing all flaking and itching from psoriasis , My knees were covered with is but they are clear now..
eamonnemery-barker Review from
October 20, 2017
I have a bad version of Psoriasis and tried or trying several things but failing.How ever This I have tried once so far and there is definitely and improvement to me skin.The white scales have gone and after 3 weeks of use my skin seems to be going smooth
kirsten.g Review from
December 27, 2016
I have eczema (not psoriasis), however, this product helped me tremendously as a child and teenager. I used to suffer from extreme dryness, peeling, itching and bleeding, and when I started using Psoriasin, it healed my dry patches and prevented more from