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A&D Medical From: UA282 To: UA290 - LifeSource Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Cuffs And Power Adapters - UA-789AC Cuff: 16.5

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A&D Medical:
UA282 - UA290
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UA282LifeSource Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Cuffs and Power Adapters UA-789AC CuffExtra Large 16.5" - 23.6" (42 -60 cm)Each
UA289LifeSource Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Cuffs and Power Adapters F-CuffSmall 6.3" - 9.4" x 24 cm)Each
UA290LifeSource Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Cuffs and Power Adapters F-CuffMedium 9.0" - 14.6" x 37 cm)Each
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LifeSource Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Cuffs and Power Adapters - UA-789AC Extra Large Cuff: 16.5" - 23.6" (42 -60 cm)
More Information
Manufacturer A&D Medical
Categories Blood Pressure Cuff, Blood Pressure Monitor Parts, Living Aids Parts, Power Cord
Code UA282 - UA290
Require Prescription? No
Store Online Living Aids|Stomabags|Whole Surgical
Score: 4.4 from 1 - 5
38 Review
betone Review from
June 8, 2021
Voice is super annoying!
This is a very accurate machine, especially for the money. Forget it going in that bag. It barely fits. You can keep in somewhere in the box or close to you if you have to take your blood pressure frequently. I have compared this to the dr's offices and it is usually within 5 on either number. I cover the voice speaker with my finger. The cuff is a little hard to get on by yourself, but it is bigger than the one I had previously, and my husband could use this one. Tip: to get cuff on (wearing no clothes on that arm) slide the cuff already together (with the word artery pointed down to your wri
Gaild1942 Review from
June 13, 2021
OMRON BP7350. I have had the monitor since Nov 2020. Shortly after that date, cardiologist checked it for accuracy and said it was good enough. On that basis I rate it at four stars. I see that others have the same complaints as I do. The display needs to be backlit. Bad way for the company to pinch pennies on such an expensive item. It is a nightmare to get the values transferred to my phone. Had I known it would take me half an hour of fiddling with the machine to transfer the numbers to my phone, I probably wouldnt have bought it. Today, I uninstalled/reinstalled the app and it worked. Next
Marie Review from
April 11, 2021
Many good features, some poor features
The Omron blood pressure monitor is great for 2 users and stores multiple readings. The time/date setting, switching between users, and memory retrieval are convenient. The motor is quiet and smooth. On the negative side, the cuff is massively oversized for an average woman. In order to securely wrap the cuff around the upper arm, two hands are needed. If the cuff is wrapped too loosely, the monitor appears to compensate with overinflation, which may affect accuracy. In addition, the monitor has no AC adapter, and cord to the cuff is quite long. My previous blood pressure monitor was also an O
Randy Review from
May 25, 2021
Reliable accurate blood pressure readings
This is my third automatic Omron blood pressure monitor. We're still using the second one at home. I bought this one to use in the volunteer fire department when the scene is too noisy for the manual one with a stethoscope. It works just like the previous two we've had. The one thing I don't care for, and the reason for four stars, is the cuff is stiff and bulky compared to previous models. Years ago my wife's doctor recommended the Omron brand for accuracy. After one manual Omron and three automatic ones, I recommend them for the same reason. Obviously if you take two readings in a row they w
gramparongolf Review from
November 29, 2021
Marginal BP monitor
I have owned two other Omron BP cuff machines in the past, and was very pleased over the years. I wanted to get a new one that with a larger cuff. My problem is getting the cuff to position properly on my arm to get a reading. It is either too lose, or constantly says I moved when I haven't. I am not sure about the reading. The first one I take in the morning my pulse is always very low. I wait at least 5 minutes and take a reading, and the next two pulse readings are more normal. The brand and price was my incentive to purchase this product. After using it for a week, I am not able to recomme
Lemonpepper Review from
Best Buy
May 1, 2021
Was a little frustrated at first
I feel very conflicted about this product, when I first used it , I was very frustrated using it because the numbers would change so drastically if you check your pressure a few times in a row. It definitely seemed like it was wrong or way off or something, I was so unsure about if it was accurate or not so I took it with me to a doctors appointment and I took my pressure on this machine after get my pressure checked from the machine at the doctor and this machine was about 9 numbers higher . Was so confusing is, I asked the nurse about it and she said thats about right that it may be off from
May2 Review from
July 24, 2021
Works with good batteries
I got this about 2 weeks ago. At first it didn't work. I decided that maybe it didn't like the batteries I had. They were unopened but I had them for a month . I got a set of batteries that claimed to have a 10 year shelf life with an expiration date (did you know batteries had expiration dates?) of 2030. They worked and I have had no problems. I only gave 4 stars because I have not been able to see if the readings are the same as I would get at my doctor's office, so I don't know how reliable or accurate it is. The readings are consistent but I also get a pulse reading from my Fitbit and the
nina Review from
September 3, 2021
Great Travel Monitor
Great 2nd machine to have on hand. It is battery operated but perfect for leaving at my son's when I visit. I do have a similar model at home that I use to compare to the one that has an adapter to plug in. This model from Walmart is great for traveling. Batteries weigh less than adapter, though my adapter model also takes batteries. The adapter model I have is a tad larger and has more features. Good for home use but not needed for travel. And certainly do not nedd the more features model to leave at my son's for visits.
CaptainP Review from
March 23, 2021
It's too tight
Well let's say I had to become a nurse in a shot period of time, lol I had to learn how to read machines. First blood pressure monitor was a wrist one, not good for a man. So here we are another machine. It's okay it's still gives high readings, even when he took his meds not cool, the other thing is it squeeze the life out of your arm when it takes your reading, cuff fits fine and my hubby is a big man with nice size arms so it fits just that squeeze thing I don't like. Would I recommend for someone else yes but In going old school it's works better. Now maybe I'm not giving it time but reall
Sandra Review from
August 10, 2020
Excellent piece of equipment!
It's one of the best most reliable blood pressure monitors. My doctor recommended this one and you know what he was right. And the price was excellent and the quality is excellent, it only cost me approximately $49. They have precise instructions on how to use it and they have a quick manual on how to use it. It gives me a sense of security knowing that I can monitor my pressure and get the correct readings. I feel so much better since I bought this. Because most of the time when I go to the doctors my blood pressure elevates because I am nervous and I was not getting an accurate reading. Now
Fritz Review from
August 22, 2021
Best, Simple BP Monitor!
This is a perfect BP monitor for me! It's very simple to use and store back in its box. I love that you just click 'start' and in no time you have both pressure readings and heart rate. Haven't needed to see the additional irregular heart warning but I'm glad it is watching for that also. It's accurate and stores 60 readings for each of two users. Also, it appears to be of high quality and fairly priced. Note: I'm not into all of the fancy bells and whistles and believe that my heart loves not being bombarded by blue-tooth and my mind appreciates simplicity in some things.
Christine Review from
September 12, 2021
Way too wide for a small woman. Inconsistent.
This cuff is way too wide for a smaller woman with shorter arms. Readings are all over the place and very low. I only purchased because my readings had been elevated during the pandemic and were previously normal. Very stressed at doctors office. I do not wish to take blood pressure medication if not necessary. Doctor recommended this exact model. Would prefer if other sizes were actually available. It could be a Walmart issue.
Mary Review from
June 26, 2021
Overall, I'm happy with my purchase.
I've only had this for a week. Its readings compare well to those of one known to be accurate. At first, it was hard to get the cuff around my small arm with one hand, but learned it helps to leave it closed but just loose enough to slide on. Once in place, it's easier to adjust. Also, since there is only one on/off switch, the machine begins tightening the cuff as soon as it turns on -- which can happen accidentally if it's stored with something touching the switch and with the cuff still attached. Really like the memory feature, although it would be nice to see a list of past readings rather
Steven Review from
September 11, 2020
Great Monitor --Delivery care should be improved.
Really nice Blood Pressure Monitor which works great and was very easy to set up to enable the wireless functions. Walmart would do well to teach their delivery people to handle the items with more care. I was in my garage when the delivery van pulled into the driveway. The driver didn't open the van door, but rather threw the box on the driveway. Although the impact from being thrown from the van has not affected the operation of the monitor, the instructions say "Do not drop or subject this monitor to strong shocks or vibrations". The blood pressure monitor was in a box from the manufacturer
Becky Review from
September 1, 2020
Almost perfect
Love the ease of using this and the simplicity of the unit. I started with a much fancier model but it kept records on the app (which requires a LOT of personal health information to use) for 2 people. I need to be able to check BPs for 3 people now that my elderly mother has come from the hospital to my care, and I didn't want the hassle of trying to keep data separate. This is straightforward and a breeze to use. I just jot down the results for each person. My only concern is that it's not truly accurate. My doctor recommended this brand when she advised me to get a home monitor, but it seem
hinckley_bob Review from
December 1, 2020
Good choice to take daily readings, use with bluetooth not so good.
Primary function of capturing blood pressure is excellent. Easy to read display, very rapid completion, consistency of readings. 2 cons: 1. Bluetooth aparrently works only when using the cuff, not to download prior readings. It appears to be very fussy to set up, appearing to sometimes work, and others not. If this feature is an important to an informed buyer, I would consider a different device. 2. Lack of a bag to store the cuff and meter to keep it clean and accessable, and to store the cuff and device together. Thank you for the opportunity to comment.
Susan Review from
November 21, 2021
BP cuff for home use
Retired cardiology nurse, have recommended Omron brand to patients many years. This model is easy to use and has option to store data for two users. Can take with you to medical appointment to verify accuracy. Be sure to sit comfortably in arm chair, legs uncrossed or in chair at a table at height to rest arms when using. Place spot where tube comes out of cuff just above inner aspect of elbow, tighten cuff around arm so you might place 1-2 fingers between cuff
MJplayer Review from
October 26, 2020
A Basic Blood Pressure Monitor that Works Well
This Omron 3 Blood Pressure Monitor works well enough for its reasonable price. I got it to replace a different brand, more expensive monitor that had more functions but they just did not work correctly. The Omron instructions are clear, understandable and the measurements are generally consistent (although it is normal for fluctuations due to natural variations of your body and activity). The unit does store up to 14 sets of readings for one person. The cuff fits me well (I am average build). It does not include batteries (4 AA required) or a storage case. So far the batteries are holding up
socialworker Review from
Best Buy
September 18, 2021
Prefer this model to the more expensive models
I had an Omron upper arm BP cuff that would transmit results to my smart phone but I haven't been able to find it since redoing my living room. I bought this less expensive unit and find I prefer it. The part of the apparatus that starts the cuff and displays the results is much easier to operate and see. I can't speak to the accuracy of the cuff because I have nothing to compare it to, but I'm mostly interested in monitoring consistency so accuracy isn't a huge problem.
Mooney Review from
July 19, 2020
Very happy but not using Bluetooth.
I have used a similar Omron monitor for years and have been pleased with its performance. I bought this model for three features: - The D-ring on this monitor makes it much easier to fasten - a problem I had with the other style because my arm is fairly thin. - The monitor provides count of skipped heartbeats, something I am concerned about. - A third, nice-to-have feature was the ability to transmit my results via Bluetooth to my phone or PC. I do track my BP readings and thought this would be a convenience. After reading the reviews for the software required to use this feature, I decided ag
Kattladey Review from
December 10, 2021
Works well
This is my third blood pressure monitor and I find I like it better than the previous two. I thought I needed a larger cuff. This cuff is really large!! The cuff is nice, like the professionals use. My last monitor was so slow. This one gives a reading much faster, so I am happy about that. It is reasonably priced too. I would recommend this product.
cloudman Review from
June 30, 2021
Omron Blood Pressure Monitor
This is a great monitor with a memory to store some readings for a week or so. It also shows an irregular heartbeat if present during the readings while some others do not. I bought a 120 volt adapter so as not to worry about the batteries running down. This is my second Omron. The first one lasted for 15 years and still works but cuff getting worn. I would recommend this model Omron. from Walmart.
Naturalista Review from
October 11, 2021
Tracking HBP
I was just diagnosed with HBP. I am happy to know what was going on with me. I am feeling much better now. I am following the doctor's orders. My doctor also advised that I buy this BP monitor, and to keep a diary of my daily readings until my next follow up appointment at the end of the year. Make sure to have four AA batteries in stock so this item can work for you. I feel it gives accurate readings, and knowing my heart rate is great too.
Exit2dos Review from
Best Buy
August 6, 2021
Great Blood Pressure reader
This was my first blood pressure machine that Ive ever purchased and Im very happy with it. It is very light and portable it uses batteries. I have Hypertension 2 and it helps me monitor my Blood pressure real time. It is super easy to use and has several memory spots to save prior readings. It is also very light with batteries in it. I would highly recommend it.
dannybalanta2013 Review from
December 23, 2017
Omron 7 series BP761 with bluetooth
The Omron 7 series with bluetooth its a good medical device that easily manage the measurements of blood arterial pressure. appliance comes with a two-user storage for data (up to 120 lectures), also read data can be transfered to the Omron wellness app via bluetooth after pairing devices. Go to play store (android) or App store (apple) and download the app! Big screen shows you the systolic and diastolic values, also the screen shows regular or irregular heartbeat and blood stream pulse. Note: Play store wont left you download the app outside US and Canada, but internet offers videotutorials
Cece2021 Review from
October 27, 2021
A okay Monitor for the price
It is really hard to rate this product, since this is my first and only blood pressure monitor. However I do think the reading can be off a tab bit. I take multiple readings just to make sure the numbers are not outrageously different from the previous readings. Its decent if you want an expensive monitor. Make sure you for the directions for the most accurate reading.
Mods Review from
December 18, 2020
Excellent quality, accuracy and user friendly
This is the second OMRON blood pressure machine for me. This one replaced my 10 year old machine that developed a leak somewhere. I like this new one probably even more. First of all, I like the cuff and the ease of installation much better. I like the readout better too. Everything about it is just so user friendly. Even though this new one doesn't come with an AC cord, I just kept the AC cord from the old machine since I prefer using that instead of batteries.
iale9976 Review from
March 24, 2021
Omron blood pressure apparatus- the best!
This is a very reliable, easy to use, precise apparatus. Works on batteries and you can also buy an electric charger separately. You can use fir 2 different people and collect data. . Absolute best. I bought mine on sale and now one for my sister. My mom owned one for 20 years snd I just replaced it with a new version. I recommend it!
redhead33 Review from
Best Buy
August 13, 2021
Great and accurate B/P machine
Excellent price. Reading was exactly the same as the reading in the doctor's office. The doctor was very very pleased with the machine. He told me that the Omron Blood pressure machine is the one he always recommends. I compare the price of the Omron 3 series to other stores. Best Buy had the best price. When I picked it up at the store, the staff was very pleasant and helpful.
steingalls Review from
March 3, 2021
Easy and Accurate
I bought this particular blood pressure monitor because it is one of the higher rated on the market. And I have not been disappointed. It is very easy to use - just put the cuff on your arm and press the start button. It inflates and deflates by itself and provides accurate readings for blood pressure and pulse. It will also detect any irregular heartbeat, and it records 14 of the most recent blood pressure readings. The screen is easy to read as well. If you need a blood pressure monitor, I recommend this one.
rabidbasset Review from
August 25, 2018
Don't mess with blood pressure.
As a Nurse, I know the importance of taking accurate blood pressure readings. Most of the time when you go to the Doctor's office, they take your pressure manually with the inflatable arm cuff and stethoscope. This method is accurate but relies on the skills of the person taking the reading. I've seen bumbling idiots in Nursing School misread pressures by as much as 30 points. Now with the advent of electronic BP machines, do they work, and how accurate are they? The Omron 10 is the best of the bunch and I use one every day to take my reading. It has all of the features you need and the accura
Marjorie Review from
September 27, 2020
Simply and absolutely what we wanted!
It is wonderfully simple! We bought this model because it does NOT have internet access, does NOT ask you to download an "app", does NOT have an irritating flashing digital clock, etc., etc. You simply have to set the date and time initially (a no-brainer). Then ever after you merely move a slide to select user "1" (in this case my wife) or user "2" (me), wrap your arm, and press the button. Your systolic and diastolic pressures--and your pulse rate--are displayed and stored. You can review your history by simply pressing the button longer than a second. A terrific product.
KFetz Review from
June 11, 2021
Blood Pressure . An Understanding
I Purchased On The Recomendation Of My Doctor Requesting I Get A Blood Pressure Machine .. I Researched and Compared On The Site looking At Several .. Reading Reviews . I Chose The Omron 3 Series . It Works . Gives Good Readings . and Are Comparable To The Doctors Readings . I Recommend This System To Upkeep Your Health Simple To Use and Effective
Mark Review from
June 8, 2020
Comfortable and accurate for different bp levels
My physician recommended purchasing an at-home unit to monitor my blood pressure. I picked the Omron 3 series due to the positive reviews, particularly those commenting that the cuff inflation increases responsively and not just to a high preset point. My daughter and I have each tried the unit several times. We have very different bp levels and have found the responsive inflation works very well, greatly increasing the comfort of use. Overall this is a very easy unit to use, providing consistent measurements. Very reasonably priced, too.
James Review from
December 23, 2020
Excellent product.
So far, so good. My previous BP Monitor (another maker) constantly reflected "Eff Cuff" regardless as to whether or not I had properly put it on and adjusted over and over and over again. By the time I would get a reading I was so frustrated that my blood pressure would skyrocket. Not very useful under those circumstances. Also, the cuff on this product is more comfortable. I can not address the other capabilities as I do not use them because I do everything else old school (maintain hard copy log, compute averages with calculator, make copies to mail regularly to my Doctor, etc.).
jerojon Review from
February 25, 2018
OMRON BP - 786N 10 Series BP Monitor
The Omron BP - 786N 10 Series upper arm blood pressure monitor is very accurate, easy to setup and use. I owned two previous monitors, different brands and I find that this one is the best so far, for a home use device. The readings are very accurate, infact it's on Parr with the one at the doctors office. You can easily track previous readings also it's multi user, a great feature. It affords you to preserve your personal readings whilst allowing another user to use the device. For the tech minded users you can use the app along with the Bluetooth feature to remotely access your readings. Con
thezeryon Review from
February 18, 2018
A Pricey Unit But Appears To Be Accurate Upon First Use
This was reviewed on 2/17/18. I have had really bad experiences with wrist-type blood pressure monitors and manual sphymomanometers. The wrist monitors are terribly inaccurate and you cannot take your own blood pressure manually, I don't care what all the tube videos say. I've tried it and it does not work -- your readings will be significantly off if you use a manual sphygmomanometer on yourself. I received the Omron 786N today and it is apparently accurate upon my first three uses. It seems to be reading me right in the range that the clinic does. In a week or so I will take it to the clinic
Janet Review from
August 27, 2021
I couldn't be more pleased with this machine!
After many years, my previous blood pressure machine gave it up. I researched many newer models and this one seemed to be my best choice. I have not been disappointed at all. I like EVERYTHING about it! I highly recommend this machine and am looking forward to many more years of good readings from this machine.
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