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A&D Medical From: UA700CH To: UA700VH - Digital Blood Pressure Monitors: - Cuff Hose: All Monitors (Latex Free) Valve UA Short

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A&D Medical:
UA700CH - UA700VH
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UA700CHDigital Blood Pressure Monitors: - Cuff Hose: All Digital Monitors (Latex Free)Each
UA700VHDigital Blood Pressure Monitors: - Valve Hose: UA ShortEach
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Digital Blood Pressure Monitors: - Cuff Hose: All Digital Monitors (Latex Free)
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Manufacturer A&D Medical
Categories Blood Pressure Cuff, Blood Pressure Monitor Parts, Living Aids Parts, Medical Instruments, Blood Pressure Monitor, Nursing Equipment, Nursing Supplies
Code UA700CH - UA700VH
Require Prescription? No
Store Online Living Aids|Stomabags|Whole Surgical|Wound Treatment
Score: 4.5 from 1 - 5
45 Review
Scott M.M. Review from
June 18, 2021
Review of QardioArm from a physician's perspective
I have now had my QardioArm blood pressure monitor for about 4 weeks. I had ordered my wife the device back before the Christmas holidays. I saw the immediate increase in compliance of blood pressure measurements. I am a physician, internist, in the Charlotte North Carolina area now for 36 years. My focus is primarily on prevention. It has always been a problem getting patients to report their blood pressures and follow-up with me appropriately. I was introduced to this device about 10 months ago from a patient who sent me an email with his blood pressure readings. I have found it most helpful
Daniel G. Review from
March 30, 2021
Pleased it lives up to the positive reviews
My first smart blood pressure monitor was from Withings purchased years ago and I always struggled to get readings reliably and the cuff was uncomfortable. The purchase had me apprehensive to buying a different one, but health has pushed me to try again and I'm glad things worked out. QardioArm reliably gives me readings, is comfortable, and as an added bonus is working with multiple iPhones in the house allowing us share one unit. The app works well enough with my only complaint being with the note entry field. The notes entry field in dark mode makes the editing cursor impossible to see, and
Anonymous Review from
June 9, 2021
Accurate, Awesome and Convenient
I have used my QardioArm for the past couple of years. It is extremely accurate and so convenient to use, whether at home, traveling or at doctors office. It really give a true picture of my blood pressure. I use on a daily basis and always have my readings stored, which are on my cell. The only negative is that after about a 10-12 months, the auto on off, on the cuff stops working. I have had to replace 3 QardioArms due to this issue. If it doesnt turn off you just go thru batteries. Apart from this issue and having to buy new QardioArms, I will continue to use the QardioArm to take my BP due
Dennis T. Review from
November 10, 2021
Daily Must:
For those of us that have high blood pressure the Qardio BP is a absolute blessing. Its easy to use and very accurate. My Cardiologist was very happy to see the daily test results emailed to him quarterly. We have been able to fine tune my medication that has kept my BP at a constant level. I took my blood pressure before my last Doctors appointment and it was close to the BP measurement at doctors office. Very easy to use and inexpensive, I carry my Qardio with me on trips. I have a son that is a Type 1 diabetic and he is now using my Qardio to help keep things close to normal. This is not a
Toho Review from
March 25, 2021
The best smart-device for blood pressure.
Previously, I bought the Omron and the Withings. I still have both of those, because I use a blood pressure machine in different rooms of the house. The primary room is my work area where I have television, computer, files and all of my pre-work out things. This is where I spend 75% of my time during the day. Anyway, the Qardio machine has taken over the sole spot in this, my primary area. The Qardio machine is far more accurate than the others and it is way easier to use. The readout is more elegant and simpler to understand and the app never crashes. For my money, the Qardio is the best BP m
Marked L.H. Review from
October 27, 2020
Hi BP md gets to see
I have been telling my md for a while about my increased BP. Unfortunately every time I went to see him in his office my blood pressure was normal. Now with the use of this device I emailed him all of the blood pressures I have been checking. His nurse commented that it was a neat app. Showing what my blood pressure has been for several weeks. And justifying the increased med dose requested. Now I know I can safely monitor my blood pressure and give the information to my doctor to get advice hopefully my blood pressure will return to normal as I do not wish to have a stroke. Thank you for your
Romo /.S.P.F. Review from
May 4, 2021
Make Blood Pressure Evaluation and Monitoring a Simple Life Saving Experience"
The QuardioArm is an excellently engineered and a quality built Monitor. My device arrived on time and was professionally packaged. It arrived at My Home and within twenty minutes; I unwrapped the device, read the well composed usage directions and completed a competent evaluation of My Blood Pressure. The App features a record keeping Spread Sheet that allows the user to track their blood pressure readings. This valuable feature is worth the full cost of the QardioArm Device itself. I have already encourage several of My Family Members and Friends to consider purchasing a QardioArm. Qardio Pr
Jack D. Review from
December 29, 2020
QardioArm somewhat disappointing
I have used this device for approximately three weeks. I have experienced a few issues which may be user errors or, perhaps, device errors. About 60% of my readings indicate an 'irregular' heartbeat YET my IWatch does not indicate this (ECG readings) nor have I ever been diagnosed with this condition...I am over 75 years old. Also had several errors indicating a 'problem with the test' and had to restart the test. Why no indication of the problem? I also know the device is very sensitive; you must keep your arm extremely still...this is my error. Also I had one test when the test would not sta
Angela H. Review from
March 29, 2021
Ive trying this product for about a month. Im really having trouble getting an accurate reading. It takes too many times to get a reading that seems to closest to the same reading. Theres to much of a big difference in the 3 readings that I feel its not reliable enough. Ive used it on myself and mostly need it for my mom who has high blood pressure and is on 3 high blood pressure medications. It also doesnt always work on her phone app that I set up for her. Its just becomes frustrating and at this point not happy with it. I will be returning it. Im actually bummed about it.
Capo Review from
Best Buy
July 5, 2021
Okay, but not great
Seems to deliver a consistent and reasonably accurate reading. I use the corresponding app on my iPhone which is well designed, stable and syncs with Apple Health. There is an app for Apple Watch, but I find it to be an exercise in frustration trying to get it to connect to the cuff, so I gave up and deleted it. As far as that goes, the cuff itself needs to be reset more often than Id like - this requires prying the cap off the battery compartment, giving it a couple of seconds to drain the charge, then replacing the cap. The device also tends to be a bit battery hungry. I find I get better re
Ray P. Review from
April 28, 2020
Second Unit
The first device was a gift that I received about 5 years ago. It worked find and I checked it for accuracy by comparing it to my doctor's unit a couple of times. It was accurate and worked well but I dropped it a few times and broke the door that holds the batteries in place. It stopped connecting to the phone app whenever I opened the arm cup. I had to pull the batteries out and re--inserted to reset it each time I wanted to use it. I looked at other devices but I decided to purchase the Qardio. I like having the accumulated readings emailed to me. I import the readings into a spreadsheet an
Darlene Review from
December 20, 2020
Peace of mind and heart
I have been using this device for the past few years, and I love it. I have calibrated it with my doctors offices and it is very accurate. It gives me great peace of mind to know where I stand with my blood pressure and pulse every morning. My heart doctor as well as my GP are impressed with this device and its accuracy. I highly recommend it to anyone who needs a blood pressure monitor. Simple and easy to use. You can make notes to look back on, as well as seeing your location at the time. Since I traveled quite a bit it was helpful to know whether certain locations caused any change in my bl
Michael J.K. Review from
May 24, 2021
Qardio blood pressure
I like the concept. A couple things should change. 1 - on off concept of little green light blinking. There should be on light only. The light blinks so fast you cant see it so the cuff may be on your arm and unit is of because you couldnt tell light should be visible while on arm. 2 -cuff is stiff and by the time you get it situated the unit may be off hard to tell other then you app not starting. All this makes pressure go up because its aggravating. If they fix these it would be good unit.
shapter Review from
September 2, 2020
New tech, app-driven automatic blood pressure monitor
This is quite a pricey product when compared to the more standard automatic blood pressure monitors one can buy in eg Boots or over the internet, but it does provide app-driven measurements, some analysis (graphs, averaging, etc) and digital data that can be downloaded. It comes as a fairly neat package and is therefore very portable. Taking measurements can be a little tricky however: I was completely unsuccessful in completing a measurement in my first 10 attempts (which was a little dispiriting), but the placement and fitting around the arm are highly critical. In my case, I have to very lo
Kathy Review from
June 10, 2021
I wanted to live it
I bought QardioArm and Qardiobase. The base no longer accepts updates due to the version and the arm doesnt provide the same BP if I run it 5 times in a row. I love the concept but now just own very expensive techno-junk I keep using because its ridiculous to spend that much again. I spoke w customer service about the base and they offered me 10% off; I took the cuff to my drs office to compare readings and they werent even close. What do I do with that? If you want one and know it has a short shelf life youll be fine. If youre looking for an investment, Im not sure Id do it again.
Buzz F. Review from
March 20, 2021
Very Convenient Blood Pressure Machine
The QardioArm delivers as promised. A very efficient, easy and convenient way to track your blood pressure readings throughout the day. The band fits comfortably and inflates quickly. The readings are accurate. I use the app to take my readings on my iPhone and they automatically transfer to my Apple health app. Sweet!! Sometimes the software in the app gets a big wonky but that's the only complaint I have. A simple reboot of the app fixes the problem.
Michael F. Review from
July 22, 2021
Easy to use, seems more accurate, a bit temperamental
Of all the BP devices, this one seems to be the best one. I like that it will take three measurements and give the average. My only complaint is that sometimes, for no obvious reason, it will not work and I have to take it off and put it on again to get it to work. It will take two of the three measurements and then stop and tell me the unit isnt tight enough or too tight, even though I havent touched anything from the earlier readings. Even so, I have more confidence in this meter arrangements than others Ive used.
Brian Review from
August 23, 2020
Great BP Monitor
I bought a Qardio Arm in 2017 and used it almost everyday. It lasted about 3 years and finally gave out. But that's the length of the warrant and I thought, well, its time to buy another. So I did, and I've had it about 6 months, and its just as good as the first. There are so many pluses about this device. Its superconvenient because the cuff folds into the body of the unit and is easy to store or travel with. It works great and is accurate. I brought it into several doctor appointments and compared it with the reading the nurse got on a standard, conventional blood pressure cuff. Very accura
Amanda I. Review from
February 11, 2020
Love it but one issue with it
Ive used a neighbors QardioArm before I purchased my own. I knew how amazing this Device was beforehand, and worth every penny. My neighbors QardioArm that I was using actually help save my life. It detected a heart issue going on, and I ended up having emergency heart surgery due to paying attention to my blood pressure readings and irregular heart rate. Along with how my body felt. I Had a pacemaker placed at the first of the year. Anyway I received my QardioArm that I purchased after my hospital stay. My issue is that the black cuff gets stuck and tangled with the metal loop with the fabric
mkdlikestoys* Review from
August 7, 2019
I have been an RN/PHN/BSN for a long time. The old fashioned BP cuffs (which are still being used today in a lot of MD offices) are the most accurate of all cuffs, compared to wrist cuffs and other styles of electronic BP measuring devices. I have been using a HomeMedic cuff (with memory recall) in home care services for 4.5 years and it has been relatively efficient and generally accurate. Two months ago the HM cuff was showing a suspect variation of BPs between the right and left arms. I mentioned that to my primary MD, and he used the old fashioned manual cuff of his and verified my suspici
Amy D. Review from
April 25, 2021
Helpful Way to Monitor my BP
I find this a helpful way to monitor my blood pressure. However, I do feel like it runs high. My BP runs on the upper side of normal, sometimes crossing that threshold. However, my husband's BP historically runs nearly exactly normal. With Qardio Arm, my BP is routinely in the yellow and red zones, and my husband's is trending slightly above normal. I am concerned that this is calibrated incorrectly and providing falsely elevated readings.
JonDC Review from
Best Buy
August 6, 2020
It works ..but...
The large brick makes fitting difficult, and difficult to cinch, you practically need someone else to put it on you. The app works great for tracking blood pressure, and allowed you to email that to your doctor, but there's no way to download that otherwise. Also when you email the results to your doctor, it doesn't send the most recent or latest, it sends them all. Which I guess is useful. I just really wish it as smaller, or maybe curved a little to fit on the arm. I'm suspect of the readings because one minute it can be way up and the next way down. Also, you cannot use it anywhere but the
Brian M. Review from
June 2, 2021
Almost perfect
This is my second QardioArm, and I'd give it five stars if it were not my second one. That's primarily because the magnet that signals the QardioArm to shut itself down when the cuff is rolled up tends to take a lot of stress when the cuff is applied. In my first QardioArm, the magnet came loose between the layers of the cuff, which caused me to go through a lot more batteries than normal. It would be great if that design quirk could be fixed somehow. Otherwise, I love it.
Barbara H. Review from
January 11, 2021
It helped get me treatment for a-fib
I was diagnosed with a-fib some years ago and took medication for it until I had to stop due to intestinal bleeding. Last fall I had an episode of high blood pressure while I was at the senior clinic getting my flu shot. I then saw my cardiologist who changed one of my meds and asked me to check back with him in two weeks. I had just started using my Qardioarm so I was able to give him 2 weeks of results. More than half the time my pulse was irregular. He referred me to an electro physiologist who ordered me a heart monitor to wear for a week. The results showed that I was baseline a-fib with
Timothy P. Review from
May 17, 2021
Ive gone through several blood pressure monitors and they were all so awful that they actually made my blood pressure go UP! (Dont ever buy anything HoMedics - my experience was awful and a waste of my money.) The QUARDIO however, is amazing! Works every time. Easy to understand and operate. Simple instructions. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a quality and amazing product!
June L. Review from
May 13, 2017
The Most Accurate & Beautiful Mobile Blood Pressure Monitor
I bought a QARDIOARM even though I live in Vietnam where there is no QARDIOARM dealer at all. The reason I selected QARDIOARM to be my next monitor is because of the inaccuracy of the blood pressure results of prevailing wrist and upper arm mounted monitors. Though upper arm mounted monitors are known to be somewhat more accurate than wrist mounted monitors, the cuff pressure of an upper arm monitor transmits to the central unit through a long hose, therefore, it is inevitable that the result is inaccurate. That's the reason I selected QARDIOARM as my next monitor replacing the one I had befor
Jeffrey B. Review from
July 23, 2021
Noisy little bugger
Love this machine. Beautiful design and easy to use. The first time I used itn I was expecting to be totally silent like my Omron wrist machine, but nope this sucker is pretty loud. I think it may be even louder the "regular' machine style that sits on table, if you know what I mean. Once this noise issue is resolved, then I'll give it a 5 star.
RC A. Review from
May 6, 2021
Convenient But Short Battery Life
While the unit is convenient to take and record blood pressure readings, the advertised 12-month battery life is completely incorrect as mine died in less than a month from receiving it, and that was with me keeping it tightly wrapped up between uses as instructed. Wrapping it up in the cuff does NOT block blue tooth signals from goi h to the unit so it is constantly waiting to connect which drains the batteries quickly. The unit needs to be rechargeable instead of having to continuously purchase more batteries each month.
David H. Review from
June 24, 2021
The jury's still out
The concept of the Qardio is good but to me, the only advantage is that it records the results. It's not any faster than a standard cuff and appears to be just as accurate. But like the title here, the jury's still out. I would recommend the Qardio, especially if it's necessary to record the results but for routine checking of the BP, probably not so much. I only submitted this review because Qardio sent a second request for it.
Matthew Review from
November 1, 2019
I am an influencer.
My Primary Care Doctor and his PA sang praises to my name when they saw that Ive been using this amazing artifact of the future to monitor my hypertension. He even said hes going to recommend it to (and maybe purchase it for) his other patients who need it, as well as QardioBase. I dont need a royalty check or anything; you guys can just consider it a good gesture from a pillar of the community. Even though I only bought it and used it like hundreds of thousands of other people, I would be willing to bet that not too long from now, the American Medical Association will award me for making this
MAI❤️Care Review from
October 28, 2020
I love it! I got one first for my husband and I got another one for myself. His blood pressure going yo-yo and needs monitoring. The Qardio is the best one we got so far. I suggested for him to take it when he visit his MD to make comparison with their BP Monitor. He able to shared the results to his MD on his Qardio app on his phone. The result of comparison on his MD BP the accuracy is 99. Percent. She changed his pills and now the reading much better and help keep my mind at ease! I highly recommend, reasonable, sleek design and you can take it with you when you travel... its compact. Next
Clark P. Review from
June 4, 2021
Clever but inconvenient on/off switch
Once you've figured out how to wrap the sleeve around the block of electronics and get it on your arm, it's nice to have the recorded history of readings on your iphone. The measuring process is quick, once the band is in place around your arm. But each time you need to wrap up the band and then re-size it the next time; very inconvenient! And especially so because the band is awkward to put on your arm in the first place.
Gaynell M. Review from
February 8, 2021
Stop working
Well I bought one from Dillards Dept Store October 2020 it quit working in December 2020 I replaced the battery with new ones I went through the steps of checking it over & over again. I work at a hospital so I even took it to work one of the doctors checked it out said apparently its defective. I have emailed QardioArm numerous time they keep asking the same questions have you tried this heck Ive tried everything!! Its very frustrating!! I even ask where do I return for repair sent my contact number. Cant get any help from the company. How do they expect good reviews when customers service su
Clare L. Review from
October 6, 2016
How a convenient device helps me understand my health
I like Qardio though I use 30 mins to figure out the unfolded cuff which I carelessly did upon unwrapping the product. However, I liked it soon after trying taking the blood pressure. The reason is I have my neat and smart designed device. You know Hosp staff do not bother to measure in an accurate way, that is the manometer close to heart level. This device elimates these human laziness and carelessness with the smart design. I even tell myself that I will bring my own device if I am admitted into hospital within this 3 years, because of personal hygiene and constant reliable comparison of my
Dan A. Review from
October 26, 2020
love everything about it!
Quardio arm is very easy to use - love the integration with my iphone so that i can automatically track results - no need to keep a separate log. The unit itself is sleek - and pretty simple to attach - most importantly the readings are in line with the results from my doctors office. Having the ability to set the machine to automatically take up to 3 readings and then average the score is also convenient. This is the first home blood pressure monitor i have purchased - but from my research it really is the version 2.0 of monitors - seems like a much more current solutions than the monitors i
ohana25 Review from
Best Buy
October 10, 2020
Loved the design and software, but...
I was so excited to receive this product and really wanted it to work as advertised. I read the manual and watched the videos. I made sure to follow all directions to the best of my ability. From the very first try, I found the cuff to over pressure the squeeze to point of causing pain in my upper arm. When my wife tried it, she received a bruise. I loved the design concept and the software, but this unit could not give me a reliable BP and actually caused severe pain. I cannot recommend it. I returned it within a week of owning it.
Ron D. Review from
October 28, 2020
Good concept, but does not work well
I received the the Qardio Arm a few weeks ago. The concept of pairing it with your phone and data integration with Apple Health were exactly what I was looking for. Unfortunately my unit burned through a set of four AAA batteries every few days. I would turn the unit off by wrapping the cover tightly as directed. That didn't help. I was advised by Qardio support that I can return the unit if I pay shipping. Perhaps my unit is has a unique defect not inherent in others but between the cost of 12 AAA batteries and shipping, my experience with this product and company was very unfavorable.
Jeffrey S. Review from
September 7, 2021
Difficult to place on arm.
The device, no matter how I put it on, consistently gives inconsistent readings. Also the little Q tab keeps falling off and is a pain to have to keep putting it back on. The cuff also seems too wide and is difficult to prepare it to slip onto my arm. It tends to get stuck while getting it ready for my arm. This is a replacement device and the first one was easier to open snd slip onto my arm.
No n. Review from
February 3, 2021
Easy to Use
Purchased online at their website after my husband found his to be very accurate comparing to his Primary Care Practice manual BPs. Was less than cost on Amazon plus extra money off coupon via my Honey App. Liked the fact that it offered money back Id refer others. Easy to use. Required a smart phone and I have one. Extremely easy to pair to my phone. Now using App and BP cuff I can show my physician BO trends to help manage my hypertension. Even better - I am a physician and will highly recommend to patients. Plan on buying for all my family members as gifts.
SARITA A. Review from
January 26, 2022
Great, but rechargeable would be nice! Please.
I am on my 3rd Qardioarm. First one: I wore it out! LOL! It lasted for 5 years. 2nd one was defective (false irregular HR), but they sent me a replacement, which is working great! I only wish I didn't have to use so many batteries! So eco-dumb. I'll get #4 when this is resolved!!
Russ M. Review from
June 8, 2020
Fantastic Device!
The QardioArm has been a fantastic device to use. It is so easy and intuitive to use. The auto-on and auto-off behavior makes "forgetting" to power-it-down a non-issue. I used it to collect two weeks of blood pressure results at various times during the day -- some single results and some averaged results. I took the printout of these values to my annual wellness exam with my primary care doctor. He was very impressed and his reading in the office exactly matched the reading I took at home right before going to the appointment. I couldn't be happier with this product.
Keith H. Review from
September 4, 2020
Simple. Accurate. Reliable.
I purchased Qardio after my doctor recommended that I monitor my blood pressure at home after getting a slightly elevated reading in the doctors office. Qardio is really simple to use. I also love its ability to take multiple readings to ensure an accurate result. And after taking my readings for several weeks, its proven to be reliable. After sending my optimal readings to my doctor we found that the staff was taking my blood pressure too soon, when I was nervous. Theyll change the procedure for me in future visits. Nice!
Review from
September 14, 2020
Easy to use and fairly accurate
I've used these for about 5 years. Every now and then the readings seem a bit wrong, but it's easy to take another to correct/confirm. I've had a couple of quality issues. The first one I owned sometimes didn't switch on properly - just annoying. Opening and closing the battery cover would switch it on. The second one (which I've just bought) regularly reports an error and needed to be replaced. On the positive side, Qardio were very responsive to emails and we managed to conclude it was a faulty unit within a day, and they are sending a replacement plus postage paid return envelope so they ca
T. C.L. Review from
September 16, 2021
What a great upgrade!
I was using a different unit which finally stopped working. I decided to try these and they are super. The accuracy is much better and having the history is a super nice feature. The settings to allow three sittings seems to be very accurate and exact. I used to have to take two minimum to get the right info.. this unit solved that issue.
Willard G.C. Review from
May 7, 2019
This is a good unit
I bought the QardioArm to enable taking blood pressure measurements with the hopes that I would learn my patterns to facilitate discussions with my physician. At the same time, I was participating in a Cardiac Rehabilitation program following a heart attack in December. The blood pressure readings from the QardioArm device were consistently higher than those taken at the same time by the RN. Systolic readings were between 20 and 35 unit differences between QardioArm and manual method employed by the RN. Diastolic readings were different, but not as dramatic. I was told that the manual method l