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American 3B Scientific - U11398 - Electrodes for ECG/EMG

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American 3B Scientific:
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Electrodes for ECG/EMG, Set of 30 - Each
Electrodes for ECG/EMG, Set of 30 - Each
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Manufacturer American 3B Scientific
Categories Cardiac Monitor Parts, ECG Electrode, Medical Equipment Parts
Code U11398
Sold By Each
Require Prescription? No
Store Whole Surgical
Score: 4.8 from 1 - 5
47 Review
Steve Review from
August 12, 2021
What I needed
I had a stand that had been stored for many years, during which time the "feet" had rusted badly. I wanted to use the stand for my table saw with cast iron top. I also wanted to add casters to be able to move it around the shop. I ended up using 1/4" thick angle iron the wrap the leg bases and had to weld a piece of 1/4" plate to the bottoms to mount the casters. These rods were great. Just scratched the rust enough to make good contact and the rods did the rest. They make a fantastic joint, floating all the contaminates out in the slag. A shot of zinc cold galvanize to maintain their integrit
Frank Review from
April 4, 2020
Good general purpose rod.
What a lot of people don't realise is that the required amps goes up exponentially with increasing diameter. This 3/32 rod is perfect for small inverter welders (DC) and AC Buzzboxes. It only requires 50 to 80amps to run this rod! This rod is perfect for dirty/rusty/galvanised steel. If you want maximum penetration run it with the electrode +ve (DC+), if you want a nice bead with shallow penetration then swap the polarity (DC-). This is usually done by swapping the leads on small machines. A lot of 110V mig welders have a stick welding function and this rod is perfect for these machines. This
Chuck Review from
November 19, 2021
10 lbs should last a long time
This is my second purchase of these welding rods. The first time I bought the 2 lb package. I would say i am between a beginner and intermediate skill level but these rods work well for my purposes. It is easy to strike an arc and maintain it.
doug Review from
February 24, 2022
I was working on a dirty rusty project. I like to start out these jobs with a 6010 to blow out rust, paint, grease, and whatever and get good penetration. I have an inverter welder but don't know if it will handle 6010's for this root pass so I tried these. Results are very good
Sparky Review from
January 18, 2021
Sparks Metal Fusion
The 6011 welding rod is useful for jobs that require deep penetration, no matter the position or welder setup. It is a solid all-around welding rod. Because it is an iron rod, it is useful for most kinds of iron and mild steel. I can handle just about anything with the Vulcan 6011 rods found at Harbor Freight
Roadgear Review from
November 10, 2020
same performance as other brands used in 65 years as welder
I have burned through thousands of # of rods in my 65+ years of engineering and building over 27 massive projects. The biggest a 37 foot long 10 foot wide weighing 2 1/2 tons. This underwater dredge is powered by 2 industrial engines, that machine digs 6 deep under water to clean out sludge in harbors and channels and pumps the slurry to shore.
Metalmolt Review from
April 29, 2020
Great Quality Cheap
I love the quality and value of Vulcan's welding consumables. When i can pay a fraction of the cost of the big brands and have the same or most times better quality then the big name brands its a WIN! Smooth arc starts,great bead profile and production of xray quality welds are a must for me and thanks to Vulcan consumables it can be achieved without breaking the bank.
Terry Review from
April 13, 2021
Good all around welding rods for dirty and clean welding
Melts down quick, strong bonding to service. I was very amazed at how hard the weld was and stayed on the surface once cooled. Would recommend trying for great value
Mark Review from
July 21, 2021
Smart to stock a popular deep running rod.
It's popular because it works for intended requirement. Store also stocks the 7013 popular shallow running rod probably for the same 2 choices in rods.
Justin Review from
October 10, 2019
Amazing rod.
Amazing rod, just had to weld a 2 inch solid block of steel. 6011 is meant as a penetrating rod. Make sure you get the whipping motion down. Just look up 6011 welding tips on YouTube and youll see a plethora of people showing you how to do it. I reccomend chucke2009 because you can follow his little series for beginners.
Mach tools. Review from
April 10, 2020
Welding rods
My existing rods must have gotten damp, due to being stored in my shed. From what I understand, rods can go bad if this happens. I had a difficult starting and sticking. Ran to harbor freight. No problems.
Victor Review from
March 2, 2019
Functional and inexpensive
I,ve welded a long time, and while I always had access to equipment to do SMAW, I never tried it. Well recently, I got motivated and gave it a shot. Got these 6011 rods and some 6013. Without having anything for comparison, all I can say is they work. After a shaky start, I was able to put down some beads, and successfully welded two pieces of 3/16" steel together.
Al Review from
March 22, 2019
worthy product
been a welder for 55 years to present welding shop owner. There are welding projects where a stick electrode is best used. I find the Vulcan 1/8 6011 electrode easy to strike and maintain the weld puddle with arc stability on low and high amp settings. Excellent penetration with my DC polarity machine.
Jonathan Review from
September 9, 2019
So far good for a beginner.
I haven't welded since high school. Recently received a arc welder. At first I was having issues sticking rods, but I'm sure that was from lack of practice on my part. Yesterday 9-8-19 used half a package of these rods practicing starting arc and laying lines. Work well for dirty rusty scrap metal.
Danny Review from
July 27, 2021
I just like Harbor Freight period. Tons of good deals
Anything I buy at Harbor Freight, I end up buying again. I'm 65 years old. I know a good deal when I see it.
Review from
December 27, 2020
E6011 welding rods
Wasn't sure how these rods would burn, but went ahead and bought them anyways. After trying them I was really quite impressed with them. Will definitely buy more of them in the future.
MB Review from
June 1, 2019
Welding rod burned well
I purchased these for testing a used arc welder I purchased. I only burned one rod, but it burned and flowed well all the way down the entire length of the rod. If the rest of these rods burn as well and the 7018 rods I purchased I will certainly keep them in mind when I need more. Time will tell.
Toolman Review from
August 28, 2021
Good Price
I'm just learning to weld and HF has the best price I can find for smaller containers of weld rods. They seem to work fine in my limited experience.
George Review from
March 22, 2020
Good for the money
Being a novice welder I got alot to learn. But practice makes even the hardest things easier. Got this to use with HF 80amp inverter. Works well so far.
Travis Review from
March 26, 2021
Great rod
Great for rusted, painted, or just plain nasty stuff. Does not give you a beautiful bead, but get the job done when all it needs is a strong weld.
Frank Review from
January 26, 2021
1/8 in. AWS E6011 Welding Electrode, 10.00 lb.
This electrode worked very well for my purpose. The technician had ordered a heavier one but fell in love with this when he began using it.
Jim Review from
November 28, 2020
Less expensive than the leaders in tools
Work like they should. New to welding so the cost of these rods is what attracted me to them. They are less expensive than the competition brands.
Paramesh Review from
January 16, 2019
Great Value for electrodes
Only welding people know how affordable and functional it is. In the mean time if you want better quality, be ready to pay much higher price even three time more. Therefore, I define as great value. And of-course it does the great job.
Hector Review from
April 8, 2021
Welding rods
If you new welding, this is the product you sure get make welding so easy like melting butter. If you profesional, you know it
Vernon Review from
May 12, 2020
Where do you get your electrodes for welding?
These electrodes are just fine for the price and quantity. At Harborfeight you get twice as much for even a lower price. Yes Indeed I Will Buy Them Again.
Frank B, Review from
March 18, 2021
really love h. freight
rod starts easy, maintains current & flow Great weld rod!!!!!! Frank B.
Michael Review from
April 20, 2020
Worked perfectly for the work
Great rod for at home jobs. I'm in school learning to weld so I don't know how these would do in a professional setting but I had to fix a battery bracket on a dirt bike and they welded right though the paint and dirt and made a solid weld.
LB Review from
September 7, 2021
Neatly perfect.
Nearly perfect electrode for tack welding old rusty casement pipemy welding skills are far from perfect though!
BirdOfPrey Review from
January 25, 2020
Seems pretty decent.
New to stick welding, so can't really say but... I thought the individual rods would last a bit longer. Compared to the wire HF sells, these rods seem far superior. Aside from that issue, I feel I got good value for my money.
Luis Review from
June 11, 2020
Great rods, never disappoint.
I prefer Vulcan over any other welding rod due price and quality, best bang for your buck. My favorite is 7018 but 6011 and 6013 also have a place in my tool box.
Buzzsaw30 Review from
July 6, 2021
Great rods
These rods burn real smooth, nice layer of slag. I'd say they are only bested by lincoln rods.
Jim Review from
May 29, 2021
Works just like they should
Great for the money! easy to strike. very good brand will be buying more ! ! !
Mikeymike Review from
July 23, 2020
Works Great. No problem at all. Best if you strike the rod
Works Great. No problem at all. Best if you strike the rod
Ozark007 Review from
November 8, 2019
Work great for welding sucker rod fence
These really work well for welding sucker rod fence and other small projects. You cant beat the price and the quantity either. Drop into Harbor Freight and pick up a pack just to have on hand!
Kornbread Review from
December 29, 2021
Good rods..!!!!
But again the bottom is busted out of the rod holder. Damp rods are no good so Vulcan step your game up on the boxes.
Phil Review from
November 29, 2019
Rods strike clean. Slag breaks off clean easy
Rod strikes easy. Burns clean with minimal splatter. Slag breaks off clean as it cools.
Cee Review from
September 8, 2019
easy use welding rod
I have a small garden cart and the handle was cracked. I use these rods to Weld it back together so it would be able to be used again. I am just a novice welder but these Welding rods I was able to do a pretty decent job.
Fred Review from
April 27, 2020
Excellent product for the money
The product it's self is great, the packaging could be better, screw on container vs the snap on, to protect the electrodes from ambient moisture.
Bo Review from
January 3, 2022
Love the product and the store cuz it's close by
Love the product that's why I was looking for to get the job done cheap and reliable
Mr Yang Review from
November 16, 2020
good deal
I needed a few rods and checked at Homedepot,TSC, and Aywoods and they were very high , I didnt really want chinese rods but I got them, been welding for 40 years and these rods are as good as any
Gunner Review from
May 21, 2020
just started back to welding and these are good welding rods
Just started welding again I,m a DYI so The cost of the rods were a good buy and they are doing what I need. I'm enjoying them.
CHUCK Review from
April 8, 2021
I have used these for many yrs. THEY WORK GREAT. buy here
Munawar Review from
November 23, 2021
Good welding sticks
Good welding sticks. Just as good as any other namebrand.
Ron Review from
March 15, 2021
Works great
Especially with lower amperage welders , starts well, and burns hot for good penetration.
Dan Review from
November 28, 2017
Good all-around rod
I was welding some brackets and I had to be able to stick the electrode into a tight space. They burned in nicely inspite of the less than perfect metal finish. Nice addition to the ubiquitous rods on my cart..
Paul Review from
July 13, 2021
Great product
Works great for welding. Had some small parts to repair & this did the job well.
Mike Review from
October 4, 2018
Works very well. Quality products, for the working man. Can't go wrong here. And YES. I would definitely recommend this product
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