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C2R Global Manufacturing - RX2.5W/SEC - Rx Destroyer™ 2.5 Gallon Wall Mount with Security Cable

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Rx Destroyer™ 2.5 Gallon Wall Mount with Security Cable
More Information
Manufacturer C2R Global Manufacturing
Categories Biohazard Waste Management, Pharmaceutical Disposal System
Code RX2.5W/SEC
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Require Prescription? No
Store Whole Surgical
Score: 4.5 from 1 - 5
48 Review
Joseph Review from
January 8, 2022
Works on Camcorder
My HF G60 Canon camcorder plays this without any vignetting at a full zoom of 15x. It produces high quality video. I first used it on 12/18/2021 and the results, in not the best of lighting, were outstanding. I cannot see how the Canon lens at twice the price can do much better, though I have no empirical evidence to substantiate that. It certainly outdid my Panny FZ 2500 in video. A good lens at a good price.
JT SWMN Review from
January 13, 2016
Raynow HD-7000
I needed a wide angle lens to shot a dance show. Being were I had to shot from the lens on the G30 didn't cover the area I needed to shot. I added this lens and I was able to shot the whole stage. The lens works well in low lignt as well as out doors. A little fish eye when zoomed out but just tap the zoom button a little and that it's gone. The lens does such a good job I leave it on the G30 all of the time. Con's: The only con is the lens is heavy. The weight makes it a little harder to hand hold the CC for any lenght of time. That's were a good tripod comes into play. But still doable in ru
mdifanis Review from
January 7, 2012
Great value
I purchased this for a Canon XA10 as an alternative to the Canon .8x wide-angle adapter. I have not subjected it to scrutiny with artificial test patterns, but after some quick side-by-side shooting comparisons with and without the adapter, image quality appears to be very good in 1080p. It does introduce slight barrel distortion at the edges, but nothing offensive unless one is doing upscale architectural work. The added field of view is handy for capturing much more sweeping views of inside rooms, shooting in a vehicle, or if one had to shoot an interview on the go in very tight quarters. Th
Randy the Teacher Review from
August 3, 2010
Solid Addition to Your Bag of
I have the Canon Vixia HF S20 which has pretty poor natural wide-angle capability. In my opinion a lens like this is a must. It really opens up your shooting, both indoors for tight shots and outdoors for wide Panoramas. I actually bought both the Raynox HD-7000 Pro and the Canon WD-H58 so I could try them both. I only tried them both for a couple of days before I made my decision, but this is what I found: Both did an excellent job fully zoomed out. I have a new 1080p Samsung TV that I viewed some test results and neither lens showed noticeable distortion when at max wide-angle. When I zoomed
Steve from Canada, eh Review from
March 5, 2015
Great selection, competitive prices
You will form your own opinion, but for the record: B&H has a great selection, competitive prices, knowledgeable(and helpful) staff. Even with the CDA / US exchange rate, plus duty, the price was the best I could find! As confirmed by the staff (via online chat), the Raynox HD-7000 Pro 58mm High Quality Wideangle Conversion Lens works with my Canon HF G30. The wide angle is exactly what I wanted (needed) for the tight working space I have. The shipment arrived on time and in excellent condition. Check it out. Steve.
FISHITS Review from
November 7, 2016
Raynox Wins
I was reluctant to purchase Raynox when my search began for a WA to use with the Canon XA30. To be honest, it was always my impression that Raynox was not that decent. Well, as my search began, I really had no choice, due to very few 58mm adapters being available. I took a leap of faith and am pleasantly surprised. The adapter is solid, well built and delivers with great images. I am happy.
Review from
March 8, 2010
Perfect field of view
My Canon Legria/Vixia HFS10 had a very narrow field of view, which was very annoying since it meant I always had to back away from the subject I was shooting. This lens cured that problem instantly. In fact, it gives a field of view that is nearly the same as what I see with my bare eyes - in other words it's perfect for my use. I would not go back to shooting without this lens - it just looks and feels much more natural to work with the wide angle lens on. The resulting video has that professional touch, which a narrow field of view out-of-the-box camcorder just can't compete with. It is rugg
Review from
July 29, 2010
Works Great with an HV40
I use the product to shoot soccer games and it produces so much more of the image, without totally exacerbating the zoom. That was an important aspect for me when I was shopping for wide angle lenses. I saw test shots of this lens and it does not disappoint. There is no noticeable difference in quality of the zoom function with the lens on and off. It works great and it was not as heavy as a expected from reading the other reviews. I definitely recommend. No complaints. Oh but be sure to check your filter thread because if it doesn't fit that of the lens then you need to buy an adapter ring, w
Starmaker Review from
December 8, 2010
Mighty little lens
Pros: No apparent vignetting, Overall great lens Cons: Few lens hood options, Heavy Other thoughts: I use this lens constantly. In fact, it enhances the field of view so well that I seldom remove it from the camera. The only frustrating thing about the lens is the fact that it is difficult to find a wide angle DV camcorder hood that will fit it. If you are okay with using a tulip flower hoods, there are many 82mm versions available, but no screw on wide angle DV hoods. I have only found one compression style hood that will fit it from Cavision (LH100P), but this hood still requires a 100mm to
Turbolz Review from
October 11, 2010
Very good product
The idea was to sell my HV20 NTSC and buy a new video DSLR. But the change is very very expensive.So I wait and go on with this Raynox 7000pro. The product for the price is excellent.I leave it always on the camera.For the very close shoot it improve the DOF :) . And sometimes, because the raynox is larger then the position of the autofocus sensor you can have a very nice focusing effect. The lost of quality of the image mounting the Raynox is very very little. Very satisfied.You have to buy a "shelter" for the sun (sorry for my english). raynox cause flickering. Hi
Robert Review from
January 26, 2012
Well made, good quality.
I brought this product for my Canon Legria camcorder, it has a 58mm thread and is easy to attach to the camcorder. I chose this product instead of the Canon wide angle converter because the Raynos lens has an 82mm filter thread on the front. The Canon lens is appearently very good but it does not have a filter thread on the front like this one does. This lens works well, giving a good wide angle with no obvious distortion and no vignetting. It is sturdy and well made.
PapaZ Review from
November 15, 2010
Great Lens for video; stills not so much
The lens really gave me what I wanted in wide angle for my Canon HF100 HD video camcorder. I think it should be standard equipment for most folks especially if you intend to shoot your kids sports for example. I was disappointed in the lens' still performance. Depending on the zoom I caught some rim in the photos and had noticeable bird's eye distortion. It does come with a nice case and various adapters to attach to your camera. It does what I needed for a great price but for stills not so much.
Phil Review from
May 22, 2012
Not bad.
The standard threads on the lens are 37mm, but it comes with multiple adapters, including a 37mm to 37mm adapter. If that adapter is used, I found there to be some minor vignetting in the corners with the camera I'm using (Sony HDR xr260). With out the adapter the smaller lens touches the camera body. I ended up using a very thin washer/spacer to prevent the lens from touching. Other than that the only issue that some might not like is the barrel distortion.
hans_gruber_1 Review from
November 24, 2016
Perfect extension lens
I'm using this lens on my 4k camera, nice sharp from center up to edges. Paid $420 but worth every cent, nice ultra wide 180 degrees made from my 4K sony camera cinematic look perfect sharp picture. Simple amazing
OriKuper Review from
February 13, 2011
Great wide angle HD lens!
i use this product for skydiving videography, and it is a great lens. high quality glass, looks good on SD and HD, and there is no distortion of the image. after comparing it to some of my older (cheaper) lenses, it has an angle that is almost equivalent to some older (non Raynox) 0.45X lenses. awesome lens, not too cheap but not super expensive either. cons-a just a little too bulky and heavy, but maybe it has to be built like that in order to give the very good quality of the image.
GARY Review from
December 19, 2011
Not for still photos
Don't be tempted to use this lens for shooting still photos. I'm sure it's fine for video but there is just enough distortion that it shows up clearly in still photos. I needed to correct for curvature using lens correcting software, then cropping back the image. Final result was always still a little fuzzy and not much wider than the lens that I was attaching it to. For video (it's intended use), it'll be just fine.
Review from
August 2, 2010
Best in every catogory
I do alot of instructional video but wanted to get in close without cutting my head off in the process,and this lens gave me what i needed. I did a huge amount of research and for the money this is the one to get,saved me alot of cash without giving up quality and it goes without saying,it;s wonderful for large group shots or landscapes. I have a Canon hf s100 and if i had to complain,it would be that the lens blocks the built in flash on the camcorder,but i never use it for taking pictures anyway and if i ever just had to i would simply take the lens off. Very good product and recomend it ove
Review from
June 8, 2011
Always think what you really want
This device make my wild nature scenes better, but weight of camera... Each time when we try increase options of our camera we are not forget check other side of it. I satisfy & recommend this lens to other Canon users, but small tripod & remote control now add to my bag. Also remember that part of camera flash now close by Raynox Lens (like any other too) & you can't use it when you need & need buy external flash.
Twisterbret Review from
July 8, 2010
High Quality lens!
This works great on my Canon HFS100. It make the camera front heavy but it doesn't bother me in the least. HFS100 has poor steady shot, the weight of this lens really helps things out. The lens is large and if you have a small bag, make a note of that. It also blocks the almost useless light the Canon has built-in. I would Buy this lens again again. When folks see me filming with the lens, they know I mean business!
Uranium City Films Review from
March 27, 2011
Great wide adapter
Use this on my Canon Vixia HFS100. Leave it on permanently. Sharp throughout the zoom range, adds a great deal of weight which helps with handheld stability, no chromatic aberrations or vignetting. Seems to be a great point between the cheapo wide adapters and the Canon wide adapter at twice the price.
Review from
February 22, 2012
Simple, functional, gret price
I purchased this lens for an HD video camera for the sole purpose of filming skydiving. The previous ratings and price are what got my attention. I needed to call B&H to get some technical advice. The staff was extremely helpful and made sure the product got to me as expeditiously as possible.
Review from
August 3, 2011
Double fun with 3-D
I purchased two of these lenses for my Fuji W3 stereo camera. Now I can capture much more area in my interior shots than before. These lenses have better resolution than my other similar wide lenses. They are heavier and larger than my other lenses but that is necessary for the superior performance.
TR Review from
January 12, 2011
Transforms my Canon G9!!
Didn't want to travel with an SLR, so I purchased this lens with an adaptor for my Canon G9. I'm very happy with the image quality especially when used in conjunction with various filters. Vignetting is an issue at times. However, I do a lot of post production in Photoshop so I don't really mind. Great lens!
superseer Review from
December 4, 2012
Essential accessory
My only regret is not buying this wide angle conversion lens much earlier. Vastly increases the shooting range of my little HF100 camcorder, especially in tight spaces. Good design and build.
Subly Review from
January 20, 2010
The wide angle for Consumer Camcorders
I purchased this lens last month from BHPhoto. I am using it on an my Canon HV30 camcorder. The HD 7000 lens is solid and heavy and has a feel of being very well built. The image is perfectly sharp from edge to edge even when zoomed at TELE. I am very happy with this lens, and definately recommend this one in your video accessories.
Miki Review from
December 11, 2009
This is you need ! , (not the 0.7x)
I bought the SONY 37/30mm x0.7 WIDE-END CONVERSION LENS as well as this one and I HAVE COMPARED using my SONY HDR CX520. The 0.7x in some conditions not provides a enought wide angle that you will have with this 0.5x. There is no significant image distorsion and you can use all zoom interval. A good money inversion, the lens all cams need, a new world for your images...
Review from
July 7, 2010
matched expectations
I keep the lens on the camcorder HF-S21 at all times as it does what I expected it to do. It does expand the angle without visible distortion. It also helps stabilize the hand while recording. It also brings a nose-down tendency which requires a bit of effort to compensate (that's why I rated it 4 rather than 5). Good buy, overall!
thailandstef Review from
August 1, 2011
I use this on a Sony SR7 and Canon HV30 for land and underwater filming... No vignetting and full zoom capacity, couldn't be happier ! The star it lost is due to plastic parts, especially the adapter ring that are kinda flimsy and fragile and easily stick if you screw 'em on a little too tight...
Off-Roader Review from
December 27, 2010
First Wide Angle
Great for shooting in tighter spaces so you can capture more of the scene. The included adapter rings fit perfectly. I needed the 43mm adapter to attach to my JVC GZ-HD30U. Now I can get the shots I want without having to stand at the other end of the room. Couldn't be happier.
Review from
May 1, 2011
Wide Angle Converter Lens
Works great with my Canon HF S200 HD camera Quality parts, fits perfectly everytime. Does an excellent job of making my camera angle wider No distortion even at full zoom There are many video reviews of this product on youtube that pursuaded me to buy it, and I am glad I did. I would recomend a UV filter for the wide end of the lens to protect it from dust and scratches
darsmith Review from
September 16, 2010
Great Wide Angle Adapter for Canon HF100
I use this on my Canon HF100 HiDef camcorder. It works great with all zoom settings with no noticable vignetting. Nice clear lens. Great adapter for a modest price. Nice for indoor close quarter shooting.
Richard Review from
September 4, 2011
Good wide angle for the price
well built lens and considering the price a good option over the OEM lens - this is NO OEM lens so expect a slight loss in optical performance but I stress SLIGHT because for most applications you won't notice any difference - it's well built and heavy, plus slightly larger than the OEM's so it can block a video light that sets low on the camera. Get a GOOD Quality protective filter and take time to mount because you can cross thread easily - I use this lens on the Canon HFS-100 and HFG-10 with no issues.
PhilipG Review from
June 7, 2010
Good lens good choice
The lens fits perfectly and the wideangle is good. When you fully zoom in you will see that the edges become blurry but this lens is not a lens to fully zoom in with. The lens also blocks the light of the camera but this happens with all wide angel lenzes. It is strong but heavy
Jimmy da Greek Review from
July 21, 2008
Save Yourself Some Money
I purchased this lens to use with my Sony HDR-SR11 camcorder which I use primarily as a stand-a-lone camera for many of the events that I film. The HD-7000Pro is a solid and well built High Def Lens, with no vignetting throughout the full range of the lens or loss of light on this Sony camcorder. This is a great lens for the price without breaking the bank on. You will need a adapter ring on the all very happy with the purchase. I own several of the Raynox lens and like the quality of their product.
racinbloke Review from
March 1, 2010
Good bang for the buck
Good product, not good for close up POV shooting ... you need a fisheye lens. That being said it is a good quality product that functions as described. I have nothing to compare it with but is of good build quality, zooms through the entire range with no problem. Would recommend.
sspilker Review from
December 21, 2009
Works great with Canon HF S11
Provides much wider group shots. Works well as long as you don't try to zoom in all the way (why would you, it's a wide angle lens). Good price compared to the Canon wide angle. Heavier than I expected, but it's fine on a tripod. End heavy just hand held. Recommended.
Review from
March 5, 2009
Lens works great
Image quality on my Vixia hs10 in full 1060 30p shooting shows great color, sharpness, and saturation as well with little distortion at the widest setting and no fall off in the corners. I use it to document social events and does a great job showing large group in big spaces and the activities going on. Also it zooms though the full range of from tight to wide shots with no problems, and great for walking with the camera on a stabelizer
Review from
March 2, 2010
THis wide angle lens delivers as promised. I get a super wide and view and a stury metal attachment. It screws on to my UV filter which screws into my sony camcorder. It works great for group shots so that I dont need to tell people to squeeze together and it works really good in small rooms. I am a novice so I cant speak to the quality of the lens but I am happy.
Granpa Review from
August 26, 2012
HD-7000 pro 58mm o.7x High QualityLens
I bought this lens to use in my outdoor video shots & I find It works great. The only thing I find is that I can't use zoom to much besides that I would'nt be without it now. I highly recommend this product to anyone.
ilay Videoman Review from
June 27, 2011
On Canon XA10... Very wide
It's a great conversion lens, very nice design, good grip and fits perfectly on my Canon XA10. Although you can expect a light blur on edges from all lens' like this, this wide lens blurred areas disappear with a bit of zoom in.
Review from
April 7, 2010
Nice clear Picture
I use my Vixia HF S10 at my community theater and the lens allows me to capture more the stage at once. The increased viewing angle is great with no distortion or loss of quality. It is too bad it blocks the flash as I do like to take occasional stills with my camcorder.
Mike Review from
June 4, 2008
Wide Lens
I use this lense for skydiving on an Sony HDR-HC3 and the results so far are excellent. The ability to keep the quality of HD and focus thru the entire zoom range is critical in my occupation. Am very impressed with the images shot in HD thru this lens. It is slightly wider then the last .5x that I used, almost like a .45x with very little to no distorsion.
Oscar Review from
May 31, 2011
Amazing Product ! a MUST BUY !
I was gonna buy the original canon for my new xf100 but was out of my budget so I went for the Raynox. the lens is great and has a super price! A must buy for every 58mm mount cameras owners!
Review from
May 1, 2009
A Must Have in Your Video Tool Box
I bought this for my Canon HF-S10. The lens is well built, somewhat heavy for a consumer camera. Overall the focus was good. Video quality was great. A must have for the hobbyist video tool box.
Review from
July 7, 2010
Does the job
I like the lens, it allows me to get more in the image than otherwise, but as with all wide angle lenses it has a fish eye effect. It's easy to take off when it isn't needed and small enough to carry around. I haven't found any problems with it.
raphael Review from
November 12, 2012
The only slight downside is it is a bit heavy and my camcorder GOES TO FORWARD. Otherwise okay ... THE USE IN A VIXIA HF-G10
DamonT Review from
August 19, 2008
Great Lens
I bought this to use on my HV30 and GL1. It is great. I have focus through the entire zoom. The lens is very heavy. I keep it on my HV30 all the time. There is slight barrel distortion at full wide.
Oriel Review from
May 27, 2008
excellent ad-on
I use this with my Canon G9, sharp as you would expect I preferred it over the original Canon product because you can add 82-mm thread filters. though i wish it was more compact. also, for indoors use you will need an shoe mounted flash.
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