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Captive Technologies - 2520-1 - Neb Tidy Tubing kit with 1#2515 coil, nebulizer, mouthpiece, Universal T, & reservoir tube, 1 kit per poly bag

Captive Technologies:
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Neb Tidy Tubing kit with 1#2515 coil, nebulizer, mouthpiece, Universal T, & 6" reservoir tube, 1 kit per poly bag
More Information
Manufacturer Captive Technologies
Code 2520-1
Sold By Each
Product Size 6"
Require Prescription? No
Score: 4.3 from 1 - 5
36 Review
Rose Review from
October 25, 2020
Comfortable and YES, it is adjustable!
Have been using happily ever since I discovered them several years ago. For those who find the nasal prongs uncomfortable, they're easy to trim with a pair of scissors, which decreases the angle of the prongs. A user mentioned getting headaches from the s
Stacey Review from
June 18, 2017
Finally a solution for staying active and profesional
I purchased this item recently and have returned to purchase more. The headset takes some getting used to. It doesn't stay in place like the over the ears type, but if you take the time to extend all the adjustable bits everyone can find a comfortable adj
cabrough Review from
May 11, 2019
Try it - sensitive skin users will like this
This is a good idea. Sensitive skin users and anyone annoyed by plastic tubing behind their ears should try it to see if they like it. The headband is comfortable and easy to adjust. The nose piece tubing should be sold separately so we can re-use the hea
Tracy Review from
August 15, 2015
Love the concept!
I love the concept of this alternative to the traditional nasal oxygen cannula! It's nice to give the ears and face a break during the day. Also, the headset format looks kind of high-tech and cool. There are just a few issues with this device that kept
CharmingWolf-4704 Review from
December 11, 2020
My dad has been on oxygen since June due to covid and his ears have gotten absolutely destroyed from the tubing going over them and also combine with his mask and glasses. His poor ears!! I was a little skeptical about this Ill be honest - it just seemed
Jeanne Review from
February 15, 2017
Oxy arm worn differently is MUCH more comfortable!
I found the Oxy Arm very uncomfortable at first particularly wearing it in the traditional manner -with the headband positioned on top of the head from ear to ear. When I placed the headband around the back area of my head-with the cannula adjusted in my
cheryldrsam Review from
May 21, 2021
A little pricey
I do like that it's a different from the regular one, but I still think it's very pricey! I'm hoping someone will come up with one that's a little softer and maybe that goes around the neck as opposed to round the head but unfortunately for me I get heada
RG Saran Review from
September 3, 2016
Relief for the ears!
This was an excellent idea to keep the cannula hose off the ears and the ability to position the prongs so they are not sticking up your nose! It takes some getting accustomed to adjusting the arm so it fits just right, in fact I spend a lot of time adjus
Serge Review from
March 13, 2020
Great idea!
Great idea for those who are forced to use oxygen constantly, and the original look - I have been using this device for about 15 years - thanks!But it is a pity that in spite of numerous critical reviews, you do not improve the design, namely: 1) the plug
J. S. in CO Review from
May 27, 2016
Good in principle...less good in practice
The concept is good, but the materials and implementation leaves things to be desired. 1. The adjustment range is not enough...cannot extend the temple pieces far enough. 2. The pads on the temple pieces and the top are not large enough to be sufficient,
P.Clements Review from
September 11, 2014
It's great - for my purposes...
I was looking for something that would give my ears and nose a rest while still getting O2. This works great for that purpose. I wanted to get O2 "in the vicinity" of my nose - not all the way in. My nose is always running from the assault of ice cold air
Sepia Review from
August 16, 2017
Takes a while to adjust and have trouble keeping it in place. I like the idea. Maybe make the head band a little wider and not so stiff, like with a bendable material but not too bendable. I don't like that little extra piece that sticks out beyond the pi
Mrs. Sonja H-W Review from
November 13, 2014
Awesome Product!
As a lady concerned about her appearance, I was thrilled to fine the "headband" cannula option. It takes some adjustment, but is far preferable to the other nasal cannula. Frankly, I didn't want to look like an elderly person, even though at my age of 67
Janis Review from
October 4, 2016
Oxyarm Plus
Initially, I had a hard time getting the headset adjusted to fit my Mom properly. After spending a little time and patience in bending the pieces, it now fits and works perfectly!!! I do see where others would give up or where it just wouldn't work for so
Ronile V Review from
June 27, 2013
No more sore ears
Tired of catching my tubing on everything and having my ears "torn off" by the typical bolo style cannula, plus just the constant weight of dragging 50 feet of tubing and sore ears, I thought this may be the solution.I've been using the product for a litt
Jenny Review from
July 11, 2016
small head syndrome
I have a small head. I have learned to work with it in most cases. this however, has to be worn on the BACK of my head and behind the ears in order to make the cannula, even after bending all the way possible, reach my nose. Otherwise, it's conceptually g
Barry S. Review from
August 2, 2014
Great alternative to cannula!
I'm on oxygen therapy due to emphysema, and was looking for an alternative to cannulas around the house and at work. This fits the bill. It's much more comfortable and doesn't make me look as much like a hospital patient. I found it simple to set up - it
Paul C Review from
May 11, 2016
Only one issue with it.
I use oxygen 24/7. I use a C-pap with oxygen hooked to it at night, so I don't have the problem others are having trying to sleep with it. The issue I have is that I can't find the disposable cannula Tips to replace the used one. You have to buy a Whole n
Janice L Review from
October 4, 2016
nose piece
they are too stiff They are not flexable. The nose piece is too stiff. They need to be more flexible No bend to fit inside nose. The headpiece is very comfortable. Please keep working on them. Everything else is pretty well made. Thank you.
leanpower Review from
May 5, 2018
An effective innovative improvement over the common cannulae
Performs as well as described, easy to use and fit, no problem wiping ones nose or rinsing the mouth.The oxygen supply is dependable, I added a flexible strap for the back of the head to stabilize the accessory.The only thing that I find to be a disadvant
K Westfall Review from
November 16, 2012
Head band with nasal cannula
The head band idea seemed like a good idea. Behind my ears had become raw from being rubbed by the oxygen tubing. I found it pretty much impossible to get the unit adjusted so that the nose inserts were centered in my nose comfortably. I went back to usin
thalia_martin61 Review from
June 24, 2020
Free at last
I had fluid bags on my cheeks because of the nasal cannula tubes. The OxyArm Plus gives me the freedom from the nasal cannula. Fits well.
Seastar Review from
April 13, 2021
Shouldn't have to buy a whole new headband
like the product but shouldn't have to buy a new headband every time I need to change cannula should be able to buy the cannula and 7 ft. hose and thread thru the headband .but cant find any anywhere .
Lizis Mom Review from
July 2, 2014
My husband and I almost threw this item in the trash as like so many, there were no instructions to get it fitted. However we calmed down, looked at it again at studied the picture on the package. In less than 5 minutes we got it adjusted and I am now FRE
Deanna Review from
July 12, 2012
Better Than The Regular Cannulas
I am surprised that I really like this item. Generally I get a headache from clips/headbands/etc. With this product, no headache. Pretty comfortable. It took a few tries to adjust properly. My trick was to bend it straightish near the nose cannulas then j
Jan W Review from
April 24, 2015
OxyArm Nasal Cannula
My husband is on oxygen 24/7 with IPF - this product gives him a change of venue during the day. At first, he couldn't get it to fit his head, and he wouldn't use it. Then we tried together to adjust it, and now he uses it EVERY DAY! It gives his ears a r
Dad's shopper Review from
February 16, 2013
Easiest to use
This ball cap type oxygen unit is so much easier for my dad to use than the typical kind. He has hearing aids, glasses and the extra bands around his ears were just TOO much. With the OxyArm unit, he has less to deal with. It is also easier to put on and
BetterSalmon-1471 Review from
July 24, 2020
Great deal!
Works great. Comfortable to wear and easy to put on and off. I will be buying more. Thank you for a great item.
lajamato Review from
September 26, 2018
Im somewhat young and get a little embarrassed by the oxygen tubes and hate it being on my face. I ordered this thinking 'oh cool, the tubes wont be on my face.' However, people stare more with the head one than with the regular cannula.
daveandceleste Review from
January 17, 2018
gives you a break
It's a change from having tubes across your cheeks. It's not a stand alone thing, because you can't put your head down with it. However it is a good thing to wear when typing, working, sitting up.
William H. Review from
March 4, 2014
For hearing aids a must.
It took me about 5 min. to set it up for use, yes I can see where some would have problems with it. It does move around some but if adjusted right this is not a problem, I can see where a large amount of hair might be a problem but if placed right that is
Bev G Review from
March 25, 2016
Great Product
Initially I had trouble adjusting and thought it would never work, but went on line and looked at pictures. All it takes is bending the hard plastic in the right place so the cannula is under your nostrils. Once adjusted it is comfortable and works great.
Review from
March 3, 2012
OxyArm Plus Clear Head Band with Nasal Cannula
This is a blessing, I don't know who invented it but its great, I wear a hearing aid an also wear glasses and then on top of that with the regular oxygen tubing, you can only put so much behind your ear, the cannula was always falling off so this head ban
ramonawillis Review from
January 14, 2020
Excellent everything!!!
Excellent price! Arrived ahead of schedule! Along with all the other perks...I can wear earrings without them getting tangled up in the tubing!
OhioBabe Review from
December 12, 2014
Nice Break from nose cannula
The nose piece is tricky to get lined up as other reviewers have noted. It does keep all tubing off of face and nose. Tested oxygen saturation level and it was same as with the nose cannula. Didn't stay on well at night but will use off an on during the d
Nola Review from
October 5, 2014
Premise is great....
BUT, one size does not fit all with this headband! I guess I have small head and I could not get the piece with the cannula shortened enough to comfortably fit my face. I think the "idea" is great..just needs a little more tweeking and or options to make