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Carolon - 291104 - Health Support Knee Medical Sheer(30-40 Mmhg) Regular, Closed Toe,Style: Below Knee

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Health Support Knee Medical Sheer(30-40 Mmhg),Color: Black,Size: F - Regular, Closed Toe,Style: Below Knee
More Information
Manufacturer Carolon
Categories Below Knee, Compression Hosiery, Edema, Extra Firm Compression (30-40 mmhg), Leg Pain, Sheer, Size F, Condition, Closed Toe, Compression Level, Fabric, Gender, Knee High, Nylon, Regular, Size, Spandex, Style, Women
Code 291104
Sold By Pair
Product Color Black
Product Size F - Regular
Require Prescription? No
Store Lay Off Pain
Score: 4.2 from 1 - 5
50 Review
Linda A. Review from
February 8, 2022
I have been wearing Job
I have been wearing Job stockings for 25+ years. I have noticed recently in the past few years that they seem to be getter shorter and shorter from the heel to the toe area. Sure enough I had an older pair I could compare to and the newest ones are at least half an inch shorter from heel to toe. The longer pair I compared to is only a year or two old. So I know that the ones older than a few years or even longer still. I wear a size 9 1/2 shoes I am a female so obviously I have a rather large foot. So because the stocking is shorter from heel to toe it will no longer stay up around the toll ar
Phyllis P. Review from
February 3, 2022
In 1977 I was fit
In 1977 I was fit for Jobst and wore the knee high ultra sheer for many years. Now I wear the opaque black or ultra sheer beige thigh high and now occasionally the knee high in black or beige. My legs are thin and the Jobst brand fits.. I appreciate being able to buy most of the stockings in petite small.. I like the opaque because they're easier to put on and remove. At times I have problems keeping the stockings up. I use the "glue" but don't like to. Several years ago my husband and I both purchased a thick knee high that we both enjoyed wearing but the product has changed in that style. We
Regina C Review from
October 10, 2021
Jobst Ultrasheer Petite Closed Toe Knee Highs 15-20 mmHg, Medium/Natural
The petite closed toe knee highs usually wear well and look nice. I need these for one leg that is shorter than the other. I can wear the regular knee highs on my other leg. Both the petite and the regular hose run a little bit shorter to a little bit longer than the average hose that is made for their length. You never know quite what length you are getting but I love the weave of these hose and I can mix & match between the 2 sizes which works well for me. If you are so short that you must have the really short length, you may at times find them slightly longer than you wish at times. At oth
Gloria R. Review from
October 16, 2021
Pleasantly surprised
I was skeptical when my podiatrist recommended thigh high compression hose BUT I was pleasantly surprised. I was able to use the online measuring advice to order the correct size and the fit is perfect. I was concerned about getting them on and in particular getting them off as this was a problem for me with a different type of knee high compression wear in the 18-20 mm hg range. Not a problem! And we just returned from an auto trip, FL-WI and back and no swelling of my legs or sense of restlessness in my legs I have encountered before on long car rides. Getting ready to order a couple more pa
Joanne K. Review from
January 3, 2022
Can't recommend.
I had high hopes for these as they are from a company that has been making these for a long time and are considered a leader in the industry. However, they are tight and difficult to put on. I have had to wear compression stockings for 30 years and these are the most difficult stockings I have ever worn. They do not stay in place at the top, sliding down and then causing pain at the seam. If I can get them to stay in place, they do an adequate job. They are are of a thicker material than what I usually wear and are warm, which is a good thing currently as it is winter. I will not be purchasing
Eugenia A. Review from
August 3, 2022
I have used Jobst knee-highs
I have used Jobst knee-highs for a long time. It's important for me that they come in Petite size. The color (Natural) is just right. They provided good support. However, Jobst has recently changed the fabric of the toe and heel patches to less supportive. As a result, there is now no good control of swelling at the ankle, the most critical part of support. This is a serious concern. I am considering other options.
Barbara W. Review from
February 17, 2021
I purchased 3 pairs of
I purchased 3 pairs of 15-20 compression thigh highs over a year ago and they have held up well! I am pleased that they fit well, come up high on my thighs and stay up fairly well on their own. I do use It S tays on the band for active days. When I started to get worn holes in the heels, I recently purchased another pair. I am not happy with this pair. They were fine for the first use only. After I washed them (by hand in cold water as I always do), the band keeps rolling down and digging into my skin like a rubber band. I tried using the It Stays but the band is really thin and keeps curling
Annick P. Review from
April 30, 2022
Super durable and comfortable
Jobst is the second brand of thigh high compression stockings I have purchased since being diagnosed with some lymphedema in my legs. The first brand disappointed after making a run in the toe section after two wearings. But the Jobst brand has held up wonderfully and I find the top silicone dot band has less of a tendency to curl over at the top than the other brand did. I have ordered these in two different compressions and 3 different styles. Needless to say, I think I have found the brand I will stay with.
Doris M Review from
June 16, 2022
A Necessary Medical Expense
I can't label these "great" anything other than "great relief". I have to wear these due to a surgical injury and am thankful that they're available, but I have to take a deep breath every time I pay for them. I wear them year-round, so I have to have toe in and toe out. Unless one wants to be washing them out every other day, it's necessary to have numerous pairs, so I've spent a bundle on them for the past 10 years. The beige color is nice.
Christine L. Review from
May 19, 2022
Good overall but some suggestions
They are a little too long, but they do not offer a Petite (shorter) length in the Extra Large size (you should add that option). Also, the first few times I put them on and off, it was almost impossible to do -- it was like putting an iron rod on my legs and it really hurt my legs a lot as they were going on and off (especially painful pulling them up). The good news is that they feel good while on and they do reduce the swelling of my ankles and legs enough to notice. I know they are benefiting me.
Ellen M. Review from
July 28, 2022
Blisters from the silicone band
I love jobst stockings. They are definitely the highest quality, and they help reduce my leg swelling and pain. I loved the way the thigh-high stockings looked, and felt especially under a dress, until I took them off and I had bad blisters and red marks from the silicone band that took more than a week to go away. I'm afraid to try these again because they are expensive and the blisters were painful.
Sheri P Review from
July 18, 2022
Bye Bye Leg Pain
Though it is honestly hard to wear these thigh high support hose during the hot summer days, they are remarkably supportive of my legs. The fabric seems very durable in quality. I can now function doing daily activities without the fatigue of severe leg pain I had before. Glad I got the toeless offer for this season. Wonder if there is a footless panty hose option?
Kassandra C. Review from
April 19, 2021
Good lower price daily wear alternative 30/40 thigh high
Pros: Ok for daily wear. Will resist pulls and tugs. Soft material, more of a cotton feel than synthetic. Dotted silicone band w good grip. Reinforced heel and toe. Regular lenght, but will fit tall sizes if needed. Compression lasts all day. Relatively affordable. Cons: Not sheer. Each garment has a line/streak running through from toes to band. Fix: Ladies wear w long bottoms.
felicia l. Review from
December 16, 2021
I wore these on a
I wore these on a coast to coast flight. I was happy with all of the fit except the WAIST. It was Too Tight. You need to make waist much looser. I had to take scissors and cut waist carefully all around it stopping before the stitching at the waist and then it b came more comfortable. I have had a blood clot after traveling by plane 2 different times. It is critical that I wear support stockings when flying.
Donna G. Review from
June 15, 2022
I have been wearing the
I have been wearing the Jobst opaque closed toe pantyhose for many years. Have tried other brands no comparison. These are VERY comfortable, even in the summer with shorts. Last much longer than other brands. Look and fit the best of all Ive tried. I buy the natural color just wish I had a choice to get them in the suntan color.
SALLIE B. Review from
September 9, 2021
Miracle Worker for Swollen, Painful Lower Legs and Feet
I have been using Jobst Opaque Women's 15-20 mmHg Thigh High compression stocking for decades. I suffer with swelling, pain, and cramping in my lower extremities and feet. Wearing Jobst compression stocking help to greatly lessen the intensity of the pain eliminate the swelling and controls the cramping. These stockings for me is a must have product.
Susan L. Review from
September 12, 2021
My first new pairs in
My first new pairs in quite a while: love the quality and study feel to them. Your legs must be dry to get the on though! The color was a little darker than I meant, but they still look great under slacks. I work in healthcare, and these have kept my ankles shapely and my legs massaged for many years. Some folks ask if they are hot, and I live in Las Vegas. I love the "hug" more than I hate the heat.
Toni M. Review from
February 9, 2021
I have bought three other
I have bought three other brands of knee high compression stockings in the past because I could not find my original purchase order. I learned there is absolutely no comparison to Jobst. They do the job, stay in place, don't cut in near the knee, the heels fit perfectly and don't protrude at the sides, and the sheerness is truly awesome. In fact, I am ordering a couple more pair soon. Plus they last a long time. Highly recommend Jobst. I have their sheer knee highs in nude and also black. They are the best!!
Gary B. Review from
July 14, 2021
Jobst Sensitive Thigh Highs
Had a painful redness and blistering reaction to the silicone bands and silicone tops on several brands of thigh high stockings. Got 100% relief with garter stockings but the garter belts are hard to adjust and a bit uncomfortable. So I tried the Jobst SensitiveBand top thigh highs several times. So far have had NO ADVERSE REACTION to the top band. The stockings are comfortable, stay up and in place the whole day. These are a great product!
Vonda C. Review from
July 29, 2022
Perfect fit and super fast
Perfect fit and super fast shipping. I bought the small size and they fit perfectly. I am 116 lbs with an ankle of 8.5 inches and a calf of 13 inches. They fit snugly and hit right below the knee cap. The open toe is snug but not too tight and they stay in place inside my shoes. These are absolutely the best knew highs I have found online!
Marji T. Review from
August 29, 2021
I have worn compression stockings
I have worn compression stockings for many years. Jobst are my favorite without a doubt! I am a senior female with a history of varicose veins, tired/achy legs. etc. When I put my Jobst on it is like intant relief. I highly recommend them. Thank you Compression Store for keeping me in stock at the best price I have found.
Louise K. Review from
December 27, 2021
My Jobst UltraSheer Knee High
My Jobst UltraSheer Knee High Hose were great until I tried the Softfit version! These stay up much better due to the coating on the band. They are softer, easier to put on & take off. The only drawback, is the color. Wish they came in a lighter, more natural color. Will continue to purchase these as necessary.
Jacqueline C. Review from
December 30, 2021
Great buy
I think these are the sheerest on the market for the compression level, and theyre great. Very sturdy despite how thin they are. I wish these came in a petite size because Im short and have small feet, so it takes a little extra work to even out the material and the foot part is a little long. I also recommend the thigh highs.
Jennifer H Review from
June 3, 2021
Great price, comfortable and not to hot for summer months
These are overall a great pair of compression hose. They came in on time. Very sheer considering they are compression socks. I plan to purchase another pair in the future. I like this brand the best and have worn this brand for several years. I have had multiple vien cath procedures. These are the best socks that do not cause pain when compressing my legs.
Patricia C. Review from
October 29, 2021
New Satisfied Customer
It would be nice if this particular item came in a few more lighter shades of beige (so they would blend in with my skin color of medium-fair)! I'm a new customer to this brand, but so far I'm very pleased! I wish Jobst offered more continual additional discount promotions but not in connection with texts. Instead personal emailed online marketing promotions would be appreciated! Thank you for asking.
Victoria C. Review from
January 10, 2022
I ordered a different style
I ordered a different style in the Jobst 30mg compression, size medium petite, thigh high compression stockings. I usually order Relief but this time thought I'd try the Opaque. They were a complete failure in that the are 2 inches shorter than the Relief and when pulling them on they immediately tore. I will not purchase them again.
Nancy E. Review from
May 20, 2021
The stockings are good. The
The stockings are good. The IT Stays Glue is still troublesome. I called about this Glue regarding a previous order. This shipment is a mixed bag. Some bottles are very thick and still difficult to use unless you take time to run hot water over the bottle. Yuk! Same problem all over again. You need a new, more consistent supplier with better quality control.
Annick P. Review from
May 21, 2022
no toe scrunching
I love the Jobst brand for their durability. I already had the closed toe stocking from Jobst and thought I'd try the open toe version. The foot opening is very comfortable, doesn't slide around, and frees my toes from constriction. These are more sheer than the opaque stockings and yet just as strong and so far keep their compression very well.
Marji T. Review from
January 12, 2022
I've tried other brands but
I've tried other brands but Jobst surpasses them all for my tired, achy, elderly legs! I have super sensitive skin and I am grateful for Jobst Sensitive line. I stand on my feet a lot and when I put on my compression stockings ihey provide instant relief. Thank you Jobst and the Compression Store!
Regina C Review from
December 6, 2021
Why I Buy Jobst Stockings
I have been using the Jobst ultrasheer compression stockings for several years and am very satisfied with the way they usually wear but really love the weave of these stockings. They are softer and feel smoother against my legs than the other brands that I have worn and are worth the additional expense. I find that the stockings usually can be worn 6-12 months on average before needing to be replaced.
Jeffrey H Review from
November 10, 2021
Jobst Relief Thigh Highs Closed Toe with Silicone Top Band 20-30 mmHg - Beige /
The product has been the best I have found to do exactly want I needed among all others product.
Carol M Review from
September 23, 2021
Do not purchase
Regretting purchase: top elastic rolls making the hose very uncomfortable. If you have carpal tunnel or any hand issues do not purchase for very difficult to get on legs. Purchased this brand for the comfort feature of top elastic but sad to report its not working out. Will go back to another company hosiery and call this a BIG and costly mistake.
Carol N. Review from
November 8, 2021
Jobst pantyhose
I have been wearing Jobst 15 to 20 compression pantyhose for many, many years. I have had blood clots in my legs and the Jobst brand is always the best choice for me. However, the last 2 pairs seem much shorter in length than all my others!! Hopefully, this is just a fluke for changing brands after 15 plus years what be a nightmare!
Juliana C. Review from
June 23, 2021
For something that is unwanted
For something that is unwanted but necessary these are great. The silicone band is comfortable and the compression is just right. As with almost every brand, the color is kind of weird. I wish these companies would have more color options to match real skin tones. The beige is a strange khaki color making itself so obvious next to my other leg. Again, unwanted but necessary.
KRIS P Review from
March 4, 2022
Item will be returned
I used the sizing chart when making my selection. When my order arrived, I tried them on, a day or two later and worn them around the house for about 4-5 hours. Unfortunately, I will be returning them because they keep rolling down at the top and causing pain in my joints behind my knee. I was really hoping that these Jobst Relief Thigh Highs would work for me.
mari Review from
February 3, 2022
Good compression but Jobst ultra sheer knee high too long.
The product is good and perfect compression. BUT I ordered a size M as per ankle measurement. The stocking goes to my mid-knee and I have to roll it down which is not comfortable. I am 5'8" so it seems the product runs too long. Also , though I have been very careful, it has a run in it after 3 wearings.
Haasl Review from
July 9, 2020
Sexy Legs
I recently had surgery for my varicose veins and now have to wear compression stockings. I purchased the black open toed and I am so happy I did! They feel great on my legs, keeping a constant nice compression, and they stay up- don't slide down my thigh. Plus, they look great! They look like black leggings. Easy addition to your casual attire. When running errands, I look like I just came from an exercise class which is completely acceptable in my community. They're my little secret, nobody knows that I'm wearing compression stockings ; ) If you have to get compression stockings, you'll love
Jean R. Review from
April 29, 2021
Did not like the UltraSheer fabric!
I have POTS and have been wearing Jobst thigh high stockings for 8 years. This was my first experience with the ultrasheer fabric. The fabric is completely different than the traditional weave. It is hardly stretchy, almost impossible to get on, and way smaller for the same size I have always got in the past with the traditional fabric. I am very disappointed and would not recommend this fabric.
Carolivia H Review from
April 4, 2022
Life changing rest and decrease of pain
These thigh high compression socks work so will I have already ordered several more pairs. They feel like a miracle, for the first time in two years I can sleep through the night without leg pain. How marvelous it is to wake in the morning refreshed. Thank you.
Maria D. Review from
November 24, 2019
petite sizing
This is my second pair of these JOBST compression stockings. The first pair I rated quite highly but after wearing them for a month; I havent even bothered opening the package for these particular ones. The petite size is still not adequate for women who are 5 or under and have fat legs. They actually cut off the circulation of my legs. They need to account that many of the women who need compression stockings are indeed short and have fat legs. Why doesnt anyone understand that? The width at the top is adequate but the length of the stocking is still about two inches too long. I cannot be the
Eugenia E. Review from
June 24, 2021
Looks nice
Stockings look and feel really nice and they stay up well. The foot sizing fit well too, but did not stay put. The open toe kept bunching up. It Stays helped keep the foot in place for part of the evening. Bigger issue for my condition is the lack of gradient compression at the ankle and lower leg. Still trying to decide if I should return them because other brands dont have proper sizing for womens feet.
Anne N. Review from
January 9, 2022
I purchased several brands. All
I purchased several brands. All but one (30-40 sent incorrectly) work well. Since not all brands show on the stockings, it is difficult to tell which one the following statement applies to. The fit was such that it didnt stay up my leg but over the day shrunk down my leg so I had to pul it up.
Marietta Review from
May 28, 2021
They provide excellent support. The sensitive band does away with the rash that I get from the silicone dots. The only problem is that these stockings do not come with an open toe. The toe seams are thick and irritate my toes. I also find that the closed toe does not provide enough compression to prevent swollen toes. The open toes do prevent swollen toes and are very comfortable.
Alexandria B Review from
December 13, 2021
Not perfect, but a great improvement
While these are expensive, they are investment that is worthwhile due to how much better my legs feel when I am wearing them. I do have problems with the top dotted band sliding down several inches (6-8) throughout the day and I have to pull them up which is a bit annoying. I made sure to order the correct size so I am not sure why I have this issue.
Review from
September 10, 2017
Comfortable and Colorful
I never had to wear compression stockings till I acquired lymphedema and was told to wear them. I went looking, but most of what I saw on various websites seemed kind of boring. I wanted stockings that were comfortable, but I also wanted something stylish and colorful. I was pleased to find BrightLife, and even more pleased to find that these stockings come in more than the usual tan or beige, this one I'm reviewing is navy blue, for example. The stockings are easy to put on and they are very durable I've been buying them consistently and am very impressed with the quality. Okay fine, sometime
Barbara T. Review from
October 9, 2021
These relief stockings in medium
These relief stockings in medium beige are very comfortable and stylish. Although tight to put on, they do provide good compression and the silicone band keeps them from sliding down easily. I launder after every use and they retain durability for a couple of years.
penny s. Review from
June 24, 2022
Product arrived early - which
Product arrived early - which was nice and well packaged. I was a little disappointed that the stocking wasn't more sheer but as long as it does the job I am content. They are definitely more sheer than the regular I usually purchase. I have always been happy with the fit of Jobst and I choose open toes because of the wiggle room.
Tanya B. Review from
August 25, 2021
Excellent quality and support!
These are excellent quality support stockings and I still wear the others I bought several years ago. If you take care to launder them properly they will continue to provide support. Its advisable to check with your doctor before purchasing for the amount of support you need and special health concerns can affect the amount of support needed.
Ann Review from
October 28, 2020
So very pleased
I have super sensitive skin and get notable reactions (hives) from the silicone dot bands. I reluctantly purchased a pair of the Sensitive thigh highs in late 2019. They have been terrific for me and this way I get the compression all of the way up my leg as my cardiologist wants me to have. I am grateful that BrightLife carries these but even more grateful that Jobst developed the technology for those of us who have very sensitive skin! Will be ordering again soon.
Review from
October 8, 2018
Happy with Products. Great service.
I recently had procedures on both legs that required compression hose (thigh high). I went to a medical supply company, was measured and given a pair (at a price considerably higher than yours). They were the worst thing I have ever put on my body. Even though I'm 5'6 tall, I typically wear a petite jean because I have short legs. Didn't think about that when getting hose. After being in misery for 2 days I knew I had to do something else.^^On your website I found plus size hose that came in PETITE! I ordered them immediately. They arrived one day before my second procedure. What a marvelous d
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