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Fabrication Enterprises - 102550 - Deluxe Cuff Weight Set-7 Pc

Fabrication Enterprises:
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The Cuff Deluxe Weight Has All The Features Of The Cuff Original Weight Plus An Extra-long Loop Strap With Extra Hook Tabs. The Extra Long Loop Strap Allows For Firm Closure On The Largest Appendages And Facilitates Use On Larger Areas Such As The Thigh. This Extra Long Strap Assures A Secure And Comfortable Fit Even During The Most Strenuous Exercise Program. The Cuff Deluxe Weight Features Heavy-duty Materials And Double-stitching Throughout. The Extra Hook Tabs Add Additional Fastening Points And Prevent Extra-long Straps From Dangling. The Cuff Deluxe Exercise Weights Are Color-coded, Marked With Both Pounds And Kilograms And Have Grommets For Hanging On Any Peg-board Weight Rack. Available From ? To 25 Pounds, Individually Or In Sets.
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Manufacturer Fabrication Enterprises
Categories Ankle Pain, Ankle Weights, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - CTS, Exercise Equipment, Wrist Weights, Condition
Code 10-2550
Sold By Each
UPC 714905006134
Require Prescription? No
Store Lay Off Pain
Score: 4.1 from 1 - 5
41 Review
Craig Review from
May 18, 2022
Excellent set, excellent price
This is an excellent deal if you are looking for an introductory Olympic style set. Putting the bar together - pay attention-there are 4 little pins in the baggie but they are slid together so it only looks like 2. Slide them apart. Then, use a metal hammer and put a small piece of wood or an old towel over the pins to hammer them in. A rubber mallet is a ridiculous suggestion. Assembled, the bar is perfectly stable. People may complain about the middle portion being slightly different, but it actually has some advantages. The weight plates themselves are nicely finished. The entire set is 110
Greg Review from
February 25, 2022
Pin tolerances are way too tight
Assembly was almost impossible. I got two pins in far enough that they're touching the opposite side, one pin went in about as far but didn't line up with the opposite holes, and one pin halfway. I tried using a drill to widen the holes, but it was too late; I wish I'd done that with the entrance holes, but at this point the pins are too far in and impossible to remove. It's sturdy enough that I'll try using it anyway, I'm curious how long it will last. I didn't buy this set with long-term use in mind, anyway. Aside from that, things look fine. Paint on the barbell arrived a bit chipped, and i
Sheyla Review from
May 10, 2022
Worth it.
Overall I like it. It was easy to put together. Nothing was missing and I got it delivered earlier than expected. Everything comes in one box so its heavy. When I received it, there was some damage to the box and some of the smaller weights were not secured and had been sliding around. I think that may have caused a few scratches on the bar. When setting it up, I used a hammer. I recommend doing that outside or protect your ears somehow because its very loud and made my ears ring. The product has minimal scratches, but I mean the bar is still a bar and the weights are still weights. For the pr
Tiana Review from
October 21, 2021
Easy Set Up, Great Weight Set
For some reason Walmart didn't allow me to pick up in store so I got my set delivered. FedEx delayed the package 2 additional days (I'm assuming due to the weight of it), but it got here today. Box comes with instructions, 6 plates, 3-piece 30lb barbell, and 2 collars. Set up was straightforward. Instructions stated to use a rubber mallet to get the metal pegs into the barbell, however, I found it to be a lot easier to use a regular hammer. Plates are very solid and you can add up to an additional 190-290 lbs, depending on whether you follow the weight capacity on the instructions (300lb cap)
summergirl1 Review from
February 14, 2022
Use a regular hammer!!!
Use a regular hammer!!! A rubber mallet isn't going to do anything! I used mallet like the instructions said and didn't get anywhere. I actually packed everything up to go exchange it but decided to re-read the reviews and saw some people say to use a regular hammer. I then unpacked everything and took a regular hammer to it and got the pins to go in! You're going to need to just hammer those pins in, so what if you scuff up the barbell in the process, it's going to get used anyway. I'm 5ft 140lbs so I really had to put my back into it but I got those suckers in and the resulting barbell is so
Whitney Review from
March 27, 2021
Good beginner set
This is the best barbell set I could find new online that is affordable and not too much weight (ideal for beginners). Most barbell sets start at around 300 pounds and that may be way more than you need. Also, getting a box delivered/picked up thats around 100 pounds in weight vs. 300 pounds is a lot more manageable. You can just buy more plates when you advance. As for assembly, dont bother with a rubber mallet. Im not a strong person and I assembled this relatively easily another way. Find the tapered end of the pin (its a tad more narrow than the other end). Hold it in place with your finge
V Review from
October 18, 2020
Great weight/barbell set!!!
Does exactly what it supposed too. Once assembled the barbell is solid and sturdy even for being a three piece. One caveat however, the roll pins that connect the poles together on mine were too big for the pre-drilled holes, no matter how much hammering I did. I solved the issue by using a forged crimper/stripper tool I had to close the pins to a complete circle, and then I was able to hammer them in flush without issue, and they were still very tight. Also use a hammer instead of a rubber mallet as the instructions say. The pins did nothing but leave circles in my rubber mallet and you won't
Melissa Review from
April 12, 2021
Bar is missing required pins
Bad: The bar requires (4) pins, it only came with (2) pins, which is clearly unsafe. I've asked customer service for replacements. Ok: The 3-piece bar does not seem very strong; I would not trust it with more than 200 pounds. Great: The weights and the bar are nearly the exact marked weights (within 1/4 pound!). The weights seem just fine. Overall: Worth it for the inexpensive olympic weights (very hard to find right now). If you are looking for an olympic barbell, I'd at look for a one piece barbell. This one is maybe ok for just starting out, but don't add more weights unless you get a bette
Christopher Review from
July 24, 2021
Good price for what you get.
Decided to put together a home gym. I lucked out and a good friend gave me a set of 45 pound Olympic plates so all I needed was a decent bar and some extra weight plates to get to total weight up to a decent starter level. This set fit the bill perfectly in price and the amount of weight that I needed. I read in some of the reviews that folks were having issues with either missing the pins for the bar assembly or they were having issues assembling the bar because the pins wouldn't fit into the assembly holes. I experienced none of those problems. The roll pins were a really tight fit, which is
Bruce Review from
November 30, 2021
No problem putting bar together used hammer jut tap it in. Did search for weeks wanted inexpensive weight to train at home. Hate going to gym in winter. Having to warm up truck bundle up too much incentive not to go. This fit the bill. Iron weights won't crack like the cement filled ones. The bar will need replaced when you surpass the weights in set but you can get a good bar for around 75 dollars. It's better than spending 500 on a 110 lb set with a better bar.
Man Review from
January 3, 2022
Missing pins. 0 stars
Just tap in the tapered end of the pins it says. Ive tried everything and only managed to destroy a brand new mallet while the pins stabbed through on each swing. I also realized I wasn't sent all the pins so thanks, you really made my day with this waste of time and money. Only buy for weights because barbell is trash and pins wont go through. trash and a blatant scam for those trying to get a healthy lifestyle. (I know what a tapered end is).
Marc M Review from
April 1, 2020
Better than nothing, does the trick in the temporary absence of a gym.
Also a customer of this product as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic shutting down my gym - wasn't the only one with the idea to get this clearly haha! Overall it's a great little set. Obviously it's not a lot of weight if you're an experienced weightlifter or gym goer. But it's sufficient enough to maintain in the absence of a gym, which is why I got it. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the bar. Per the previous reviews I was expecting trash, but it's pretty sturdy and definitely has the same feel as a standard barbell (despite being lighter in weight). I do think it could maybe s
CJ Review from
January 4, 2022
Difficult Assembly
The pins were very hard to hammer in. After trying for a while I was able to use pliers and squeeze the pins to make the tapered end smaller and eventually they fit. It started to take chunks off the rubber mallet I was using so I had to use a hammer. I saw some reviews about the pins not fitting and I thought those people were just scrubs but I did have to alter the pins for them to fit so that is a possibility with this product FYI. Now thats its assembled its actually a decent product for $140.
Christopher Review from
January 11, 2022
When Assembled, Barbell is not Straight
Package arrived ok but was clearly not sturdy enough to support the contents. Nonetheless, we assembled the barbell with expectation that this would work great in our little home 'gym'. Sadly, the barbell is bowed even before we put any weights on it. Not sure it would support the weights in the set without bending further. It looks a bit risky so unless I find a 'fix', it's going back.
Carolyn Review from
March 30, 2021
This is the only comment you need to read: 1st be a problem solver. If the pins aren't going in with the rubber mallet and the mallet is being damaged. Stop. I used a hammer. 2nd if the pins are still not going in you can easily close the pins by hitting them. the box says the bar can hold up to 400 lbs. but when you read the manual it says that it's only intended for the set of weights included in this box. this is highly misleading. and judging that this requires four pins... it may not do well holding past 200 lbs. Recommend this to only people who don't lift heavy.
Review from
February 27, 2017
Be aware of what you are buying !
Im really trying to find positive things to say about this set but am having a hard time. I can only imagine someone would buy this because they want to get into weight lifting, therefore the olympic sized bar and plates ( instead of a standard threaded bar & weights ) Well, if this is you thinking this set is a cheap way to get into it.. forget it. For starters: This bar is only rated to the weight of the set - 110lbs. Thats nothing. This bar *only* weighs 35lbs, instead of the standard 45. Thats important to note. Having little pins holding the two ends of the bar on is a terrible way to att
COVID Home Gymmer Review from
March 22, 2020
Low quality barbell, decent weights; better than no gym
Cons: The barbell is pretty terrible. It comes in 3 pieces, supposed to be held together with pins that I could not get to fit properly with any combination of hammering and vice grips. I had to use my own cotter pins to get it assembled. It works but it feels flimsy. Pros: The weights seem solid and fine quality for a home gym. Since they are standard olympic-sized plates, you can re-use them when you inevitably upgrade the barbell or use them on other gym equipment. Summary: Staring down the prospect of a month or more of gym closures due to COVID, this package is better than nothing. The pr
Chris Review from
July 21, 2022
The pins fit
It's cheap and you get what you pay for. I'm not a body builder and not looking to compete in weight lifting with this. It works for what I want so far. I read the reviews that say the pins don't fit. They do but they have to be pounded in with a hammer out mallet. You'll need to do it on flat, hard ground. You don't want them to ever come out again.
Anthony Review from
December 3, 2021
Nice weight plates. Good deal.
I purchased two sets of these. One in store and it was in perfect shape. The second was bought online and shipped FedEx. The box was destroyed and the bar was ruined. The weights are nice and you cannot get a better deal for the money. Definitely worth it.
MARIA Review from
January 23, 2022
Better than expected
As I read the reviews I was concerned about putting the bar together.. My husband did it by tapping one end of the pin so it was pinched closed like a point the tapped it in with ease.. no problem at all.. done deal and Im so happy with the product!! The bar is a little long for me as I am short but I will work it out.. worth the price!! The only reason for a 4 is they should have given tips on how to insert the pin and line up the holes to make installation easy.. glad I figured it out!
Josh Review from
December 27, 2021
Great Weights, Great Bar.
These are great weights. Do not listen to anyone putting down the bar. The bar is quality and goes together well. Once put together feels like all the other olympic bars i have owned. Will definitely purchase more weight. Highly Recommend.
Vincent Review from
October 25, 2021
Good weight set
Exactly what I wanted. Good price. I had to scrape out the holes out a bit to fit the pegs in the holes that secure the 3 piece bar set. Used a regular hammer to tap pegs into to o place. The suggested rubber mallet would have never done the trick.
Charles Review from
May 8, 2021
Great barbell set
Cant beat the price not even for used, believe me Ive looked. The bar and weights are great quality. Putting the bar together was easy as long as you use a hammer not a rubber mallet like the instructions say. The pins tore my mallet apart so I had to use a hammer and it went a lot smoother. Excellent set for anyone trying to set up their home gym on a budget.
Garrett Review from
March 2, 2021
Impossible to assemble
Can not describe if the product works as advertised when it is actually built, as they do not give you the pieces required to build the bar. They give you pins to put each piece together, but they are all too large for the holes in the bar, not matter how much you hammer them in with a mallet (which you are advised to do). Currently having to contact CAP customer service for proper pins. This product is not worth the headache it comes with.
MWLC3 Review from
August 18, 2021
Easy and Affordable Workout Solution
Great solution in 1 purchase. Just enough weight to start and bar is easy to assemble. When you open your pins make sure you look at them as you will see 2 together since they are roll pins and you might mistake that you are missing some. Pins went in with a simple mallet/hammer with no issue, but make sure you insert them in correctly.
robert Review from
May 23, 2022
Perfect inexpensive set for any age
Bar is 3 pcs but very sturdy, kinda like this better than expensive 1 pc bar because of grip position. This is a great set that you can add weights if you want later. Its perfect for me , im 62 and more than enough to help keep in shape.
JMRX Review from
February 2, 2021
Good value
Don't be scared by the fact the bar come in 3 pieces, its surprisingly sturdy. While you'll need a pair of pliers and a hammer to fit the restraining pins together, its fairly easy to assemble. It doesn't match the quality of a full metal bar but it more than adequate for home applications. Happy with purchase.
Adam Review from
February 3, 2021
Plates are good, but the bar is not
The bar comes in 3 pieces with small metal pins that you must drive into two of the 4 holes in order to make the bar one piece. There are no instructions. Only 2 metal pins came with this bar, but like I said there are 4 holes. So was I supposed to get 4 metal pins? Who knows? I'm very disappointed in this weight bar.
Review from
December 9, 2017
OK for the price
It's an ok set for the price, but if you're looking at doing any serious lifting, look at buying a real olympic bar. This bar itself is about 10 lb lighter than a real olympic bar, and due to the 3-piece construction, I wouldn't feel completely safe adding on much more weight than what comes with the set. The finish started rubbing off almost immediately after a couple of training sessions. I'm not a fan of the cotter pins used to keep the 3 pieces together. I found that after some use, they start to rattle loose, so I used some epoxy to seal them in, and used some tape around the bar, as the
john Review from
May 20, 2021
use regular hammer
amazing for price. one side of pins is sloghtly smaller than other... tap in with something solid who cares if u tap the bar once. feel each side where the pin sticks out and adjust by hitting each side. then google eddy hall dead lift.
Jacob Review from
July 29, 2021
Got what I paid for.
I feel like I got what I paid for with this purchase. I have not found just weights for the price of this kit, and the bar is included. The bar was not hard to assemble, it comes with 4 pins, I got the holes lined up and drove the pins in with a hammer. It took 5 minutes for me to do it. The bar is rated at 400lbs, which is enough for me and my family.
Thomas Review from
February 18, 2022
decent starter bar. state's 400 lbs capacity however instructions state 300. make sure you have a rubber mallet available. should last most beginners ( like myself) a while.
Sree Review from
December 4, 2021
2inch hole plates with 110lbs total weight
It's exactly 110lbs. It was good deal compare to Amazon. 2inch hole weight plates and bar. I rec ommend this product
Dan Review from
January 12, 2022
Great set of weights
Great deal for a 30lb bar and nice easy to carry weights! Definitely need to look closely at the pins before hammering them in because as long as you put the beveled side in first and use a real hammer they go in smooth.
Edith Review from
May 5, 2021
Exactly what I wanted!
Great set! Exactly as described. Sturdy bar and all the weight I need to start. Assembling it was pretty easy once you realize to use a regular hammer and to close the pins a little bit. Good buy, Im satisfied.
Allie Review from
September 27, 2021
Great for at home workouts
I can't comment on the bar setup since I had a relative do it, but the bar and weights are excellent for home workouts. No complaints about the quality. Great value for what you get.
Keith Review from
November 19, 2021
It's exactly what it says it is. Was simple to put together and is sturdy enough to handle plenty of weight. The bar is too long for my liking but I ordered an Olympic set and that's what I got.
Big dad Review from
March 20, 2020
Good little set
Bought this March 19/2020. Its great for a little home gym. Not gym quality but you shouldnt expect it to be. Purchased it because I cant get to the gym due to the covid19 virus, so this is perfect. The people complaining on here want gym quality at home gym price, and its not going to happen. You want weights you can drop and slam down, then spend the money on gym quality weights.
Genevieve Review from
September 9, 2021
Great Value set.
Great value with everything being so expensive! Bar seems solid for a split bar. Pins were good and tough to get in so I feel like they should have no issues staying in. Bought in store.
Kaddi Review from
July 21, 2020
Good weight plates and Okay olympic bar
Very good price for a very good plates + somewhat Okay bar. The plates are very nice and exactly what I needed but the bar has 3 pieces and I'm not sure how strong it can be although it does the job for me. I'm using it for the minefield I have and so far after few weeks I have not seen any issues with it. All that said and in this crazy market that we are in due to COVID-19 I don't think you can beat the price of this set
Bobby Review from
March 22, 2020
Does the job for the price
This bar is perfect for beginners or people who are fine with working out with lower weights. For this price, you cannot expect extremely high quality, but this bar is pretty good. The plates it comes with are good quality too so that in the future they will be good if you require a better bar. Very good for small home gym and to stay in shape.