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Gyrus Acmi Ent Diego Powered Dissector Blade Concave 110 Degree
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Manufacturer Gyrus Acmi
Code 70138047
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Require Prescription? No
Score: 4.6 from 1 - 5
93 Review
jao1220 Review from
July 14, 2020
Get in the red, get Exodus
I typically stay away from 3 blade broadheads but when I do choose to hunt with a three blade it is always the Exodus swept or full blade. Both are outstanding broadheads from build quality to fit n finish they will not let you down. They are durable, have good thickness for a disposable and can be resharpened if all goes well. Stout short steel ferrule and an excellently engineered resharpenable tip. I have harvested 3 large rams with the same broadhead. When recovered it looked like the head had not even been shot. If you love disposable three blade broadheads you must try the exodus. It is
Tmas Review from
October 16, 2020
Exodus Broadhead review.
Have been hunting with these broadheads for three years now. Ive shot three elk and three whitetails with them. I have not had a bad experience yet, full pass throughs and all the broadheads are still in perfect condition. The part I like the most about these broadheads is the ability to tune your bow with them. They are of such strong and precision material that my arrows with this broadheads screwed on the end spin like a top. The quality of blades and the washer component are of amazing quality. Doubt Ill use a different style of broadhead any time soon.
pazdra2008 Review from
September 2, 2020
Awesome broadhead!
Completely made from steel, blades are resharpenable .040 thick, neer unbreakable...have shot 2 bucks in the last 2 years with the same head, just resharpen it, shot from a 400fps crossbow with great accuracy out to 60 yds, the limit of my practice distance. Shoots about 11/2 lower than field point so sight bow in with broadhead target before hunting and thats it. No suprises like blades opening in flight or not opening in animal, make a good shot and game over. Both bucks ran less than 65 yards! Great broadhead!
Review from
August 30, 2021
Pin point accuracy and more..
This head shoots outstanding. It consistently pounds the center at distance. The out of the package sharpness is the best Ive witnessed on a replacement blade broadhead. Priced right. Add all that and made in the USA for the win. This head will run with a high end head step for step.
nykwest Review from
November 23, 2016
Best broadhead made
The way the blades extend back over the shaft moves the weight of the head and the wind bearing surfaces backwards resulting in true field point performance. No other head has this. The blades and edges of the trocar tip are razor sharp not only out of the package but even after going through a deer and into the ground. I have taken many deer with many brands of heads and they are all razor sharp out of the package, but some are as dull as a spoon after shooting a deer. Where did those brands go dull? On the entrance ribs? On the exit ribs? If they went dull in the dirt beyond the deer that's
xrsfsho Review from
May 15, 2019
Best broadhead hands down
Xbow broadhead is the same as standard. The lock washer is just a little larger to accommodate the larger diameter bolts. It'll shoot just perfect out of a standard arrow. I have bought more of these heads then I care to admit. And ever single time I forgot how sharp they are out of the package. I always nick my finger taking them out of the package. And it is a gusher ever time. The photos show the xbow next to the standard. The xbow has the bronze lock collar
74superlead Review from
Academy Sports + Outdoors
July 20, 2017
QAD Exodus full blade 125gr
After reading reviews of several broad heads I decided upon these. No regrets! These have proven to work well for my setup. The package cautions that the blades are very sharp. I found out how sharp they were when I accidentally touched one...WOW! I had never cut myself on a blade until purchasing these. When tuned properly these broad heads fly true to field points. I suggest that you do not shoot at the same spot as you will defletch your arrows...again another first for me. Looking forward to my archery elk hunt this fall!
garrekelle_0 Review from
November 30, 2017
Best Fixed Blade on the market !
I have bow hunted for over 20 years, and have used many different broadheads. And I have had issues with penatration, but not with these. If you are looking for a hard hitting bone breaking broad head these are it. I have killed many deer, with these, some in Wich I hit a little forward and cought the front shoulder, and still got really good penatration. And I will also and I was skeptical about them fling like field tips as the proclaim, due to the fact they are a fixed blade, but they absolutely shoot exactly as my field tips. IMO the best broadheads you can buy.
paultomasello1 Review from
November 24, 2020
sharp,true flight
Used right out of the package on small blazer vanes and flew great just like my field points. Shot a buck last week and flew perfect and blew through him using 60 lb draw weight the design is smart and the blades are super sharp can't say enough about this head no more expandables. No cons I can think of great design.
Review from
April 12, 2021
Quiet Broadhead
Very quiet compared to the standard slick trick Ive used in the past. Flew very close with my field tips, really like the short feral and makes them easy to tune. Have not shot an animal but looks like they should have no problems. Excited to see how the do this fall.
Rick Review from
December 2, 2020
outstanding fixed blade broached
I harvested a doe with the exodus BH and am quite pleased with the performance. While i have never personally found a broadhead that flys exactly like my field points this mod was pretty darn close I found i was hitting 2-3" to the left @ 30 yds. They are quiet in flight and because of the steep blade angle the produce a massive wound. Prior to my purchase i used "Tight point archery" shuttle t-loc and have taken many whitetail with them but they have since become obsolete and the newer mfg quality is a poor representation of the original John summers broached. I am pleased with my purchase an
Qcconnection Review from
October 15, 2017
Flies like a dart, ridiculously sharp
Bought a pack of these 2 months ago, and upon initial testing had them flying all over the place, and I assumed they were junk. I read up on walk back tuning and tried that and got them hitting like darts, and even cutting fletching on my other arrows. Anyone who says these don`t fly worth a hoot, get your bow tuned. I did and I couldn't be happier. My only complaint is that these are way too sharp!!! Kidding. Although I did cut myself while removing them from the packaging, so be careful with them!!
Review from
September 23, 2020
Excellent service
I wanted to try the 125 grain Exodus broadheads this year. Gohunt had exactly what I needed. The checkout process was flawless and my package arrived very quickly. Broadheads flew two inches to the right minor site adjustment and I was hitting great.
Review from
September 9, 2020
Simple solution
I did a lot of research online regarding broadheads that lead me to the QAD Exodus 125 grain. Pleased to say that these were sharp out of the box, flew like my field points with no additional tuning, and seemed quiet. Can't speak to the performance on game yet, but certainly feel confident in the QAD Exodus as I head into the field.
bpfatherof4 Review from
November 5, 2013
Excellent Product
This is my first time using these broadheads and I was more than happy with them. They performed as expected and described. I have only shot my new bow with field tips only and took it into the field with the QAD Exodus Broadheads. Shortly after 11:00 am I had a decent 8 point buck stroll into range at 42 yds out. As I released the arrow something behind the buck spooked him causing me to get a less than perfect shot on him. I made contact but instead of the ideal broadside shot he had given me the arrow went in at an angle behind his front shoulder and exited all the way through his body behi
Bulldog 2018 Review from
September 15, 2019
Excellent broadhead
Flies true. Razor sharp. Toughest broadhead available. Have punched though plywood and pvc pipe with no damage to broadhead. Ultimate test - complete pass through on a 6x6 elk. Elk went 70 yards. Broadhead still looks and feels as good as new.
WiscoWarrior Review from
November 14, 2016
Serious planing
Shooting a Mathews Drenalin @ 69lbs. Montec, Rage, and various other broadheads fly nearly true to my field points--within an inch or two--but these were all over the place, and none were within 5" of my field points. Tried them in combination with different fletchings and had the same issues. Never tried them past 30 yards because they were so far off. Had really high hopes based on the reviews but these were a waste of money for me. It would be nice if Cabelas would let you test broadhead flight in-house with your own equipment before you buy so people like me don't waste money trying to fin
Stringtickler Review from
August 20, 2012
very impressed with Exodus Broadheads
I Just got back from Africa on a bow hunt. I used shuttles, G5 CS and Exodus. Killed 15 animals(9 species) and all the broadheads above performed well with accuracy and wound channels. However, I felt the Exodus was best due to its sharpness, blade durablity and ease in sharpening. The Exodus Broadheads would pass through heavy bone and would not have a single nick in the the blades. They didn't need to be sharpened as much as the other broadheads after they passed through an animal. I took 3 wildebeest with the same Exodus broadhead. They leave a nice gaping wound chanel. I didnt loose a sigl
Bulldog Review from
October 21, 2020
Tough and you could shave with it.
My go to elk broadhead. Have shot these now for 2 years. Very accurate and shot one through a PVC pipe. Minimal damage if any to the broadhead and still fairly sharp. Have also killed 2 elk.
Marlin4444 Review from
December 20, 2016
I had great success with this broadhead this year. Two pass through kills, one that went in through the ribs and out through the front of the brisket, smashing through lots of bone along the way. I feel like 1 1/4" is the perfect diameter for a broadhead because I want a pass through every time. I paper tune my arrows like a good boy so the exodus shot exactly like my field tips at 35 yds. I'm shooting a Bowtech BTX @ 63 lbs. 29" draw and 380 grain arrows @295 fps.
StealthArcher Review from
September 8, 2013
Works for me!
I am very happy with the way this broadhead flies. This is the first fixed blade bow combination that I have not had to change my sights. I have shot the full and swept blade styles and they both shoot the same as my field points out to 40yds (my comfort zone). I have broken small 4-5 inch balloons consistently out to 60 yds with these. To those that are having trouble with planing, I attribute this to tuning issues. Shot a doe during the late season last year. The shot was 22yds. I got a pass thru. When I hit her, she acted like I missed her , stood there for a few seconds , started to walk a
larrynogaj Review from
August 9, 2016
Solid piece of hardware
Ever since Rage came out with their high priced meat cleavers at a ridiculously high cost, all manufactures doubled and tripled their prices. They're all overpriced, but that's capitalism. Comparatively speaking though, this was a good value. QAD didn't take any shortcuts with these heads. Sharp out of the box and solid blades. I see myself buying more before the season.
Buckhunter845 Review from
November 30, 2016
Great heads. They can be a little finicky though. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't get them to fly right until I switched to black eagle spartan arrows. Now out of any well tuned bow I shoot they hit right with my field points. Switch back to other arrows no dice. For some reason with my set ups if I want to shoot Exodus I have to use the Spartans which is fine with me they're a good arrow and these are nasty little heads.
Jawhn Review from
December 28, 2019
Have used the Exodus for several years, my bow seems to really like them. They fly true to 80 yards so far! Shot a 6x6 bull elk this September, with a full pass through. I found the arrow and could use it again immediately, no damage what so ever. I have mechanicals that fly just as good, but these are my go to!
Poemeister Review from
August 23, 2013
Shoots well
I set up an arrow tipped with this broad head and shot it with my field points. I shot the 2 field points at 20 yards then shot the arrow tipped with this broad head. The result was an arrow already in the target needs a new fletching. I moved back to 30 yards and repeated the same process. Long story short I now have TWO arrows that need new fletching. No trouble with planning or anything like that. Stayed right in with my field tips every time. Would have given 5 stars but I want to hunt with it this year. So far I am impressed.
Review from
August 27, 2020
Tough head
These fly quieter than montecs or vented style heads which is nice. The replaceable blades are advertised as .040" thick but they feel thicker or at least stronger. For the money they're hard to beat. Boring reliable and sharp.
ctoutdoorsman1 Review from
September 22, 2013
These came recommended for my Parker Thunderhawk crossbow. They shoot like a dream out to 60 yards, field point accuracy. Opening night I punched a hole in a big 7 pointer that ran about 75 yards and piled up. 3 days later I hit a doe a little forward, punched right through both shoulder blades and still had a complete pass through, she dropped after 20 yards. These heads are built like tanks and fly like rockets. They don't bleed deer like a Rage, but they hit hard and penetration is no issue at all. Highly recommended
Life is good Review from
December 8, 2021
Super sharp from factory
Shot and elk and moose this year with these heads. Pass through on 4 1/2 year old bull moose and 6 X 5 elk only ran 100 yards before tipping.
Turkeybear Review from
June 19, 2021
Accurate, sharp and strong.
Bought these for my Excalibur Matrix 355 crossbow. They are extremely accurate grouping around 2 at 40 yds. .40 thick blades are the strongest Ive ever owned.
Review from
April 8, 2020
Great broadhead
I have used these broadheads for several years now. They are incredibly accurate and durable. I've shot deer and elk with them and experienced great performance on both species. Would definently recommended!
William Review from
August 8, 2021
Was exodus standard
Broadheads came wicked sharp, built like a tank with small profile. Only gripe is that they do not come with practice head
MulliganStew Review from
October 14, 2016
Good on Targets
I haven't shot an animal with these yet. Short story, my bow is tuned and field tips fly straight with no wobble. The Exodus flies true but about two inches low out to 30 yards. I am able to align the blades and vanes, but not sure that really makes a difference. I am satisfied with the arrow flight so far. I just need to put them to the true test.
Hawghead Review from
November 13, 2016
Excellent Broadhead
Very impressed with the first deer I shot with these broadheads. Shot a big bodied Iowa buck, shot was off a couple of inches but completely blew up both front sholders. Broadhead is still straight and sharp. They fly like my field points and destroy bone. I will be getting some more.
Duckiller110 Review from
October 5, 2020
Sharp Quality Heads!
Compact design that are extremely sharp. Absolutely zero adjustment needed from field tips to these. If your bow is tuned correctly these will fly like a dream!
Uncle Bubba D Review from
September 17, 2020
Exodus 125 gr. Broadhead
Quality constructed head. Extra sharp blades. Unfortunately, it did not fly well with my set up.
mayhem55 Review from
December 9, 2013
These are hands down the BEST broadheads that I have used. I tried them in the middle end of last hunting season and they worked great on 2 does at 35 and 40 yards. This season I was able to take down a 10pt 230lb whitetail, busting the arrow through the should into the heart. I also shot a 215lb 10pt same thing blew clean through the deer at 40 yards. I can not describe how happy I am with these broadheads. I have got a bunch of members at the Archery Club I belong to, to give them a shot.... all are happy with the results
pazdra2008 Review from
May 29, 2018
Good shootn fixed blades
They shoot good and group to 40 yards. Thats as far as i shot em out of my crossbow, nevr had to even adjust scope for em they were that close to my field points! Theyre solid stainless steel so u dont have to worry about breaking them and the blades are .040 thick , these heads are neer indestructable!
Review from
August 23, 2021
Qad is amazing
Great product especially for the price! They group amazing! Now I need to find an animal to send one at.
Rolo14 Review from
December 26, 2021
Great Broadhead
I was recommended these by a local archery shop. I shoot a 50# bow and had complete pass through on two deer with the same head.
snovinger1 Review from
October 23, 2017
Best Broadheads Period.
Ive wasted alot of money trying different Broadheads. Ive had deer run on me each time. Sometimes as far as 150 yards, but not with the Exodus. My deer made it a total of 150 feet before falling down. The wound channel was amazing and the blood trail was substantial.
RoosterRoaster Review from
September 8, 2014
still planes down and right
i tried these thinking they might be on to something with the shorter broadhead. they plane down and to the right as much as G5 montecs(5+ inches at 30 yards). won't be using them. My new theory is to stick with Magnus stingers. they are about two inches straight low but my pin gaps don't change. the indians used 2 blades for thousands of years. thats my theory and i'm sticking to it!
waelkhunter Review from
May 5, 2017
Best in show
these are hands down the best flying and most deadly fixed blade broad head I have ever seen. took a elk at 60 yards and the puncture wound was nothing short of amazing. full pass through and the head is still in perfect shape. Also the customer service at QAD can not be beat. best people in the industry IMO..
BowhuntVT Review from
September 26, 2012
Rugged but occasional planing
Had to change my sight from field point. Petersens bowhunting also showed these shot about 1-2 inches up and right, which is what I experienced. Shot a buck at 20 yards and hit spine mid deer when I aimed for vitals. Killed him but also killed my cmfidemce in the accuracy of these heads. Not convinced that these ALWAYS shoot as accurate. Going to try out slick tricks which the aforementioned field test article showed best flight compared to field pt.
Drod Review from
July 22, 2015
Awesome broadheads
These broadheads are amazing. I am new to the sport so don't have any experience with another broadhead. I grabbed these to get practice with over the field points and they are actually more accurate than the field points. I am shooting tighter groups and didn't have to re sight in. Don't think I will try another brand as these work perfectly.
Review from
June 15, 2022
Effective and deadly! Well designed and sharp! I love them!
Tim J Review from
Academy Sports + Outdoors
September 22, 2021
Great product
Great product. Flies true and good penetration. My yearly go to
Old scout 67 Review from
October 7, 2021
Held up as expected
Friend of mine swore that these BH were the real deal, so I bought a pack. I have a Ravin that shoots over 425 fps and it is sighted in as good as the tv ads. I didn't shoot a practice arrow, I just, went to the woods. Supposed to fly as a field point and I was about to find out for myself. I had been in the stand for awhile and the sun was beginning to set when this mature 7 pointer come to my sweet potato pile. At 57 yards, he was broadsided to me. I settled the 60 yrd dot behind his left front shoulder and squeezed off the shot. The arrow hit exactly where I was aiming. The arrow went thru
backwoodsboy84 Review from
November 7, 2017
Great Broadhead - please read this
November 2017 - This would be a 5 star broadhead if people realized the broadhead springs back closed after the shot. YES, THE BROADHEADS DO OPEN, they spring back to the closed position after going through the animal. I've killed several deer with these, but my kill this year really sold me on the Grim Reapers (1 3/4 cut). I hit my deer this year a little too far back - guts & liver. The blood trail was that of a double lung. The deer ran 60 yards and expired within 1 minute. That's not the first deer I've ever hit in the liver, but by far the quickest kill I've ever had with a sub par shot.
bowmidlantic Review from
December 6, 2017
The Grim
I use the Grim Reaper Razorcut 1 3/4" expandable broadheads. First, if anyone tells you these do not work, they work for another broadhead company. I came down from the same model in the 2". For Whitetails, the 1 3/4" works a bit better. The Grim has its name for a reason. I use the same broadheads on my Compound and Crossbow. I have shot more than 25 deer (all legal) with these and only 2 did not drop in my sight. You will lose a little of your tracking skills, the double sided blood trails eliminate the possibility of lost deer (unless you miss the deer :)). One thing I have seen a few times
emtkev Review from
September 29, 2014
Not Impressed in the least.
I purchased 9 of these after reading the great reviews. Used to shoot my first deer this morning. A descent 6 point standing 13 yards broadside. My shot was just slightly higher than I would have liked but still a good clean kill shot for any normal broadhead. The deer ran straight through some waist high weed for about 50 yards before I lost sight so I thought that he would be easy to track with blood being smeared all over the weeds he went through. I could not find one drop of blood. I finally went to the bottom of the hill and just zig-zagged back and forth to the top. After about 45 minut
usmcgunner58 Review from
October 17, 2014
Quick, ethical kills. Watch 'em drop!
Don't be dismayed but some of these negative comments. I've exclusively used these broad heads for three years now, harvesting multiple deer and one Pope and Young buck. For those who say the blades don't deploy; yes they did. I just harvested a doe two days ago, when I found the arrow the broad head was closed except for one blade. The doe went 25 yards, even with a high double lung shot. When we gutted her, not that I had any doubts, but there was an enormous three bladed hole through both lungs. It happens sometime, the momentum or just the way the deer was hit that causes the blades to clo
davscool58 Review from
January 7, 2017
Watch em drop
I have used fixed blade broadheads for a long time, but this year I upgraded to using a crossbow for hunting deer. I decided to try mechanical broadheads with the new setup, after some shopping around I decided to buy some of these heads. I bought a package 100 grn. razorcuts and was amazed at their accuracy. I ended up getting a nice 10pt. buck with the new setup-the heads worked flawlessly, I made a perfect shot @ 15 yds the deer ran 25yds and piled up within the sight of the stand. I have never seen a blood trail to match this one (although it was'nt needed) Outstanding Product!!
Spartan7 Review from
March 1, 2016
After asking a lot of questions and researching I decided on these over the ones that were "all the rage". I am so glad I did. These broad heads pack one heck of a punch. They fly straight and true like a field point...better in my opinion. They are easy to maintain. I went with the crossbow version of the 100 grain heads, and wasnt worry about them opening from the speed (my crossbow shoots 375 fps). The practice heads fly just like the hunting heads, so worries there. I took my very first deer with them. The deer ran about 45-50 yds from where I shot it and crumbled, just out of sight. Trail
Fishindoc Review from
October 31, 2012
Very disappointed with the Grim Reaper. I recently shot a medium sized buck at about a 45 degree angle as he was quartering away. The arrow hit a rib and the Grim Reaper bent about 30 degrees at the point where it screws into the arrow insert. When it bent, it compressed the collar against the insert so the blades couldn't deploy. Fortunately, because of the bend, it deflected upward and hit the aorta, so the deer bled out in short order. It also ended up breaking a high quality carbon arrow. When I recovered the broadhead, I was even more dismayed to find how easily in bent. Maybe they will w
c-cable1 Review from
November 13, 2018
awesome broadhead devistating wound on deer
I took a whitetail at 30 yards with this broadhead and it is awesome. Very large entrance wound and very large exit wound deer only went 25 yards before collapse. I have read some people stating that the blades did not open this is not true what happens is after a complete pass through if the head hits the ground or something solid then the blades will reclose as mine were but the size of the wound in the deer tells me they worked perfect.
Jammer33 Review from
November 14, 2010
Disgustingly Deadly!
I don't normally write reviews, but having used these broadheads I felt impelled to share my experience. First of all, the SS in Razorcut actually stands for Simply Sick. Secondly, I'm never shooting another mechanical that's not made by Grim Reaper. I've been using the NAP Spitfires, but this year I lost a large doe that I shot within 25 yards (double lung). She ran into very thick brush and despite an exhaustive search, I lost her. Instead of using up the rest of my NAP's I decided to switch to the Razorcut. This time I hit a doe on level ground at 40 yards (I have to admit after losing the
Mvenarch Review from
October 27, 2011
The name says it all
I've always been a fixed blade hunter until this year. The continuous developments in the mechanical blades got me curious enough to give them a try. After some researching I decided to go with Grim Reaper. After shooting and sighting my bow back in, I can certainly attest that these broadheads fly just like field points. As for their performance, well I took a nice 6 pointer this year, and all the blades opened up and did their job...well beyond my expectations. The blood trail was impossible to miss and now I'm enjoying venison every way, every night. Definitely recommend this to any and all
Deerthug1993 Review from
October 4, 2021
Great Broadheads
Started buying these a couple of years ago when I was looking for a new broadhead and a friend recommended them to me. They have not let me down yet.
bk09 Review from
December 2, 2011
Extremely Accurate!
Incredible how accurate these are! Used some MX-3's for about a week before I decided they were WAY to inaccurate. I didn't trust them to use on game so I bought these. I literally believe these are more accurate than my field points. Practice head that comes with it is great because it doesn't tear up the target much, flies as straight as a laser beam, and is very very easy to pull out the arrow with it on. Haven't used these on game yet but in practice these have never failed to open, with this cutting diameter and 3 blades it should be a red carpet treatment. Get these! You will not be disa
Robert Review from
January 11, 2021
Finally a broadheads I trust.
Ive found Grim Reapers to fly more like field tips than any broadheads Ive used. And when it comes to blood trails, the Grim Reaper is as good as it gets. Theyre now my go to broadheads.
CRC1 Review from
October 3, 2019
I am 72 years old and taken a lot of archery deer beginning at age 15 and I have never in my life had a broadhead deliver such devastating wound channels and massive blood lose as these broadheads. 1st buck 2 years ago went 15 feet and dropped second one last year went 20 yards and dropped best broadhead ever made
nicknamesarealltaken Review from
November 4, 2019
2 bucks in 12 hours
2 bucks down in 12 hours. First one broke through bone as it was a little high. Happy I had a little room for error. Second was a trophy buck that was a pass through. Couldn't be happier with how they preformed.Thank God they did or I'd be dealing with some serious regret right now.
beanersl Review from
November 14, 2010
bad to the bone
i have been using grim reapers for 4 years now. you can not find any broadhead better fixed or michanical. used on texas hogs, iowa giants, north dakota muledeer at 85-90 yrds with out hessitation. fly true EXACTLY like a field point. work wonders on turkey cyotes and anything in between. shot a 160" whitetail quartering too me at 35 yrds with 65# bowtech guardian threw top left shoulder blade out the other side. deer ran 100 yrds. localy i pay $31. at small town bow shop, cant beet the price. i have shot tree limbs and deer and turn around and will shoot them at 3 or 4 diff deer and will pass
Hazy1966 Review from
November 25, 2014
Broad Head
I purchased these BHs this year because I went from a 75gr BH to a 100gr. The first deer I shot went down with in 80 yds. They will do the job quickly. What I really like about the BH was there were no rubber bands do mess with. While they came with a practice tip it did not shoot like the BH. So after shooting the BH at a target all you had to do was push the blades back down into position. Very easy and durable.
Cek244 Review from
October 31, 2010
These broadheads are wicked!!
Bought these this year per suggestion of the local archery shop owner. I was skeptical as i had always used fixed blades before (Montec's) The first thing I noticed was the accuracy, i did not move my pins one bit from my field points. The only concern left was whether or not they would get the job done on a deer. Answer is a most definite yes. I shot a doe at 55 yards, clean pass-through and walked maybe 25 yards and dropped, about 30 minutes later another doe snuck up behind my stand and I shot her at about 15 yards and let me tell you seeing up close what these things do made up my mind. It
jef.knje.cudp3jhrn Review from
December 7, 2021
Highly recommend
Awesome knockdown power very accurate and I love the spring compared to the o ring style..highly recommend
Tdunk Review from
November 5, 2011
Good but.....
Shot a nice 9 point from about 25 yards out. Had a good shot behind the shoulder, bolt when through and showed good signs of an easy tracking. There was very, very little blood loss, maybe a few small drops every couple yards. That part i was not impressed with, but the deer didn't go 50-60 yards behind my stand and basicly just dropped. That i was impressed with. I'm not sure what happened with the lack of blood loss (and will try some other broadheads) but wouldn't be affraid to take on another nice buck with these broadheads.
MedicTG Review from
July 26, 2011
Wanted to try a mechanical, always was a Buzzcut guy. No more Buzzcuts for me. Took a doe last fall, 39 yards, absolutely brutal. She made it 10 yards. Took a Dalls Ram this spring, group of 5, mine was walking in front. 34 yard shot, complete blow through. The outfitter was concerned I had hit more than 1 because the other 4 had the blood of mine all over them! My ram took one step and fell over dead. These are the real deal!!
101stAirborne Review from
September 11, 2012
The Razorcut SS heads performed flawlessly. The blades were very sharp and rugged and left a HUGE blood trail. The replaceable tip was just slightly bent on the very tip of the head where it struck a rib on the way in. Since it blew out a 2 section of that rib and I can replace the tip and blades, I am VERY PLEASED with my first experience using mechanical broadheads. Grim Reaper will always have a spot in my quiver when hunting season rolls around.
lostone Review from
September 12, 2011
Works...sometimes not for fast bows!
NOT FOR 300+fps BOWS I found the blades would not deploy with head screw in snug; however, if you barley screw it in they work fine. I also don't like how one blade is always looser than the other two. After twenty or so shots through box into a target the blade broke off. Entrance holes into the box often showed only one or two blades were deployed. Maybe the 2" GR whitetail ones perform better as they are made for high kinetic bows. I will try a different brand in the future.
goenbowhunten Review from
March 13, 2013
razorcut SS
I love these broadheads! I shot the razortip for years and loved them, but now I dont have to change those tiny tip blades any more, and the razorcut looks like it will do really well on hard quartering shots. They held up perfectly on the big 9 point i shot this year even after exiting threw the front shoulder. I cleaned it up and its back in the quiver ready to devistate the next one.
randyv78 Review from
September 20, 2014
Best Broadhead!!
I have used these broadheads with my crossbow. I have killed several deer with them. Some good shots and some not so good but all have went down within 30 yards. Massive blood trail. I have used other broadheads, but non can compare to the Grim Reapers!!!
duckkiller24 Review from
August 25, 2011
this head is awesome i mean it is just sick! i shot a deer from 55 yrds and it was a double lung pass through and it just tore right through both ribs and the exit hole was just amazing there was blood every where. needless to say the deer didnt go 50 yrds before it just flopped. not to mention this head flies great!!! with my bow it shoots a little low at 50 and 60 but all you have to do is use the practice head. happy hunting.
dlodaviayre Review from
June 23, 2020
Great product
Great product!! Only use these when I hunt. Extremely accurate and very sharp.
Outdoorsmandex20 Review from
March 30, 2014
I launched a grim reaper at a turkey running away from me, he dropped on contact. I watched him expire from my spot and when I walked over to inspect him I seen that the grim reaper had literally taken the turkey's entire leg off! Very impressive!
SHARON Review from
November 13, 2021
Absolutely, I shot them with my Umaex Air Saber which shoots at 450 fps.
WIHunter608 Review from
September 28, 2015
No Go! Stay Away.
Took this broad head out this weekend, lost a doe with it. blades did not expand and I couldn't recover the deer. Going to Buy a pack of Rage Extreme for next weekend.
Wildman 4000 Review from
February 9, 2019
Great broadheads
I was out hunting with my Excalibur micro 355, I was out in -25 degree weather, I had mature doe, 2 year old and a doe fawn, the mature doe left and only have the 2 year old in the area I slowly lifted my crossbow and try by best for the perfect shot, ( plus I had bruised ribs at the time and it was hard to hold the bow steady for a good shot ) so when I pulled the trigger I hit the deer high but got the lungs and nicked the stomach the doe went down 50 yards but lost my arrow that had a lumenok on it oh well its worth it.
lanaibowhuntah Review from
August 24, 2010
this is one bad broahead
i live in hawaii and bowhunt almost everyday for axis deer and mouflon sheep. my friend bought me a pack to try out and shot a doe yesterday. blasted her at 23 yds quartering away and hit her in the stomach. the wound was at least 8-10 inches wide. guts spilled all over and she went down no more then 30 yds away.
Calster08 Review from
December 24, 2013
Good Broadhead
Shot a Buck @ 42 Yards penetrated through ribs and was sticking out other side. Ran 30 yards and dropped! Shoots flat and straight! Great broadhead.
fibhunter Review from
January 1, 2012
good head
So far using this head I am 6 for 6 on deer and all of them expired quickly and left good blood trails. The 2" cut really seems to bring deer down quickly. The only problem is that 2 of the heads broke completely off at the ferrule. I shot about 35 deer with spitfires and never had this happen. I don't think I'm going to bother buying replacement blades for the GrimReapers after I shoot them up.
Aggiebowhunter91 Review from
June 18, 2010
Just got back from Africa. 5 animals from Warthog to Black Wildebeast taken with Grim Reapers. Great penetration, massive damage and blood trails a blind man could follow. These things are wicked. Give them a try, you won't be disappointed. James L
prahl1413 Review from
October 28, 2020
Great produbt
Received the item in a timely manner. Quality was better than expected.
MateoTB33 Review from
September 25, 2012
Quartering away shot on a hog in Georgia . . straight through behind the shoulder and out the skull between the eyes. later used the same arrow to take an 8 point whitetail the next week, ran 20 yards.
hoganwanter Review from
December 1, 2020
The best broadheads in my opinion
Great Broadheads. Lethal
ByronBowHunter Review from
May 7, 2011
Good on Gobblers
The shot was only 15 yards, but the exit hole was impressive. It was a front shot so I sent it through his breast and out the back. The broadhead opened nicely and he hobbled about 10 yards. When I eat him, I won't be spitting out any BB's this year!!
Real7340 Review from
May 20, 2015
Bad experience
I used these broad heads while turkey hunting and shot clear through a turkey broadside. I did get the turkey, but not one of the three blades opened out.
berniomear Review from
June 8, 2019
reap the reaper
these things are awesome huge amount of damage done massive blood loss fly as good as field point reap the reaper
clsl7813 Review from
March 13, 2019
High quality FYI straight
Nice quality and they fly like a practice tip. Didnt have to adjust my pins.
oldhunter379 Review from
February 13, 2012
glad i bought them
i used fixed blade and had good luck with then, but nothing like i had with the grim reaper. I killed four deer this year and watched each one go down. I would reconend these to anyone.
WhitetailReaper Review from
November 1, 2014
Just a awesome broadhead shot many bucks and never let me down Big Blood Trails and usually dont run more then 50 yards! WATCH EM DROP!!
reed.rand Review from
November 3, 2016
grim reapers
these are great broadheads- big entrance and exits-strong blood trails, and best of all-NO RUBBER BANDS!!!
Review from
November 14, 2013
Razor Cut SS Grim Reaper's worked perfectly out of my crossbow the broadhead deployed perfectly, and helped me take a buck after the shot he only went about 20-25yds and fell over, in my opinion these are the best on the market currently.
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