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Hartmann - From: V33200000 To: V33600000 - Economy Bandage

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V33200000 - V33600000
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V33200000Economy Bandage, 2" NS, 10/pk (For Sale to Authorized NovaPlus Customers Only)10 / Package
V33300000Economy Bandage, 3" NS, 10/pk (For Sale to Authorized NovaPlus Customers Only)10 / Package
V33400000Economy Bandage, 4" NS, 10/pk (For Sale to Authorized NovaPlus Customers Only)10 / Package
V33600000Economy Bandage, 6" NS, 10/pk (For Sale to Authorized NovaPlus Customers Only)10 / Package
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More Information
Manufacturer Hartmann
Code V33200000 - V33600000
Require Prescription? No
Score: 4.3 from 1 - 5
30 Review
Zalea Review from
September 27, 2021
Could Be Excellent
I happened to need these as soon as I received them because klutzy me cut my palm with a knife! The bandages stick well, even when wet, so that's a plus since it's impossible to keep from constantly washing my hands. What I didn't expect was that the little rectangle cotton pad would fall out because it gets wet. When I found the 1st one on the floor I had no idea where it came from, but when I found the 2nd one in my lap, I figured it out! If you need these on a body part that doesn't get wet, they'll work very well. That's why I didn't give them a lower rating.
FireIslandNY Review from
September 10, 2020
Nice adhesive, they stay put :]
I usually order the most popular brand of bandaids but I saw the Equate Flexible bandaids and the price point was a lot less than the "popular" brand, so I figured, why not try them? (I've tried other less popular brands to save money but they never offer the good adhesion needed). These Equate bandaids are absolutely awesome. They flex very nicely on fingers (I have a stubborn patch of psoriasis on my index finger so I'm using a bandaid or two a day). The bandaid stays on through hand washing, a huge plus. These are strong bandaids and my new go to brand. This Equate brand really impressed me
steve Review from
July 18, 2022
Quality bandages at a great price!
We have been buying Walmart Equate and Great Value items for many, many years. They are always just as good as the name brands, but much more affordable. These bandages stay put for a long time. I've started re-dressing wounds every day, which is what you're supposed to do, but before that I would leave the same bandage on. These would last through multiple days with multiple showers. Very good quality!
nattyneedle Review from
April 20, 2018
Was looking for this type of band aid.
Have donated blood for years & always amazed at how long their band aids stay on vs what I find in stores - have tried all brands, styles, & types (fabric vs plastics). I chose this package for the fabric type. Received 4 days ago - as fate would have it - I had 2 fresh needs for this product - both middle joint/knuckles/pointer finger on both hands - 1 paper cut on left was still bleeding when I got the pack of bandages, had a 2nd open wound on my right hand, skin cracked and bleeding from doing out door work. Those that have cracked hands know what I mean. Thought this would be a good test f
Froehle Review from
April 30, 2021
A superb bandage
My wife recently had surgery on her index finger, and she wears two of these length-wise on either side of her finger. She says these are among the best bandaids she's ever used. They are very flexible; adhere very well (do not come loose from her finger, an always-moving digit); have adhesive on the sides of the pad; the pad has a release agent (does not stick to the wound). She has used all three sizes. I'm not crazy about the "antibacterial" aspect -- superbugs, anyone? -- but all in all, these are our go-to bandages. I just hope we won't need them very often. $5 for 100 in assorted sizes?
varenneparis Review from
May 29, 2021
Heavy duty but very thick
Good enough but rather thick and pretty crude. But then they ARE heavy duty which depiction and description i didn't take seriously when i ordered. My mistake, no fault of brand. I was more interested in "all ONE size" since assorted variety band-ages/aids are usually full of useless tiny bits of sizes. Can recommend only if you have serious need of a heavy, coarse band-age/aid. Sort of like mini Ace Bandage with adhesive ends. Top obvious for finger cuts unless you really need heavy help.
Primrose Review from
January 19, 2022
Good overall, but boxes frequently arrive damaged.
Works good on smaller cuts. The pad isn't big, but that's common. A few of the pads weren't centered. But why are the boxes so damaged?! Took off a star because most of the packages were smashed up or had tears. It's concerning because you never know how it got that way or if someone tampered with it.
Watchdog Review from
July 15, 2022
Equate vs Brand name
Unlike the leading brand, these actually hold tight on the skin and protect the wound. True they don't have the quantity per box that I would like but the size and the shear quality of these bandages over powers that one negative point of packaging. I will again and have several times in the past bought these bandages. If they had a way to rate these with 10 stars I would.
Nanienana Review from
June 11, 2018
Equate Antibacterial flexible Fabric Bandages
I was traveling last weekend and I packed these Equate Flexible Fabric bandages in my suit case just in case. Well it turned out it was the perfect choice. My granddaughter who was staying in my room in the hotel was shaving her legs in the shower and slipped. She gouged 2 places on her leg. Well she couldn't stop the bleeding and she started yelling for help. I ran in and finally stopped the bleeding and broke out these Equate flexible bandages. We put 2 bandages on the larger cut and one on the smaller cut. The next day we re-cleaned the wounds and re-bandaged the cuts. By the next day the c
Robert Review from
October 1, 2021
Equate poor lacks quality adhesive in bandages!
The 44mm X 101mm bandages did not stick very well and came off only after a few hours. I used several of them to keep the area covered, but the bandages again failed to adequately stick. Absolutely unacceptable as it advertises on the package front "STRONGER ADHESIVE DURABLE FABRIC" . The fabric is durable but the adhesive is worthless.
chris.p Review from
March 20, 2022
Affordable and its the same thing as the name brand so why not save money when you can? I have had better experience with these than I have the name brand. Very affordable, I have 2 boxes at home and a few more in the truck for emergencies. I recommend everyone save some money and go for this option, they even make medicated ones with antibiotic ointment on them.
Allieoopes Review from
June 25, 2018
I love these Bandages!
I received these as part of the Wal-Mart Spark Review program. I got these to try because frankly, I am clumsy and need bandaids all the time. I wasn't really sure how these would be, as they are the store brand, not the famous brand. These turned out to be as good, if not better, then the name brand. The anti-bacterial in them helped to heal the cut faster, and the fact that they are fabric and not plastic is a big plus. These do not start to rip or shred after you have had them on a little bit of time. The adhesive is very strong on these. I did everything I would normally do, and they still
kasual.j Review from
September 26, 2021
These are really good, and cute bandages! These are the FIRST bandages I ever seen that come in different skin tones! The only issue with these is the end piece loses its grip, but you can cut it off! I recommend removing them under running water, or some moisturizer because THEY STICK!
amber.p Review from
February 12, 2022
I love that the Equate brand is so affordable. I always get this variety pack so that there is something for everyone in my family. My husband uses the larger ones, my son uses the smaller ones. I also like that they are antibacterial so I don't always have to use an extra ointment.
shenav Review from
June 23, 2018
Fabric Bandage
This is a revision for fabric bands, These bands are good for those minor wounds that can be treated at home, including those that need creams or lotions that then need covers while they heal. These bands are not waterproof, if it gets wet you should change ASAP These bands allow breathing through the material. They also have antibacterial included for those wounds that only need to be covered and protected from the environment. The stick of the band can last more than 24 hours but it is preferable to change them before this time. Is Strong the inner pad is absorbent, the period of absorption
nina Review from
May 12, 2022
wish they'd stay on...the SKIN!
wow, that's a lot of boo-boos! just wish they'd stay on...the SKIN! adheres quickER to carpets and wooden floors than flesh! and am careful to make sure skin surrounding wound area not wet or oily! a better bargain when adhered to the SKIN! SICK of finding them all over the floor!!!
willow.r Review from
April 10, 2022
These are great because when you are broke and are building a tiny home with your boyfriend or more like supervising him and handing him things do you need these on deck. My dude sliced open his fingers at least five times in the last two weeks some, superglue and Band-Aids does a job I cant complain neither Can he I guess. Its nice It keeps all of his blood in from one little strip good job Band-Aids
Marcia Review from
March 16, 2022
Love the product - hate the lack of them in stores
What happened to the review I already submitted? In short, I NEED these bandage things for my poor weird feet, and now you stopped carrying this large sized box. So Yay for the great product. And Boo for not carrying them in my local stores.
IRONY Review from
June 24, 2018
Great size, great fabric!
These Equate Flexible Fabric Bandages w antibacterial feature are so very comfortable. The fabric is soft and blends well with skin. They are truly flexible, so they cover the area without puckering and pulling off before intended. They are made in the USA. Which I like. The package contains 10 two by four inches in area. Just apply to clean dry skin. The antibacterial, Benzalkonium Chloride, is embedded in the pad. Normal precautions and allergies need to be considered. The product is latex free. Personally, I think this size and quality are particularly good for use breaking in those shoes r
spazgirl99 Review from
June 28, 2018
Great bandages
This is the perfect size box of bandages for the summer in my house. My kids wind up getting so many little scrapes and cuts that need some TLC. This 100 pack has three different size bandages: 5/8 x 2 1/4, 3/4 x 3 and 1x 3. These are stretchy and the fabric used in very comfortable. They wrap around fingers easily and bend with your body parts. Each bandage is antibacterial (benzalkonium Chloride), sterile and sticks on all sides. They also last for a long time. These aren't bandages that come off easily, which makes them a good buy. I like that they help the wounds heal quickly. I also like
Raezer Review from
May 4, 2018
My choice for great protection!
The Equate Antibac Heavy Duty Fabric Bandages has 60 to 1 box. These are the bandages I put in my 1st aid kit and bring when I go hiking. They stick and stay on better than others I have tried. They are Sterile Anti-Bacterial and contains .1% Benzalkonium Chloride which kills bacteria and helps prevent infection. They protect my cuts and scratches with 3 times more absorbent. They seal all the way around which keeps dirt and junk out while I am hiking. They are all 1" x 3.25" size and have a stronger adhesive durable fabric which is soft on my skin. This is a better bandage than others because
CoffeeSquirrel Review from
June 21, 2018
Rugged protection
Our family can not do without these strong flexible cloth bandages. Husband cannot stand other types of bandages, always releasing before he is ready to take them off and getting ruined by water. With these flexible cloth large bandages, there is no releasing before you are ready, stay put where you put them and come off clean. I like that these stick all the way around to seal the wound from particle contamination and that they have an antibiotic to speed healing time. They come off without pulling the wound and no sticking to the wound. The the grown baby in our family, that is a plus. Walma
christina .p Review from
December 8, 2021
Price wise these are a good price, but they are not as good quality as the Band-aid brand. If you want a band-aid for a couple hours this is a decent bandaid. But after getting wet either from washing your hands or sweating, these will fall off. The adhesive is not good quality.
nichole.g Review from
October 15, 2021
Beat band aids out. I live that they stretch and are not hard. And it keeps the wounds clean from the anti bacterial strip inside. No need for Improvement. I even like the color ones they have. It can match your outfit lol.
groverox Review from
June 22, 2017
Won't buy these again!
Possibly the worst bandages I've ever used. I am usually pleased with Equate products, but these are awful. I was so excited because the price is great and we go through a lot of bandages here. What a waste. They do NOT stick at all. The only time they stick is if you place it on a "flat" area (like the back of your hand), and even then it will peel right off if it comes into contact with anything - a shirt or a glove, say. Don't even think about it if you need to use one on a "bendy" part, and wrapping one around your finger (not even talking about the knuckle...) is an exercise in futility.
nicole.l Review from
February 26, 2022
This is the band aid I choose to use for when I am at home. The color is very easily noticed. It is also strong against water or doing activities. Also isnt to tight either. I love this product as very affordability and simple to use!
petunias4me Review from
June 21, 2018
handy to have around
My experience in using the Equate Antibac Flexible Fabric Bandage Asst 100 Count has been pretty normal, except for the fact that I don't recall buying bandaids that have a much smaller pad than the outside portion of the bandage. That was a new thing for me. When reaching for a bandaid, I need to look closely to see what size it actually is, as they come in a variety of sizes. i did find them to stick well, and stay on pretty well, and I do like the softness they offer. The issue with getting it opened, soon became just grab it somewhere and tear it open. ha. overall, not a bad purchase, I us
showmespfld Review from
June 12, 2020
Don't waste your money
The non-stick pads are great but the ability of the fabric tape to actually adhere either to itself as when wrapped around a finger or to your skin rates a NEGATIVE 10!! In bandaging a nasty cut on a finger recently I found that within minutes of putting these bandages on and firmly securing in place, the edge was flapping and catching on everything. This was without ever exposing the bandage to moisture. After washing hands, it was pull it off and throw it away. If you waste your money on these, be sure and buy a roll of good silk tape because you will need it. Normally Equate products are go
meli.p Review from
February 13, 2022
worked well, great for the price and good to keep stocked up. the adhesive quickly becomes ineffective when they get wet, but most bandages do. good protection for small wounds and scratches or irritations. kids go through them like nothing I've ever seen
HandiSandi Review from
November 24, 2020
Sticking power!
Equate makes a good bandage! These hare heavy duty. Im a fulltime wheelchair user and my hands have to push me around all day every day. Getting in and out of the chair my legs are bound to rub against something yet I can count on these bandages to stick and stay. Nothing like finding a bandage stuck to a sheet the next morning after waking lol Work fantastic!