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Health O Meter Professional - From: 2400KG-BT To: 2700KL-BT - Digital Wheelchair Scale

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Health O Meter Professional:
2400KG-BT - 2700KL-BT
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2400KG-BTHealth O Meter Professional Digital Wheelchair ScaleEach
2400KL-BTHealth O Meter Professional Digital Wheelchair ScaleEach
2500KGDigital Wheelchair Scale, KG OnlyEach
2500KG-BTHealth O Meter Professional Digital Wheelchair ScaleEach
2500KL-BTDigital Wheelchair ScaleEach
2600KGDigital Wheelchair Scale, KG Only (DROP SHIP ONLY)Each
2600KG-BTDigital Wheelchair ScaleEach
2600KL-BTDigital Wheelchair ScaleEach
2610KGDigital Wheelchair Scale, KG Only (DROP SHIP ONLY)Each
2610KG-BTDigital Wheelchair ScaleEach
2610KL-BTDigital Wheelchair ScaleEach
2650KG-BTDigital Wheelchair ScaleEach
2650KL-BTDigital Wheelchair ScaleEach
2700KG-BTDigital Wheelchair ScaleEach
2700KL-BTDigital Wheelchair ScaleEach
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Manufacturer Health O Meter Professional
Code 2400KG-BT - 2700KL-BT
Require Prescription? No
Score: 3.7 from 1 - 5
50 Review
zomb_74 Review from
December 9, 2021
Very accurate scale that doesn't need batteries!
We decided to get a scale that doesn't need batteries, and after doing a lot of research, we decided on this one, which used to be used in doctor's offices for accuracy. It is right on the money, and doesn't need constant calibration. It is surprisingly heavy and stays in one place unless you move it. I'm positive this will be our last scale purchase ever, due to the amazing quality of this scale. I highly recommend this scale for accuracy and if you don't want to be fiddling with batteries and wondering if your weight is accurate. Great product!
al-802162 Review from
September 14, 2021
"Weigh"t no more to purchase a great home scale
nicely made and easy to use. arrived with a cracked dial cover. i'm assuming this happened in transit. the box was definitely battered. the scale still works fine so no real damage to its function. i am trying to find a replacement cover, but have had no luck so far. It has a large enough weighing surface, that this old man is able to stand on it securely with no wobbles. Other scales do not have the substantial feel of this model.
Lynn Review from
February 13, 2021
2 stars because it feels sturdy to me. 1 star because, as others have mentioned, it does not calibrate correctly and needs to be readjusted with each weighing and even then the weight is not the same. For example, I recalibrated the dial to 0, stepped on it and then it would be 3 past the 0 when I got off. I would put it back to zero, stepped on it and it would be 2 ahead of the zero. And, I could do 3 weighs at a time and each would be different. But, it was off only 3-5 lbs at the most. Just not for me, I need to be accurate and keep track of my weight for medical reasons.
Widewoman Review from
March 27, 2013
AWFUL Scale Deserves -5 star rating!
This scale is all OVER the place weight wise! I get on it, get a weight. Get off and back on, get another weight do it again get another. OK so maybe it's on a spot that's not level, so I move it over a bit, tri it again, get yet another weight. No not just a difference of 4 lbs. +/- noooooo try 20 lb. differences! I might get that few pounds difference one spot on the floor, move it less than an inch and it might be 10 lbs. or it might be 20 lbs. I could get my daily exercise by repeating this procedure over and over and I'd forever get a different weight than the previous time! It's insane.
ImaPisces Review from
January 18, 2015
Very safe and easy to stand on
I've had this scale for a few weeks. So far it's working well. It does need to be reset back to zero as it does go off a couple of pounds after stepping off. That's okay for me. The dial for resetting is easy to access and is not difficult to move. I used it on my bathroom tile floor at first, but since I have been using on a piece of very flat piece of indoor/outdoor carpet. It seems to stabilize the scale (for me - I'm rather a large person) having a little "cush' under it.. I'm used to the older types of scales with a dial so this is perfect for me. The standing area is huge, I wear an 11 s
28Street Review from
September 10, 2013
If you need a good, inexpensive scale .. read
This is a $12 or $13 scale on sale for $20 ... and comes with a device (about $8) for measuring your arms, waist, thighs, etc., etc. I thought I would get a real good scale and that the $20 would guarantee it. However, it is shipped with this device for measuring how much fat you have lost on various parts of your body. I preferred a better scale and not this additional item which comes as part of the purchase. My old scale did not always set at 0 ... sometimes a pound or so under, others a pound or two less. I got tired of resetting to 0 every time I weighed myself ... so I purchased what I t
SFNora Review from
April 11, 2013
Better then expected!
This is a very solid and sturdy bathroom scale with a large platform, I like that. As mentioned in other reviews, this scale most times will be off but not more then 2 pounds, so no big deal since you can figure that into your weight. The measurements for this scale are 18in. x 13in. so if you plan on keeping this scale in a small bathroom you might have to stand it agaist the wall. I repaced a digital scale with this one and am glad I did, since if your trying to lose weight like I am it's nice to see the number you are going for. But I will note that if you have a large stomach you might hav
travelgal2 Review from
August 7, 2018
Not Easy to Read
My old HealthoMeter finally broke. I loved it because the numbers were easy to read. So when I read this same manufacturer touted easy to read, I assumed they had improved it. I was disappointed. The number are harder to read. I am attached my old meter vs new meter so you can see for yourself. I'm rethinking my purchase to buy a digital one.
bonangres Review from
January 11, 2019
Don't believe the instructions !
1st know your exact true weight. Then immediately stand on the scale. See how far off this reading is now. Adjust the adjustment wheel up or down- INSTEAD OF SETTING THE RED INDICATOR TO ZEROPLAY WITH THE WHEEL ADJUSTOR UNTIL YOU MATCH THE READING TO THE TRUE BODY WEIGHT!! The zero indicator doesn't work the way the instruction report it to work.
paulforchio Review from
June 20, 2018
I think I know my weight, now
The needle doesn't stay put when scale is empty. Sometimes you must gently tap the side to get it back to zero, before stepping on it. Otherwise it seems to read consistently. Still a good scale for the price. Better than the other two I had purchased, both electric. Threw them out, finally.
coorae19 Review from
May 10, 2018
Reliable and large numerals
Our digital scale was not reliable and needed frequent battery changes. We decided to return to what we knew. This scale is good sized, with adequate foot space, easy to adjust and has large numerals. Though we can not get weights to the decimal point, it is the trending that is needed. We are pleased with this scale.
johnboy212 Review from
February 9, 2013
Good Bathroom Scale with large footprint.
Pros: Large Dial, Large size, Looks nice, Accurate. Nice metal body, doesn't look cheap. Cons: Although the dial is big, the graduated lines for each pound are a bit thick so it is a little more difficult to read than I thought it would be. I'm one of those heavy people that do not look as heavy as I am. When I got to 270, I just quit weighing. It was a little bit of a shocker when I got the new, more accurate scale, because It weighed me in at 270 (after two weeks of dieting my old scale read 258). But I have determined that the new scale is accurate. In another two weeks, I am now down to 25
reiraymondeb8 Review from
April 13, 2018
Not a professional dial scale
This scale is not accurate so cannot call a professional scale as it is not. I had done few tests and re-adjusted as suggested but have to be everytime after I used back to "0", also I weighted myself 3 time, each time has a difference of 1 to 2 lbs. I tried to return it, it will cost $32.00 by USPS which is more than I paid for this scale ($29) so I have to keep it to avoid losing more money. I tried to contact Ebay for help twice, so far no response......
Jennifer Review from
August 10, 2020
Worthless!! If I could give it NO stars, I would!!
I just had gastric bypass surgery and this consistently tells me that I am heavier than I am! By a lot! Its worthless to me and my family and I didn't realize it in time to send it back!
rePete Review from
June 2, 2015
Healthometer Dial Bath Scale
The scale works great. I like its ability to handle heavier weights. It appears to be sturdy enough to handle the additional weight (up to 400 lbs.) with no problem. I was surprised at just how long the unit is. While I was surprised (because it takes up a lot more floor space than a conventional scale) I am glad it is this long because my size 13 feet fit completely on the scale.
JoeR Review from
August 12, 2020
health o meter mechanical scale
Bought this item online and was delivered in a good time 4days earlier than expected. Works well and seem to give accurate weight measurement. Shopping online experience was great
Sliderule2 Review from
May 28, 2014
A well made, high quality product.
Concerns expressed by other reviewers about the pointer not returning to zero when stepping off the scale are unfounded. That results from the good close fit between the platform and the track it rides in. The variation results from the amount of platform weight that the weight sensing mechanism is indicating, which becomes a non issue when standing on the platform. I suggest you set the zero once and forget it. Maybe reset the zero once after the scale is broken in and it consistently reads above zero when not standing on it.
Mezladybug Review from
January 10, 2020
Everytime i got off the scale i had to reset to zero. Everytime i got on the sce it would give me a 5lb difference. I returned it. Later after seeing reviews this brand had alot of bad reviews with theit other scales. Im stsying away from this brand.
nonom Review from
August 1, 2011
Hunk of Junk!
If I could give it "zero" stars I would. I like digital scales but couldn't find one that weighed me consistently. So I thought I would go back to basics with this scale. I purposely chose this one because it had a large dial... easier to read for old folks. It was even more inconsistent than the digital scales. I had to readjust the wheel at the bottom after each weighing. The red line would spring back to 4 or 5 pounds either way from zero each time. It weighed me 4 to 5 pounds differently each time I weighed. Don't waste your time buying this model. It is also a very large scale - takes up
VALLYVALL Review from
July 14, 2013
Scale is good but not great.
My husband is a heavier guy so needed a scale to reach his numbers. This scale is good size for the display and to step on. The only issue as everyone else says it that you have to constantly change the number back to 0lbs. It even does this when my 5yr old, that 40lbs gets on the scale. However I bought this scale in a bundle package for $20 along with a measuring tape. So the deal was great & deff worth it. I would deff NOT pay $30 alone for this scale.
WalmartOLShopper Review from
September 24, 2012
Healthometer Professional Dial Bath Scale
This is an okay product. I was expecting better accuracy from it, but instead i get a scale that needs constant calibration. for general purposes its okay, for someone trying to monitor a tight weight, i would not recommend it. like i said its okay but you can not count highly on its accuracy. For its price its alright i feel i should have purchased something of a higher quality with my money though; so im not really satisfied with my product purchase because of it.
Violet Review from
December 17, 2020
Great buy!
Beautiful. heavy duty, better than expected for the price. Got it for a Christmas gift. Will probably get one for myself.
gen.morgan Review from
October 26, 2017
Needs oil.
Its just not quite right. Wont hold zero but isnt off by more than 4lb. It looks great. If it wasnt for the little off part, I would recommend it to anyone. The moving parts feel dry and stiff. Wish it had oil here spots.
Remy Review from
January 26, 2015
Not exact, but not terrible.
I bought this scale because I wanted an old-school non-digital scale to check my weight. If you tare this scale at zero when placed on a flat level surface, and step on it... It doesn't return back to zero when you step off. It's usually 3-5 lbs above or below the zero. Not good. Still less aggravating then the digital scales out there that decide whenever they feel like working.
MrsH Review from
Home Depot
February 7, 2019
Heavy duty. Easy to read. Takes the guess work out of it. Unlike digital ones.
Heavy duty. Easy to read. Takes the guess work out of it. Unlike digital ones.
thedoophus Review from
December 2, 2020
Great Scale at an even Greater Value.
Great and Accurate Bathroom Scale at an even Greater Value. Plus IT WORKS PERFECTLY with no Batteries or other useless Whistles and Bells.
HappyMissouriGirl Review from
July 6, 2014
Exceded my expectations
I finally found a scale that didn't require batteries, that didn't talk to you. I have large feet and am on the heavier size. It was horrible to try to find a scale to help with a weight loss, because either my feet shut off the scale, or nothing came in the range that I thought I weighed in. So double yeah for my feet fit on this one and it far out ranges where I am on weight. WOOHOO. I am happy in both worlds.
Merrywalker Review from
December 7, 2014
Worst purchase ever!!!!!!
This scale arrived intact in its box with no visible damage to the shipping box. the scale was not centered on zero. I set it following the instructions. However, it has to be reset to zero every time you use it. I will be returning this to the store for a different scale. I gave it 1 star only because you have to do at least 1 to get out of the review.
2051098 Review from
August 5, 2016
Erratic weights, not easy to read and the thing is HUGE. Your weight changes by as much as 7-8 pounds if you shift your weight in the slightest amount. It is not consistent either...if you lean to the right a little your weight may go up, or it may go down. You never know where it will come to rest.
eileenaloha Review from
August 4, 2017
Love this scale. The base where one stands is large enough, for those who have b
When people have balance issues, whether from a hockey injury to stroke, the wide base allows to stand with feet wide them much better balance.
gabrielleh Review from
January 14, 2015
sturdy scale. get it. best buy for the price
not too flimsy. after you adjust it to zero out on a flat surface it goes back to zero every time. it shows the same weight too. super pleased with the place for you feet-big surface . so happy with my purchase!
Oswego11 Review from
March 4, 2012
Not worth the money
The plastic arm on the dial that points to the weight never returns to zero when you step off of the scale. You have to continuously, manually reset the dial. I thought this brand name would be a better quality product, since I've had a similar model for about 15 years. If a product doesn't perform as it's suppose to, the price you save over other products doesn't matter. This product does not perform as it should.
Bell Review from
November 11, 2020
Health O meter Bathroom scale
Excellent old fashioned Bathroom scale. You can adjust it, so the dial always weighs from zero.
Caddoman Review from
October 26, 2012
works great!
I had some reservations about quality and functionality when I ordered this scale, but those were quickly put to rest when I received it and started using it. It is easy to read, has no quality issues, and works excellently. By coincidence, I had a doctor's appointment on the same day I weighed myself on the scale for the first time, and the scale read the same weight as the high priced professional scale my doctor uses. I am completely happy and intend to order one as a gift for a friend.
biking15571 Review from
January 26, 2021
Quality scale
Dangerous to buy a scale after quarantine. Nice large size, easy to read numbers. Seems to be very accurate,
Janie Review from
January 16, 2020
Correct weight
This scale is more accurate and dependable than the digital kind I had. And the dial face is large enough to read without difficulty. I would recommend this scale.
DivaJerseyGirl Review from
February 8, 2013
I luv this scale!!
This scale replaced my digital scale that stopped working after a year even after I replaced the $8 batteries. After my reluctant purchase, i was so happy and satisfied about how extremely accurate this scale is. It looks and handles like an expensive scale. I love it, and I would definitely recommend.
MidgetBitchy Review from
October 14, 2011
Great Product for the money
I reviewed other scales on line. Once you balance the scale, This scale matches what my MD scales say. It is a moderately heavy scale so when you step on and off it will not move in any direction. The numbers are manually read by me, when I get older the numbers and lines will be harder to read, but until then this scale is all worth the $20.00 I spent! I would buy it again and I recommend it to anyone!
Dissatisfied Review from
August 26, 2012
Doesn 't weigh properly...
I purchased this product from site to store. That was a great option for me, so once I got this product home and began to use it ( I followed all the instructions) I noticed that it wasn't weighing me correctly. It was over estimating how much I weighed by several pounds!(20 lbs to be exact) So, I decided to to take the product by to my local Walmart and request a refund. If you have this product, I sure hope that it works for you!
Mobey Review from
January 8, 2014
Seems to do the job!
Pretty much what I expected. Simple use and Big easy to read numbers help for tall folks like myself. My whole family has been weighing on it even though some have their own digital scale. Everyone that has weighed on it said it was confirming doctor's office numbers. So I'm pretty happy with it so far.
giuliani Review from
January 3, 2019
Good and dependable!
I bought this scale at least 12 years ago and use it everyday before my shower and it still works great! It has made it through 4 moves. I can't recommend this scale enough.
genesis diaz.d Review from
July 28, 2016
Good scale. I much prefer this type of scale to the digital ones that give you different numbers every time you weight. This is a solid built large good looking one. Good item, easy to read as well..
judyblue.eyes Review from
October 18, 2017
Weighing In On Quality
It's a pleasant surprise to find a scale that is affordable and sturdy! The foot placement is well designed and the digits are easy to read! I highly recommend this product!
CarrieSunshine Review from
October 16, 2015
Very accurate
I received this scale a few weeks ago. I am very happy with it, as it is accurate. I really think it makes a difference when the scale is larger, I can stand on it. No problem reading the dial. And you can't beat the price !
Marsha Review from
February 22, 2018
Do Not Buy
Horrible. I threw it out. Could not see numbers and weight was 10 pounds off of everybody who weighed themselves. Delivery was as promised. Only good thing I can say.
Highlights Review from
August 13, 2013
Simple and functional!
Classic Health-o-Meter. No battery, no digital display, no complex functions. You just stand on it and the needle points to your weight. Very accurately. Does what it is supposed to do very well with no complicated extra functions. I LOVE IT!
Review from
November 14, 2016
I like these scales much better than the digital ones because they are easier to recalibrate when they are off. You can zero them out. Digital ones always seem to be much further off than these or the ones at the doctors office.
Review from
August 12, 2015
This scale is pretty awesome ! Its pretty accurate and portable. I wish they were prettier though. Maybe a more modern and sleek look would increase their sales. Also, digital numbers would be handy too.
Roxanne N Review from
August 21, 2013
So I went to the dr and I was told I need to watch my weight. This was the only mechanical scale they suggested and the dr said, trust me. So I took the good drs word and purchased this at the beginning of the year. I trusted his word and his word was gold! This scale is perfect and fits my lifestyle as well.
Doyle Review from
August 3, 2020
Great scales. It arrive with the glass broken and I cant figure out how to get it exchanged without returning it to store.
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