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Torbot - GR501 - Irrigation Frame

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Gricks Semi Disposable Systems consists of a reusable Lucene Rubber or Plastic reusable faceplate that is used in conjunction with disposable closed end plastic pouches. The following are sold in sets and include 100 plastic pouches, 1 belt, 1 plastic body frame and O Bands. Please refer to item # for
reorder of individual set components.
• For Colostomy
• Light weight, Sturdy and Secure
• Pouches can be changed without removing body frame and belt
• Opening size: up to 3"
More Information
Manufacturer Torbot
Categories All Colostomy, Colostomy Bag, Kits, Semi-Disposable
Code GR501
Sold By EACH
Require Prescription? No
Store Stomabags
Score: 4.4 from 1 - 5
46 Review
george Review from
July 14, 2020
Installation easier than expected
I was a little concerned about how difficult it would be to actually put it in place. I read through the directions a couple times to make sure I understood, and then went to work on it. The main purpose was to run the line to feed into hanging flower pot
Sonny Review from
November 11, 2020
On Automatic Pilot
Exactly what I wanted for watering patio container plants. Although I haven't installed it yet, the instructions are simple and understandable. I have done all the necessary measurements and will being the installation process this weekend. The timer is t
CBrown Review from
Home Depot
May 11, 2016
Customizable, Worry-Free Watering
The different kits for this watering system are basically groupings of available components for specific watering needs. This particular kit provides 1/2 gallon/hr dripper nozzles and fittings suggested for use in planters/pots and hanging baskets. The ea
RednexToyz Review from
Home Depot
November 17, 2015
Hands-Free Watering
This kit provides a great, simple, hands-free watering method for your favorite plants. The kit includes a Universal Faucet Timer (which requires 2 AA batteries; not included), (2) Barbed Connectos, (2) Elbows, (20) Tees, (1) End Clamp, a roll of Supply T
lilrabbit Review from
Home Depot
November 22, 2015
Easy to set up
I turned this over to a couple of my students to set up. They had it up and working in about 30 minutes. The timer is easy to set and the kit included enough drippers to handle all the pots and basket in my classroom. This set comes with 1/2 gph drippers.
EricG Review from
Home Depot
December 1, 2015
Great addition for any greenhouse
Our house came with a greenhouse attached to the southwest wall and we use it to start seedlings for the spring and to house the perennials that can't survive our high desert winters where the temperatures have dropped as low as -18F. The greenhouse is pa
Review from
Home Depot
March 26, 2016
EXCELLENT hands off approach for keeping potted containers outside!
I will be the first to say that I just ADORE having HUGE containers of lovely flowers on my porch - the thing that I absolutely hate is dragging either a garden hose or a watering can out to keep up with the watering. We live in the South, and we have FUL
KN07 Review from
Home Depot
December 2, 2015
Genius System
I'm totally fascinated with this product! Now, I can have regular waterings for my plants, or better yet, they will be watered when I'm out of town (sorry to last summers plants that died when I was gone). The system is pretty smart for the simplicity of
ToddB Review from
Home Depot
April 17, 2016
Excellent starter kit for small watering needs
I’ve worked with a lot of drip, mist and bubbler products like this over the past few years around my yard. This is a good value and probably everything that you need to get started on a small setup. Home Depot has individual components to fill in any ext
cb88 Review from
Home Depot
April 17, 2016
Quality needs improvement
This kit is a drip system with a bag of 3/8" T-connectors, plastic hose, and drip connectors. It claims installation takes 20 minutes. Mine took an hour and 20 minutes to do 10 pots. Why, the hose is just horrible, unforgiving, and stubborn. It is plastic
Abuilder Review from
Home Depot
November 23, 2015
Great starter set - You're pretty much buying a timer
Raindrip makes this kit in a few different flavors. The neat thing is they all have the same timer and the different components are dirt cheap. I picked up the hanging basket kit to route water down a terraced hill. So far it's reliable and the ability to
ToolTimeTony Review from
Home Depot
November 24, 2015
Hanging basket and containers get regular watering with ease!
This kit is designed to provide drip irrigation to hanging plants or container plants. It is very easy to install. Kit comes with 75 feet of ¼ inch tubing that is used to both connect the system plant to plant and provide water to the individual plants. T
Billtheengineer Review from
Home Depot
December 1, 2015
Convenient way to irrigate potted plants and vegetable gardens if you have hose
I got this a little late in the year to really test it out set it up fully. But I did take out of the box and tried it out so I will be ready for next year. I have some hanging plants and potted plants on my deck that don't get watered unless I remember t
Oceanside Review from
Home Depot
November 22, 2015
Great kit for watering
The raindrip manufacture makes a number of different kits for automatic watering. This review is for their Container and Hanging Basket Kit. In addition to some plants hanging it baskets I also have a section along my walkway with plants that are separat
Chief Review from
Home Depot
May 6, 2016
Automation. One less choir on the list
One of my wife's passions is orchids. They are amazing plants but have some unique needs for each species. When I saw this kit I thought this would be a great means to free up time with the daily watering. I brought the kit home and began designing my lay
Daniel Review from
Home Depot
November 22, 2015
I love my plants and gardens, but getting away is real nice!
So I try to get away a lot! Two weeks in the Outer Banks and my plants never missed me. Every flower bed, each of my raised beds, and all my potted plants are setup with auto drip irrigation. The rain drip Drip Watering Container and Hanging Basket Kit f
Kathleen Review from
Home Depot
November 23, 2015
Does the job, but could be better.
Out of the box, the components have a somewhat ‘cheap’ feel. Granted, this isn’t a top-of-line hydroponics kit, there still seems to some lack of quality in the tubing. My thoughts were that this would be a simple and quick way to make sure that deck plan
Blackbeered Review from
Home Depot
November 28, 2015
Just in Time for My Covered Porch Re-Do
raindrip Kit # R560DP When I decided to re-do my 3-season porch, I wanted to keep the plants but get rid of the hoses which were eating up valuable space and creating a mess. This kit is the ideal solution. [I've used larger kits for my vegetable garden
Autobroker Review from
Home Depot
April 11, 2016
Great automatic watering kit
We have a condo we go to over the weekend and we have a problem keeping the plants watered. We've tried those homemade idea like turning a plastic water bottle upside down and poking holes in it - it didn't work. We also tried those glass bulbs that you f
Texas Review from
Home Depot
December 2, 2015
A good little kit
The kit contains everything (with the exception of two AA batteries) needed to quickly set up drip irrigation for hanging baskets, or for any other plants that need drip irrigation. There is 75 feet of 1/4 inch hose, which was enough to feed the 5 hanging
painters1953 Review from
Home Depot
November 25, 2015
Great for Summer Baskets!
I have an extensive hanging garden from April to October and spend a lot of time watering in the morning. This system is really going to save me next year! I believe I am going to need more tubing and I will be connecting the timer to a hose that will com
Camano Review from
Home Depot
November 14, 2015
Sometimes a little drip is good
This is a nice kit for little more than the cost of the timer itself. There is an informative video that clearly states to not exceed the 75' of tubing that are included or the 20 1/2GPH drippers, for a total flow rate of 10GPH. This differs from what I t
Review from
Home Depot
April 24, 2016
Happy Gardening and Healthy Plants
I have high hopes for this watering system. However, there are several things to be aware of when you purchase this product. First, 3 easy steps is misleading. This system took a lot longer than 30 minutes to install. I used 16 spigots to water my combina
MrT Review from
Home Depot
November 16, 2015
Average Automatic Watering Kit
For the average home user with a few outdoor plants, this kit is a good starter kit to have. You pay for what you get. This kit is at the low end in terms of cost. However, I think it will do the job. The kit offers 20 1/2 GPH drippers, automatic timer, s
Spida Review from
Home Depot
November 21, 2015
So Great!
For years I've been painstakingly using a watering can to water about 20 plants that spend most of the winter indoors and then go outside in warmer weather. It takes about 20 minutes to go back and forth from the kitchen to the plants. I set up this syste
Maddiegirl Review from
Home Depot
November 17, 2015
Great idea...but
I'll be honest, I'm not quite sure if I would recommend the product, if there was a "maybe" choice then I would have selected that option :) Reason being, it's a great thought and even more so when the weather is blazing hot and you have a scheduled water
DIYinOH Review from
Home Depot
December 23, 2015
Pretty cool idea
We ALWAYS forget to water the hanging baskets lining our walkway. About once a week we go back there, see a bunch of almost dead flowers, and make a mad dash to the hose. So far this kit has been working out and made life a lot easier. Connect it to the f
bb101 Review from
Home Depot
November 13, 2015
Complete kit for automatic watering - used for veggie garden
Wow - this is a well configured drip irrigation system. I personally don't have containers or hanging baskets. Instead I have set this up and am using it to provide drip irrigation directly to the base of some plants and a small raised vegetable garden be
homedepotcustomer Review from
Home Depot
November 13, 2015
a perfect way to water plants while on vacation
This Raindrip kit is designed for containers, pots and hanging baskets. This is a perfect kit to use for watering plants while on vacation. I have been hesitant to ask neighbors to water my plants on my outdoor deck when we leave town during the summer mo
NormaSue Review from
Home Depot
May 23, 2017
Unable to review this product at this time... the Timer Box was faulty and we ne
Unable to review this product at this time... the Timer Box was faulty and we need to replace it. The faucet joint that attaches to the hose leaked continuously, we noted that the joint was not flush. We were told that we could bring it to the store for r
Sammie Review from
Home Depot
December 2, 2015
Great time saver and very effecient!
I installed this a few weeks ago to water the plants on my back deck. I don't know why I waited so long to install a drip system. No more hand watering! The timer is easy to operate. When you set the cycle time, turn it to the reset position for a few sec
Geniebeanie Review from
Home Depot
November 13, 2015
Outstanding Value
This is a great starter irrigation kit. It comes with every thing you'll need to set up an automatic watering system. I have a small container garden with just ten pots, but you get enough tubing and drippers to have twice as much. Having everything toget
Richierich03 Review from
Home Depot
November 20, 2015
Excellent for our containers!
This product is very simple to use. Has everything you need to set up a drip watering system for your hanging plants or containers. We have containers on our patio where we grow seasonal veggies and herbs. So much easier to use this system rather than han
Tom79 Review from
Home Depot
November 15, 2015
Ingenious system
The container & hanging baskets kit from Raindrop is a clever watering system. It includes a basic timer that needs two AA non-included batteries, and a "supply tubing" that requires to be cut in order to set the series of drippers. Serious planing needs
KP Review from
Home Depot
April 27, 2016
Nice kit..!
I decided to use this kit on my potted plants on our deck, and it's worked great so far. I laid out the tubing in the sun for about 30 minutes, which helped make it easier to bend and handle. Following the instructions, it took a bit longer than advertise
nevadalady Review from
Home Depot
November 22, 2015
We have used various brands and applications of drip tubing systems for years...fruit trees, garden plants, container plants. Drip systems have lots of positives but can be problematic if not used correctly. This system is for container gardening. The 20
DstBstSN Review from
Home Depot
January 27, 2016
Works even as not advertised
I originally got this set to use on my potted plants in our patio, but ended up changing up my plan and installed these in a border section of my yard that needed it. So keep in mind I went rouge on what this was marketed for and tweaked it for my needs,
DANAN Review from
Home Depot
November 11, 2015
Easy And Fast Install
Only thing wrong with this kit is batteries not included. Other than that maybe one tool is required to install a knife. The timer is very easy to understand and set. Basically connect to your outside faucet. Cut tubing to length if needed. Insert dripper
jdjd Review from
Home Depot
November 16, 2015
There's nothing sadder than stepping out on the patio and seeing dead baskets because you forgot to water them! This system eliminates that problem - it automatically turns on the water for a predetermined time. installation is easy - just connect the tim
mixerdude Review from
Home Depot
December 1, 2015
Easy to Install & Set Timer
One major problem for container plants is over-watering. With a timed system that can accurately deliver a set amount of water eliminates this problem. The system installation is fairly straightforward, the timer is easy to install on a hose bib, and sett
Ben62 Review from
Home Depot
December 9, 2015
Works Great!
This watering system is just what I needed to water my containers in my greenhouse. Everything is included in the kit. You get 75 feet of hose, elbows, tees, stakes, emitters, and a timer. When setting things up you need to take your time and measure the
Smarteboy Review from
Home Depot
December 6, 2015
Great addition to irrigation system
This is a good addition to my existing irrigation system. I already have the drip tubing set up for my landscape beds, but I did not run the lines for the planters and hanging baskets on the patio. This set came with everything that I needed to get the jo
RestAtHome Review from
Home Depot
January 27, 2016
Gone Fishin'
Purchased primarily to spare our potted porch plants the ravages of Houston heat or long droughts while we vacation....and spare our sons from having to drop by just to make sure the plants don't die....this'll do the trick. When we're away, I usually cor
Tbone Review from
Home Depot
June 14, 2016
very nice product
easy to install. Works as advertised. very easy to program. I had to turn my faucet pressure down for the drippers to work properly, or I'm sure if you installed a pressure regulator it would do the same thing. But just not turning the faucet on full blas
NEMajorDude Review from
Home Depot
November 15, 2015
Works surprisingly well
Great for outdoor potted plants. This product will work especially well if you're out of town a lot, as it keeps your plants watered all the time. The timer is the key (Batteries required; Not included). You screw it into any normal outside water faucet,
Willwgp Review from
Home Depot
December 2, 2015
Customizeable Product for your Watering Needs
Good product, overall. It takes a while at first to cut and configure the fittings and tubing for your watering layout, but once you do it the first time, you don't have to worry about it after that! The timer works, and the watering cycle has been good!