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TriDerma From: 60025 To: 60505 - Intense Fast Healing Cream

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60025 - 60505
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Intense Fast Healing Cream
More Information
Manufacturer TriDerma
Categories Moisturizer, Soothing Cream, Body Care, Body Cream, Face Moisturizer, Facial Care, Skin Care
Code 60025 - 60505
Require Prescription? No
Store Stomabags
Score: 4.8 from 1 - 5
50 Review
marsha.l Review from
February 6, 2020
This is my go product for any skin issues. Bug bites, random scratches, pimples, facial skin irritation, minor scrapes or booboos on your kiddos. I use this product for so many things I can’t even think of all of them right now. The product is very afford
CJL2015 Review from
September 16, 2021
TriDerma Intense Fast Healing Multi Purpose Cream
TriDerma is really a good company and I trust them implicitly. The only reason I am rating this purchase with 3 stars is because when opening this tub, tiny white bugs immediately flew out and all over me and my bed. Not sure where this was packaged, but
Catsandme Review from
September 13, 2018
I use this on my ailing Cat, well me too
I ???? thought about it and said Yes to the Cream if placed sparingly on my cats Inflammation she gets -an allergic reaction on her skin which becomes a big gaping wound After she chews and chews. She suffers so. In one application, this creation seriousl
shalyrus Review from
May 14, 2018
Lives up to its name
This is the best over-the-counter healing cream EVER. I have found nothing better anywhere. I've even seen it heal bed sores, which are notoriously difficult to heal. It can be used and applied to any part of the body, head to toe. I've shared this cream
shalyrus Review from
October 28, 2015
Best over-the-counter skin product you can buy
This is just about the best skin healing cream I've ever used. I discovered it when my father used it to heal a bed sore on my mom when she was bedridden. That's really saying something because bed sores are VERY difficult to heal. It's top notch at sooth
barbie_frances Review from
July 11, 2019
Great for healing my rosacea zits! Have been seeing a dermatologist for two years and been using two different prescription creams and the pimples or zits take up to 4 months to heal over. About a month ago, I was so frustrated, I picked up an old tube I
JayGee Review from
August 16, 2014
Great for start of pressure sores
This is first time I used this cream. I use it on heels where I have stage one (beginning) pressure sores-- with no broken skin or sores. It is very soothing, no fragrance or odor. It works nicely for a little bit of massage also. It's not sticky, but at
Gknee Review from
May 9, 2017
Unbelievable Cream Telling all my friends & ordered more
I purchased one jar of this cream and was so amazed at the results I returned to buy more and i will continue to buy it now. It has worked wonders on my skin, things that wouldn't heal this cream is now helping to heal. It is my best buy this year and it
Beans Review from
December 5, 2020
The help I needed for my skin.
I have very sensitive legs near my ankles and they are red and get swollen. This is very good to help keep them from getting irritated and breaking the skin open. I have used it for several years. I will continue to use it as long as it is this helpful.
Jennd Review from
December 21, 2011
Like magic!
I bought this cream to use up the remaining money I had in my FSA. I put it in the bathroom cabinet and forgot about it. About one month ago, I burned my arm in the oven, and it was a painful, ugly mess. I thought the burn would leave a nasty scar. I reme
JackieS Review from
August 15, 2017
Derma, intense healing cream.
I am so , so pleased with this purchase.. it works so well with things I have used it on. Definately good product. Love the way it works on my leg that had celulitis a while back the skin on it is very very dry, red and scaly. worked wonders on it althoug
JAZZYLU Review from
December 16, 2015
I have such dry hands and feet so I was looking for a product that would help. I have to say I wasn't expecting it to work as most products don't do as they say they will! But it does all that it says it does. It is very effective for healing the cracks I
Bonnie Blue Review from
February 11, 2011
A miracle in a jar!
I originally bought this cream for sores on my face and body. I suffer from dermatillomania, a type of OCD where a person picks at pimples or blemishes on the skin, and in my case, it leads to sores all over me. I have tried triple antibiotic ointment and
shalyrus Review from
December 13, 2016
Does What It Says
The absolute best OTC skin & wound healing compound ever. I would like to point out that for best results, it's not how MUCH of this cream you apply, but rather how OFTEN you apply it. Better to apply it thinly three times a day rather than smear it on th
Slaps__The_Monkey Review from
June 28, 2014
Great on my Ulcer
I bought this stuff for my Ucler, and edema around the area. I was only able to put it on myself and only once a day, usually at night as I was going to bed, usually after my shower. At first, for the first few days, it was painful. But I kept going, and
labonne720 Review from
March 18, 2020
Good product for a sore backside.
I find it very soothing on sore skin. I spend a lot of time in my recliner and my backside skin gets very sore. I use this product once or twice a week to relieve that soreness.
mataj Review from
September 29, 2020
Peace of Mind in A Jar.
Have been struggling with a "spot" that will not heal, yet according to doctors there should be no concern. Well, thanks to TriDerma Aloe Vera products, I am app to agree. Thank you for peace of mind in a jar.
Sue at the beach Review from
December 10, 2009
Absolutely the best!
I'm so glad to be the first reviewer of the TriDerma Fast Healing Cream! I bought this product on another website (in a larger size) because it promised to heal my extremely dry, calloused and cracked feet. Over the years I have probably spent thousands o
grandmaJ Review from
September 3, 2017
My shins were covered with blisters and thick skin - after using this wonderful product, Tri DERMA, my skin is returning to normal. I have had this problem for over 10 years and have tried almost everything on the market and the ONLY thing that works for
adnil Review from
January 12, 2017
Best Product Ever and Unbelievable Prices
My mother is bedridden and this product worked miracles on her pressure sores. I would recommend this product to anyone that has wounds that are hard to heal. I even told my mother's physician at the wound center about this product. Thank you.
Mimi Review from
March 20, 2012
I have a place on my shoulder that has been treated by dermatologists 3 times over the last 10 years. Would heal, but would always come back. I have been using this cream about 3 weeks now and the results are amazing. I have read that some have complained
Eczema Sufferer Review from
February 15, 2013
Intense Healing Cream
I suffer from Eczema, especially in the winter time. My skin gets excessively dry and will crack without a good moisture regimen. For anyone that is skeptical, this cream really works! I have the worst bouts with Eczema in my face. Now one week into use,
Horsecreek Review from
November 15, 2018
Best I've found.
Have used when needed for several months to chase away some pesky irritating slow to heal skin problems on hands. arms, feet and even face. A wonder on scaly skin problems. Price through Walmart beats any deals I could find. Its guaranteed too.
Ms Fashionista Review from
March 5, 2010
You'll want to keep this handy!
I've been using TriDerma for a little over a month and am well pleased with the results. This product doesn't come in a very large tube for the price, but it is worth it anyway. I normally use it as a quick fix for dryness on my face and hands, as well as
gramarie33 Review from
September 1, 2017
Relief !
When I had a chemical burn on my scalp as the result of a reaction to a new shampoo (contained eucalyptus I'm not normally sensitive to) the pain was intense and my scalp began to peel like a sun burn. RELIEF was found in using Tri-Derma Intense Fast Heal
Looking for the Good Stuff Review from
November 8, 2014
Great Item
Worked like a charm on really bad psoriasis. Tried many other products, all with terrible results. This little jar did the trick. Fantastic product. I would rather keep it a secret but hopefully others who suffer will gain its benefits.
CustomerReviewer2 Review from
Office Depot
March 5, 2019
Great Cream
I've been buying this cream for years. Great for hard to heal skin and any skin irritations. Nice and thick. Doesn't sting when applied. I always have a jar on hand.
tdbfla91 Review from
May 20, 2020
Really cant tell whether i used it or not.doesnt stop the itching and it hasnt helped heal anything.waste if money.i would recommend Terrasil for that.its awesome.expensive but worth it.maxium strength.only thing i found that works.sorry
Lee Review from
November 4, 2020
Love this product have a elderly aunt who has very dry skin
Best product for severe dry skin with sores that have a hard time healing, this product was a god sent.
boringuen Review from
January 5, 2016
what may be good for the goose may not begood for the gander
I've used this product. many a times before, and it works good for me. and although i recommend the product. keep in mind that what may be good for the goose may not be good for the gander. but as long as it keeps working good for me I'll keep on using it
akpk1013 Review from
March 26, 2014
Works great
My mom had a sore for over 6 months that would not heal. She went to her doctor and had prescription creams and over the counter products, none of which helped. Within one week she has seen results and the sore is very small now. I would highly recommend
Judy Review from
April 5, 2010
Good Stuff
I've been buying this product for awhile and overall I really like it. It helps my mom with her pressure sores that open, and it repairs the skin tissue better than her precription. I am now using it on my hands because they are peeling (some psoriasis) a
SDJOE Review from
August 16, 2017
I have been using this cream for a number of years. It has been effective against minor skin irritations including dermatitiss. It also makes a good skin moisturizer.
Johnniego Review from
December 4, 2012
Wonder Crewam!
I had a Diabetic ulcer on my cheek after I accidentally shaved off a mole. It turned into a diabetic ulcer which kept getting larger and larger. Since using this cream for a week. I have seen a remarkable difference in the ulcer. It is almost gone and the
Mandasia Review from
October 17, 2009
Another surprise from the Dr.
I'm a high end face and body cream buyer; however, being satisfied with other Dr. L's products, I took a chance. I was amazed. This product does NOT leave a greasy feeling; its great for sensitive skin (mine) and it REALLY softens skin. I especially like
Gramon whells Review from
December 29, 2016
Fantastic cream!!
I have diabetics ,and so have some skin problems (ulcers, skin break down) have used this product for several years &have even had my nurse use it on wound care for me! It iWork's great and fast, the under breast rash some of get in this hot Texas weather
gakielis_0 Review from
June 15, 2020
Great Cream
Great cream and helped my sore on leg healed up.I tried everything from Doctors and on my own with disappointments every time.Thank you so much for giving my life and leg back.
Sandra Review from
May 13, 2021
Soothes skin rash
Love this stuff. It works wonders on sun rash
OhioNana Review from
Office Depot
January 22, 2019
Wife loves TriDerma
The wife loves Triderma for her dry skin. We keep coming back to Office Depot to fill our order because the price is great, ordering is simple and we get free shipping.
Sarah Review from
August 14, 2013
Healing Cream
I put the cream on my face, legs and thighs to clear up skin problems. The cream faded many of the spots and discolorations that I had. It went on easy and wasn't greasy. I put it on at night and during the day. My skin texture and balance improved greatl
Angela913 Review from
July 20, 2010
Healed diabetic skin issue.
I bought this to heal some irritation I've gotten on my skin with my new insulin, and for my diabetic skin in general. I had a number of small bumps that had broken open that took forever to heal, and after using this for a week(after having them for over
deedledeedoodles Review from
June 2, 2015
The moment you apply this product it just melts into your skin and after a few days there's remarkable improvement. My mother is a insulin diabetic and it just worked wonders for her skin problems! She loves it.
piercsivallenpaige Review from
September 21, 2017
Help At Last!
Virtually anything with aloe in it is good, but Intense Fast Healing is very good. It works its wonders on all of my idiosyncrasies and I love it. Without a doubt I'll be back for more when this runs out.
sulawr82 Review from
September 2, 2020
Definitely try TriDerma
Works well and quite fast! A little expensive but the good ones usually are.
nana the catalog shopper Review from
July 24, 2013
works great
We got this and have used for several things. One was for chaffed skin from heat and skin rubbing. The best result was with a large cut on a knee.The bad thing was the constant moving made healing difficult. with this cream it helped heal and keep soft.
storm Review from
July 18, 2012
fast healing cream
I purchased this product for my mother who has chronic dermatitis. She has tried many expensive creams and ointments that really have not done much to help. this product though, does seem to be helping. It is nice to see her finally have some relief
snowflakealaska Review from
October 29, 2019
A useful, somewhat expensive healing cream.
This is good healing cream. It has aloe, alantoin, and vit. E, and other things.
Linda Review from
January 23, 2017
My legs are eaten up. Blisters that eat my skin and muscles up. This helps keep my legs from burning and drying out. It does the job and it doesn't burn on sores.
SLWalker Review from
May 9, 2017
I will keep buying this cream
This is the only cream that has worked for eczema for myself and my brother. He is diabetic. Clears up rashes and eases discomfort.
milonga Review from
November 23, 2011
Really like this product...As I've got older have noticed that my skin does not heal as quickly as it used to.Had some mosquito bites that I scratched and left marks.. tried all kinds oftriple biotic creams.. nothing.Within a week of using this was almost
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